Italy... a country that can only be described in words of praise. There is a lot of history and culture here, but also art and entertainment, gastronomy and local traditions. Many say this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Read more

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Italy... a country that can only be described in words of praise. There is a lot of history and culture here, but also art and entertainment, gastronomy and local traditions. Many say this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A holiday in Italy will reveal to you cities of art like Rome, Florence, Venice, and also beautiful coasts and alpine lakes, majestic mountains and the most impressive number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the World. Are you ready to explore Italy?

A holiday with historical attractions

Italy has a most impressive history, with characters that never failed to impress. To this effect, the country boasts a series of historical attractions: from the famous Colosseum in Rome, built by the Roman Empire, a dominant reminder of ancient times, to the ruins of Pompeii, that date back more than 2000 years ago. Paying tribute to Ancient Rome is also the site of the Roman Forum. This site will also appeal to your imagination in order to understand exactly what this place used to look like. Temples, market halls, courts, pillars and some partial structures create a unique site here. The Pantheon is yet another famous attraction one can stop by from a holiday apartment in Italy. This is an exceptionally well preserved remnant of the Roman Empire. It has a diameter that is equal to its height, and it hosts the tombs of many Italian Kings.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Italy

Culture can be expressed in many facets in itself, but in Italy it is like culture has undoubtedly found its home. The Florence Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore took over the skyline in the city. It is part of one of the finest cathedrals in the entire world. You can also experience a gondola ride in Venice on one of the many canals here, like the Grand Canal. St. Mark's Basilica in Venice and the Piazza San Marco definitely complete the scene. The Leaning tower of Pisa is worth a visit from your holiday park in Italy, and if you head towards Tuscany, do not miss the "dolce vita" in San Gimignano. Keeping a perpetual smile on your face is like a requirement when on holiday in Italy, and this is not hard to do. The country hosts opera and horse racing, wine tastings and book shows and so on, which are all fun. Check out the Carnevale di Venezia in February, or the Maratona di Roma in March, even the Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Roma in November, as well as the numerous summer festivals. As for culture expressed in museums, the Uffizi Gallery is surely one that has become an emblem of this, as well as the Vatican Museum, or the National Roman Museum.

Cities and regions to explore when on holiday in Italy

Italy is about history and culture, about fashion an cuisine, about... a most complex diversity. Cities like Rome, Florence, Venice with stunning attractions, the Cinque Terre with ocean side cliffs and picturesque landscapes, the Italian Lakes and the Amalfi Coast paint this country in amazing colors of great beauty. The region of Tuscany is known throughout the world for its wines and magnificent countryside with green landscapes. The island of Sicily is a most impressive proof of tradition, and the Piemonte is known for winter sports. Choose your favorite part of Italy for each vacation here!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Italy

The large number of natural thermal spots and the numerous spas in Italy go back to ancient Roman times. Nowadays places like President Spa in Padova, or the Fonteverde Natural Spa Resort, the Spa Toscana and the Le Sirenuse Aveda Concept Spa, as well as the famous Terme di Saturnia in Tuscany make for a divine relaxation place. Spending some time at a spa in this country from a holiday park for a weekend break in Italy can be a most ideal way of ending a day of sightseeing. See for yourself!

Italy by season

In Italy you will find something interesting and captivating to see and do in each season. You can go skiing in the Dolomites in winter or you can spend time by the sea on the Amalfi Coast in summer. There are blooming flowers in spring everywhere in Italy and you can witness or get involved even in the grapes harvest in Tuscany in fall. There are many wine tastings as well here, that are very enchanting. Time is on your side with a last minute holiday in Italy.

Activities and sports in Italy

Given the varied landscape of the country, you have pretty much everything set for a most enchanting active time here: water sports on the coasts and islands, on a summer holiday in Italy; winter sports in the Alps and Dolomites, like in South Tyrol. There is also hiking and cycling, horseback riding in Tuscany... you cannot but love to spend time at a holiday villa in Italy.

Winter sports in the Alps

To be more specific regarding the sports and activities one can enjoy when on holiday in Italy, we must mention the winter sports in the Alps. One thing about skiing in the Alps: it can be done at any time of the year. The Aosta Valley is where you find the highest concentration of ski slopes. With one permit you get access to 450 miles of slopes, allowing you to ski even in resorts like Zermatt and La Rosiere across the Italian border. Valtellina area in Lobardy is one where you can enjoy skiing and winter sports, as well as the local nightlife, spas and many others. It is also close to Milan and Lake Como. Livigno resort is perfect for snowboarding and Bormio is also an ideal destination, known for the Ski World Championships held here. Don't miss out on a winter holiday in Italy!

Summer holidays in Italy

They say that the beauty of this country cannot be overstated. A summer holiday in Italy will take you to crisp waters and beautiful lakeside towns, fishing villages and stunning beaches. Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como are just a few examples of ideal places to visit in summer. There is also then the South of the country, with regions such as Calabria and the island of Sicily. Sicily is dotted with historical and cultural venues also, such as the Syracuse, the Villa Romana del Casale. The Tuscan Coast, with great beaches and excellent facilities for water sports from swimming to sailing, diving and snorkeling to even surfing is also perfect for spending time in the countryside. Capri on the Amalfi Coast is an ideal option as well for spending some time at the beach, Sardinia offers some of the most sublime sand and sea. Never a dull moment when on a summer holiday in Italy.

Choose your family... time

Traveling with your family/kids to Italy? There are many families that have spent a vacation at a last minute group accommodation in Italy and they say the children loved the Umbria Hill Towns, where they can explore both nature and other entertainment venues. The Lake Garda's shores is also very popular when it comes to a family holiday in Italy, there are water sports to be practiced here and also numerous modern facilities that makes it comfortable to travel with children. The Bomarzo Monster Park, also the Mirabilandia park, numerous other amusement parks and also water parks, restaurants that have a specific menu for children, cultural and historical attractions, they all create an ideal environment for a holiday with children in Italy.

Dining in Italy – Buon Appetito

From pizza in Naples at the Da Michele, to pasta anywhere in Rome, from seafood in Reggio di Calabria to a Chianti wine tasting, Italy is a favorite destination for foodies. La Rosetta in Rome is one of the finest restaurants with a history to it, in Venice you can get great snacks from All'Arco osteria, while Florence prides itself with Il Santo Bevitore. Gastronomy and tradition go hand in hand in this country, and here is where you will get the chance to authentically experience some of the most adored dishes in the world: the pasta, the risotto, the minestrone (vegetables and bean soup), the Ossobuco, the Tiramisu, the Parmesan cheese and so on.

Holiday with a pet in Italy

In the country of Italy they not only understand the unconditional love of and for a pet, but they also appreciate it, especially in cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Naples, Turin and Rimini, Bologna, Como, Verona and pretty much everywhere. There are even beaches that are very much dog-friendly. A few examples of these would be the Bau Bau beach in the village with the same name at the Ligurian Sea, the Bagno 81 in Rimini, and numerous others. Love your holiday with a pet in Italy!

In short, Italy is a destination of ecstatic feelings and the surprising of all your senses. It is a place for the young, a place for families, for those that have seen more of life, for free spirits and traditionalists. Italy is the place everyone must have on.

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