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Utrecht has a rather central location in the country of Netherlands, and it is a most impressive cultural scene here. The city of Utrecht in itself is also called “the Venice of the North”, due to the many canals here, that create a beautiful site. Here's how this region presents itself: Read more

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Utrecht has a rather central location in the country of Netherlands, and it is a most impressive cultural scene here. The city of Utrecht in itself is also called “the Venice of the North”, due to the many canals here, that create a beautiful site. Here's how this region presents itself:

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital of the region of Utrecht is thus the city with the same name, a city that portrays a most amazing Old Town with numerous historical buildings, shops and boutiques, all interspersed with the stunning canals. Simply beautiful! The Cathedral of St. Martin is a must see in the city center, and the Domtoren, the massive tower that was separated from the cathedral looms over the Old Town. The Castle de Haar, just 16 km form the city of Utrecht, is the largest one in the country, with a fairytale appearance to it, a perfect way of spending an afternoon on your holiday in Utrecht. The home of Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II is in the little town of Doorn, being set in a large and beautiful park.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Utrecht

The city of Utrecht itself portrays many cultural attractions, numerous museums, and the region hosts various festivals and cultural events throughout the year. In the city of Utrecht, check out the Museum Catharijneconvent that displays the history if Christianity in the country, the Museum Speelklok dedicated to music boxes, the Central Museum, the Railway Museum. Take a stroll along the Oudegracht central canal and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the city, check out the many shops that dot the downtown and the chic boutique stores, the central shopping center and the many restaurants and cafes. Besides the lively university city of Utrecht, the region's countryside offers fantastic castles and palaces, such as Slot Zeist and the Soestdijk Palace. The fortresses of the New Dutch Waterline are an impressive site, and the culture, food and drink at the Springhaver Theater are a must.

A holiday among nature in Utrecht

Rent a bike and explore the surroundings of the city of Utrecht, the region with the same name, from a last minute holiday home in Utrecht. This area is also called the Green Heart of the country, boasting a beautiful nature with a polder landscape, with lakes and ponds and many castles, with great cycling routes that take you through them. Take the Westbroek tour by bike and you will get to see the Oud Loosdrechtesedijk dyke, then you will go through Nieuw Loosdrecht towards the Rading, passing beautiful towns such as Hollandse Rading, St Maartensdijk, Achtienhoven and Westbroek and the water of the Maarseveenseplassen on your way to the Tienhovense Plassen lake area. This is just one example of the beautiful nature portrayed in a most fun-filled way in the Utrecht region. Enjoy the serenity of green from a holiday villa in Utrecht at any time of the year.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Utrecht

Like in all regions that pride themselves with their unique character, with their ability to impress through various venues and to offer a sense of complete relaxation through wellness and spa, the province of Utrecht is no less special. A wellness weekend away in Utrecht is one that will spoil you with a varied selection of relaxation spots, such as the Five City Spa, or the City Spa Balia and others. Enjoy a time off from sightseeing and take a day to yourself, a day in which to make sure you do... absolutely nothing, and thus fit the pattern of the word “vacation” itself, with a lot of pampering.

Activities and sports

Before anything else, we must say that the entire country of Netherlands is famed for its cycling routes, and though Utrecht is the smallest of its provinces, it does not lack spectacular scenery and great fun with cycling routes that lead you through amazing landscapes. The river Vecht and the lakes Vinkeveense Plassen and Loosdrechtse Plassen are great examples of places where you can enjoy various water sports. Take a canal bike tour in the city of Utrecht, or a vintage road trip, try the Amelisweerd Golf Course, or go tree climbing. Explore the beautiful villages around the province's main city, walk or bike, simply enjoy your every moment spent in Utrecht.

Family holiday in Utrecht

Spending a family holiday in Utrecht is never a bad idea, whether you're up for some time among nature or for sightseeing and enjoying the local feel. The Dierenpark Amersfoort zoo guarantees a lot of fun for the whole family, from a group accommodation in Utrecht, it's simply amazing, you'll see for yourself. Not only the animal species, but also the entire atmosphere that this place portrays is one that has you feeling like in a zoo, an amusement park, an adventure park all at the same time. The dino forest is a must here, the little ones will surely be charmed. Klimbos Gooi Eemland at Lage-Vuursche is where you will find a perfect tree climbing experience when on a family holiday in Utrecht. Walk along the canals, take a bike tour, visit the many museums in the region, the castles, or why not? try an escape game. It's fun time in Utrecht!

Dining in Utrecht - Eet Smakelijk!

Some of Utrecht's special delicacies are definitely worth trying, and to this effect we would say do not miss the Prawels biscuits for breakfast (though they are more specific to New Year's time), along with a good cup of coffee, maybe some Hernhuttertjes butter biscuits along with your other “breakfast favorites”. Lunching in Utrecht may have you curious of trying some healthy Vijfschaft, a dish made of carrots, potatoes, onions, beans and apples, flavored with bacon and broth; or, at somewhat the “opposite pole”, you may crave for an Aunt Tamara special burger at Meneer Smakers. Dinner at Blauw restaurant in Utrecht may not be a bad idea at all, and some piquant ikan bali jimbaran will really hit the spot. The options are numerous, your choices can be the same... the complete enjoyment of Utrecht is though quite unique.

Holiday with a pet in Utrecht

For spending a holiday with pet in Utrecht, you must make sure that your pet has its vaccinations in order, as well as a microchip. You can enjoy your time with Rover in this region's beautiful countryside, you can take a bike ride with him/her, you can relax on a terrace or simply rent a last minute holiday apartment with pets allowed in Utrecht and choose to not be homesick for Fifi after all.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Utrecht:
  • The Canals area, see Utrecht city from the water, enjoy a nice stroll along the Oudegracht central canal.
  • The Dom Tower, the tallest building in the city of Utrecht, a most impressive site that offers spectacular views
  • The Railway Museum and the Speelklok museum, a trip down on memory lane in the first one and a fun experience in the second one.
  • the DierenPark Amersfoort, a most beautiful zoo that also hosts a dinosaur forest and a playground for the little ones
  • De Haar Castle in a charming village next to the city of Utrecht, with fantastic gardens and even a cafe here.

Beautiful canals, restaurants and cafes by the water, a broad variety of shops and all sorts of boutiques, museums and a charming countryside, lakes and amusement parks, Utrecht may be a small province, but it's infinite charm is incontestable.

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