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Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands, a rather small but stunningly beautiful island, off the coast of Morocco. This volcanic island would look rather like it's made of a series of volcanic cones if you would look at it from above, but once you get to explore it... Read more

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Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands, a rather small but stunningly beautiful island, off the coast of Morocco. This volcanic island would look rather like it's made of a series of volcanic cones if you would look at it from above, but once you get to explore it, you will see that it is in fact an amazing place with white-washed villages, green valleys and high cliffs, beautiful beaches and interesting attractions creating a perfect holiday in Lanzarote.

A holiday with historical attractions

One of the most stunning attractions that you can get to from a holiday home in Lanzarote is the Jameos del Agua (cave and underground lake), where the famous architect from this island, Cesar Manrique, built a visitors center with a bar, restaurant, with a museum built inside a former lava tube. This place is a perfect combination of design and geology. Arrecife is the capital of this island and the place where the maritime history of the island comes to life. Visit the Castillo de San Gabriel here. If you get the chance, visit the town of Haria as well, with its Saturday market, and its beautiful palm trees and white houses.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Lanzarote

In the north part of the island, from a holiday villa in Lanzarote, you can get to the Jardin de Cactus, designed in a shape of an amphitheater, with rock sculptures in it as well. The wine industry is one with a history on this island, as a visit to the amazing La Geria region will show you. If you still have some time on your hands on your holiday in Lanzarote, go to the El Mirador, the visitor center built atop some towering cliffs offering stunning views of the Atlantic. El Grifo is the oldest bodega in the Canaries and also a museum, and at marina Rubicon you will find great shopping opportunities, restaurants and bars. As for museums, the Museum of International and Contemporary Art in Arrecife, the Museo del Tanit are great examples.

A holiday among nature in Lanzarote

Probably the best example of amazing nature in Lanzarote would be the Timanfaya National Park, with its volcanic landscape and the lava fields. You can even take a four hours guided hike tour here. On the west coast of the island, from a holiday apartment in Lanzarote you can also get to see the El Golfo, a little lagoon that “performs” a breathtaking appearance. The beaches of Lanzarote are amazing as well, the main beach towns here being the Puerto del Carmen, the Playa Blanca and Teguise. Playa Quemada has black sand on it. Las Cuevas de los Verdes is a network of caves with an underground lake, part of the island's infinite charm.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Lanzarote

A volcanic stone massage or a wine body wrap? Surely possible on a holiday in Lanzarote. Spas, Thalasotherapy centers, wellness hotels and thermal resorts... you take your pick. The Aquarsis Wellness Center in Puerto del Carmen can be an option, as well as the Aquplus Spa in Arrecife, or the Spa Center Melia Volcan Lanzarote at Playa Blanca and so on.

Activities and sports

From water sports to mountain biking, Lanzarote is an island of much fun. The Playa Las Conchas is said to be the most beautiful one on the island, also this island is said to have some of the greatest surfing places in the world (Famara, Playa las Cucharas). Diving in Lanzarote is never to be underestimated, the world under the waves that will be revealed to you on a holiday in Lanzarote will leave you simply breathless (Punta del Papagayo beach). You can go whale watching or fishing, sailing or you can take a submarine excursion. Another day, another fun memory from Lanzarote!

Family holiday in Lanzarote

You can go on a camel safari when on a family holiday in Lanzarote! And this is just one example of a load of fun that can be encountered here. Go mountain biking together with your loved ones, go to the Playa del Jabillo which is perfect for families, as well as the Playa Grande. Pay a visit to the Los Hervideros, dramatic caves with the sea waves crashing into them. Sightseeing in the local towns is also a great family time, and a hike in the Timanfaya National Park will be unforgettable. The Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park is a theme park that should not be missed either.

Dining in Lanzarote - buen apetito!

Known for its fresh seafood and for its potatoes that are very unusual, the cuisine of Lanzarote is amazing. The fresh tuna, the swordfish, the monk fish, the calamari, they are all great dishes here. The “Pescado a la sal” is fish baked in salt, the “Sancocho Canario” is a stew made with dried fish and potatoes, a must try of the area. The local wines are also great, and the many Tapas bars on the island are surely worth visiting.

Holiday with a pet in Lanzarote

Spend a holiday with your pet on Lanzarote, enjoy a dog friendly beach here such as the Playa de Las Coloradas at Playa Blanca or Playa de Guacimeta by the airport in Playa Honda. Go for a walk in the evening, watch the sunset with your entire family, go for a bike ride together, have the time of your life in Lanzarote.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Lanzarote:
  • the Jameos del Agua, a beautiful cave and underground lake, where the famous architect Cesar Manrique designed a visitors center with a bar, restaurant, with a museum built inside a former lava tube;
  • the Timanfaya National Park, its volcanic landscape, its stunning rock formations and the possibility to take a four hours guided hiking tour here;
  • the strikingly beautiful El Golfo, a lagoon that presents a breathtaking appearance;
  • the beaches of the island, the Puerto del Carmen, the Teguise, Playa Blanca, the Playa Quemada with black sand;
  • Arrecife, the capital of the island, its castle; Haria town and its white washed houses, its Saturday market;
  • some of the best surfing spots in Europe, at Caleta de Famara and Caleto Caballo, windsurfing at Los Cucharas beach in Costa Teguise, a submarine experience at Puerto Calero;
  • the Cactus Garden created by Ceasr Manrique, a most stunning sight.

A holiday in Lanzarote is one that you will not soon forget, this small island has a lot to offer to its visitors. Roam around the volcanic landscape here and let your soul marvel at the enchantment of senses this Spanish island has in stock for you.

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