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Holiday parks Romania, legends and myths, nature and culture

Romania is a country of history, culture, tradition and nature, one of the few places that can still offer its visitors a glimpse at life back in the old days in rural areas, when everything seems to have been more simple and more clear. Shortly with a holiday in Romania you can literally experience traditional rural life where everything is handmade, where people consume only what they are offered by nature or what they can produce by its means. Enjoy a day of horseback riding in the wild, or go canoeing or hiking in the lush surroundings of your holiday park in Romania. Discover the ancient customs and local handicrafts of the country, for example, in Livazele which is home to a small folk museum with ceramics, wood carvings and traditional costumes. Prundu Bargaului in Transylvania is another nice place for a family holiday in Romania. This village was home to the first paper mill in Romania (17th century). If you love adventure and surprises, this place will never seize to amaze you!

A legendary holiday
Although a holiday park in Romania is an adventure in itself, what would a holiday in Romania be without revisiting the legend of Count Dracula? Visit all the historical sites connected with Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula. For example, in the town of Sighisoara you can visit Vlad's birthplace, now home to a restaurant and small medieval weapons museum. You'll also want to see the famous Bran Castle, often referred to as "Dracula's Castle", and the ruins of Poenari Fortress, which is the real castle of Dracula. The village of Arefu, where Dracula's legend is still alive and well, is also not to be missed. Hungry for more? Visit the Golden Crown restaurant in Bistrita and you can order the exact meal that Bram Stoker's Jonathan Harker ate. And if you're not familiar with Bram Stoker's work, you can relax in a nice park here and catch up on your reading beginning with Bram Stoker's "Dracula" of course. Whether you're into vampires and Dracula legends or not, Romania provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful country while savoring some quality time with family or friends.

It's not all vampires and legends
To many Romania is a country of vampires and legends, but you can forget Dracula if you like and start creating your own unique traditions in family fun and adventure. If you simply can't live without a sightseeing adventure, there's plenty to see in this wonderful country. For example, you can visit traditional villages such as Iza, Viseu and Cosay where you'll find lavishly decorated and carved wooden gates whose images and motifs are often ancient pagan motifs. The villages of Barsana and Onceste have the most beautiful gates while the inhabitants of Ciocanest adorn their homes and gates with flowers and geometric designs. Guests will also find here old plum orchards which provide the necessary ingredient for plum liqueur of 50 proof or more, a great way to turn up the heat on your adventurous vacation here. Sighisoara is another great historical destination that should not be missed. Although known mostly for being the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, aka "Dracula", the Church of the Dominican Monastery with its 210-meter-high bell tower dating from the 14th century is a beautiful historic landmark. There are also picturesque monasteries with impressive frescoes in Voronet, Sucevita and Suceava as well as in Humor, Moldovita, Patrauti and Probota. These monasteries are often situated amidst nature, so you can combine culture in Romania with great hiking among nature. There is literally something to do for everyone.