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Holiday parks Poland, city breaks, complete vacations with loved ones.

Bungalow.Net's holiday parks in Poland are the ideal place to relax or spend an active time together with loved ones in Europe. If you would like to enjoy a bit of culture you should head over to the city of Białystok, in northeastern Poland. Due to its location, you'll encounter numerous Belarusian influences here, such as the Orthodox and Catholic churches and magnificent architectural treasures like te town hall, Branicki Palace, Rochus Church and St. Nicolai Cathedral, which are just some of the landmarks you'll not want to miss on your day trip to Bialystok. A family holiday in Poland also means plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure, for example, hiking in the beautiful Tatras or canoeing down the Rospuda River. There is nothing more fun than setting on a hiking adventure with your kids, where you can teach them all about nature and its wonders.

City break in Poland
Forget Paris, Rome and Vienna. Instead reserve a holiday park in Poland and discover something new and old at the same time. You can spend a day in Gdansk, an old Hanseatic town located on Poland's Baltic Sea coast. Relax at the spa resort of Sopot or stroll along the port area of Gdansk, known as Tricity. Step back in time with a tour of the 13th century Great Mill situated on Raduna Canal or admire one of the city's historic gates such as the Crane Gate, quite unique in Europe. The Central Maritime Museum is also well worth seeing. For more cultural treasures, check out the city of Poznan, situated on the Warta River. Its old market square, with an area of 141 m2, is one of the largest squares in Europe. The first capital of the medieval Kingdom of Poland, Poznan is home to a number of wonderful historic sites including the Imperial Castle known as Zamek. Enjoy a regal holiday!

Complete holidays in Poland
With everything from historic medieval castles to the world's largest indoor blues festival, and from the tranquility of the Beskidy Mountains to the thrills of the Silesian Amusement Park, no one will be disappointed with a holiday in Poland. Enjoy plenty of water sports on the Baltic Sea coast or savor a morning of well-deserved relaxation on the streets of one of the country's old cities. Mountains such as the Tatra and Giant Mountains offer more than sufficient opportunity to go hiking or mountain biking while cities like Warsaw and Krakow are filled with cultural wonders including the famous Wawel fortified complex situated on the Vistula River in Krakow. World War II buffs will also be in their element in Poland, with famous landmarks like Auschwitz and Wolf's Lair, all to be visited during a holiday in Poland.