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Holiday homes in Wallachia

Holiday homes in Wallachia are beautiful holiday accommodations for an active holiday in Wallachia. The holiday homes are fully furnished and cozy, a holiday home with pool is a nice carefree holiday. During a holiday with pet in a pet-friendly accommodation you can experience pleasant days with the whole family. The holidays in Wallachia are worthwhile. Wallachia consists of Oltenia and Muntenia. Oltenia has a rolling landscape and is known for its many sunflowers. The landscape of Oltenia is very suitable for walking and cycling holidays in Wallachia. Craiova is the capital of the south, a beautiful city with promising cultural holidays, the people here are very friendly and welcoming. In Wallachia you can enjoy an active
holiday in nature in a relaxed way, the scenery is beautiful. Book a holiday home in Wallachia.

Holiday homes in Wallachia for a special holiday

The holiday homes in Wallachia offer beautiful holiday accommodations for all ages, the holiday homes with swimming pool are wonderful carefree holidays. The holidays with pet are cozy holidays with the entire family. The vacation rentals are tastefully decorated, have a practical kitchenette where you can prepare a meal if you wish. The holidays in Wallachia are special. A visit to Craiova is quite unique. The center is beautiful while in the suburbs you can observe the everyday life of Romanians. If you love architecture and culture, visit the center of Craiova, you'll find here plenty of houses, palaces and churches from the time of the boyars. A part of it has been restored, all in all an interesting cultural holiday in Wallachia. You will also notice that the city has seen many glory years. During a walk through the city you will encounter a lot of parks and fountains, these give the city a pleasant atmosphere. Book a holiday rental in Wallachia.

Cultural holiday in Romania

The holiday homes in Wallachia are fine holiday accommodations. The holidays with pet are cozy for the whole family. A holiday home with swimming pool is a great opportunity to get away from everyday life. The holiday homes are cozy, complete and functional, you will feel at home here. The cultural holidays in Wallachia are varied. For example, Dragasani is a typical elongated village with many farms just outside the city and a center with flats. It is home to the wine museum. The wine from this region wins European prices since 1889, you can expect here an extensive collection of wine. You can get a tour here, there is a tasting room, this culinary cultural holiday is a must. Did you know that Craiova is known for the fact that the inventor of the pen has lived here? During a holiday in Wallachia you can fully enjoy an active holiday in Wallachia. Don't delay! Book a holiday home in Wallachia today!

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