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This region of Italy is divided into two provinces, Potenza and Matera, and it is very much a historical place, with medieval towns such as Venosa and Melfi. The land forms here allow you to spend both a holiday by the sea in Basilicata, on the coast of Maratea, and a holiday in the mountains here with the Pollino National Park. Read more

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This region of Italy is divided into two provinces, Potenza and Matera, and it is very much a historical place, with medieval towns such as Venosa and Melfi. The land forms here allow you to spend both a holiday by the sea in Basilicata, on the coast of Maratea, and a holiday in the mountains here with the Pollino National Park.

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital city of Potenza is nestled within the Apennine Mountains, overlooking the Basento River Valley. The historic center is to be found in the upper part of the city and it is accessible by escalators. The main square is Mario Pagano, the ideal starting point for exploring the city. The famous Via Pretoria is right across, and along this street you get to encounter not only many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, but also historical monuments and buildings. The Palazzo del Governo is a great example, the church of Saint Francis of Assisi dating back to the 1274 as well. Venosa and Grumento are archaeological sites in the area of Maratea that are worth a visit from a last minute holiday home in Basilicata, and the extensive Archaeological Park of the Murgia hosts cave-churches, many of them being decorated with ancient frescoes. The Sassi, Matera's Paleolithic settlements, are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, and along the lanes of the oldest part of the town, the Civita, you will find a dense network of caves, which attract visitors from all over the world. Melfi is an ancient town hosting an imposing castle, that contains an archaeological museum, and in Pollino, the prehistoric cave drawings and the burial sites are a great site.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Basilicata

From the capital city of Potenza, to the coastal towns of Maratea, a holiday in Basilicata is nothing short of impressive and greatly entertaining. Thus, if you take for example the area of Vulture Melfese, you can end up in the small town of Bernalda. What's so special about this place? Well, for starter, let's just say that the former home of Francis Ford Coppola's grandfather is here, and also his newly opened Villa Margherita. You can, on the other hand, visit the dramatic villages of Pietrapertosa from you last minute holiday apartment in Basilicata, and take part in the "Flight of the Angel", which is a zip-wire over a stunning drop between villages here. Aliano is the village described by Carlo Levi and hosts a literary park dedicated to Levi, as well as a museum of rural life.

A holiday among nature in Basilicata

Mountains and sea, or rather seas, a place that removes you from the frenzy of every day life and takes you to a land of colors and silence that spoil your senses. A holiday in Basilicata is never an “accident”, one chooses to experience it. The forests that cover the mountains and the pure air here are simply amazing. The Monticchio Lakes area is one of the most amazing ones in this region. Visit Lake Grande and Lake Piccolo if you get the chance, you will not regret this at all. The region of Basilicata is also a land of seas, meaning ita actually touches two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Wide beaches and sea resorts such as Metaponto and Policoro are surrounded by beautiful nature, and the Golf of Policastro is very impressive as well, the crystal clear sea here will enchant all your senses on a beach holiday in Basilicata.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Basilicata

The beautiful nature of Bsilicata offers some stunning panoramas, and also a variety of spring and thermal waters are to be found here. A wellness holiday in Basilicata is not only possible, but also very enchanting, and a great choice for escaping the daily stress and enjoying some relaxation that is like totally redefined in this part of Italy. The towns of Latronico and Rapolla have fully equipped spas. In the first of them, the "La Calda di Latronico" thermals springs are found in Bagni, and they are surrounded by beautiful gardens, while in Rapolla you will find the thermal springs of "Ala", where tey even offer inhalation therapy. All in all, whether it is just for a few days or for longer, you should not miss the chance of enjoying some Basilicata pampering.

Activities and sports

Though it offers both sea and mountain landscapes, the region of Basilicata is mostly mountainous. Thus you can imagine that during winter the high peaks of the mountains are covered in snow, offering an ideal setting for a winter sports holiday in Basilicata. In summer, the mountains are no less spectacular, walking, climbing, cycling, or just grabbing a great book and a picnic basket and maybe spending some time with your pet also, among nature, is a most relaxing experience. There are devalkarts here, or rather a sort of ho-kart that is ridden on grass, and also grass scooters and snow tubing. Horse riding is always an option. As for the water sports holidays in Basilicata, you will be nothing short of just “splashed” with a whole load of great fun: rafting, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, sport fishing, all possible. The sea that touches Basilicata is calm and warm, and the lakes of the region are surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

Family holiday in Basilicata

A family holiday in Basilicata can start on the Ionian coast here, which is perfect for swimming with children, given that the water at the shore is pretty shallow. Water skiing and sailing are also popular, and the resorts of Metaponto and Policoro are ideal for spending some time by the sea. Visit the Recovery Centre for Wild Animals in the Oasis Policoro Herakleia Nature Reserve, go horse riding on the beach, enjoy archery, walks in the forest and the Acquazzurro Water Park. Explore the sea caves in Maratea from a family group accommodation at the Tyrrhenian Sea, go snorkeling here and visit the Grotta delle Meraviglia. The Pollino National Park is also a great destination for families, practice water sports at Lake Senise and enjoy the Pollino Adventure Park with its high ropes courses, picnic places and playground.

Dining in Basilicata - Buon Appetito!

Basilicata has a colorful cuisine, with various influences. Produce such as the Senise peppers, the Lucania sausage, the Matera bread, the Lucanian Cacioricotta cheese and the fresh pasta are must tries. Typical dishes here are the Pupazzella (hot peppers in vinegar stuffed with anchovies and parsley), Calzone di Verdura, Pollo alla Potentina (chicken braised in wine with peppers and tomatoes, onions and parsley), Pasta with Lu'Ntruppc (pasta and sauce made of sausage and meat) and others.

Holiday with a pet in Basilicata

Spend your holiday with a pet in this region at a pet-friendly holiday home in Basilicata, in Matera, for example. You can roam the countryside here and enjoy the fresh air, as well as a tranquil environment. A seaside holiday with your pet in Basilicata is also possible, you can even find dog sitting services here if you wish, not to mention that the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Coasts are simply astounding. If your family is completed by a bit of a “fuzz ball” there, you know your holiday in Basilicata would not be the same without them.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Basilicata:
  • the Sassi di Matera, Paleolithic settlements that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • the Cripta del Peccato Originale in Matera, a cave situated in the middle of a vast landscape of farmland, where there are well preserved frescoes dating back to the 9th century, and amazing paintings;
  • the Volo dell'Angelo, a zip-line between Castelmezzano an Pietrapertosa villages, from mountain to mountain, a simply amazing experience;
  • the Statua del Cristo Redentore di Maratea, an impressive statue in Maratea, of great dimensions, and of stunning beauty;
  • the beaches at the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea;
  • the Pollino National Park

Basilicata is thus never a destination to just stumble upon, a holiday in this region is well worth a proper planning and it all starts with renting a holiday home in Basilicata, from where you can explore the great attractions of this wonderful part of Italy.

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