Szabadidőparkok Banjaard - hh8 - Kamperland, Zeeland, Hollandia, BN37787

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De Banjaard, or completely 'Noordzee Résidence De Banjaard' can be found in a very privileged place in the North Sea coast, on the beautiful island of Noord-Beveland. Because of the unique location between the North Sea, the Eastern Sea and the Veerse the park is a perfect base for exploring Zeeland. The luxurious villas and country houses are built in an exclusive architecture. The stylish park, surrounded by high dunes and created with lots of green and lots of water, has a surprising character, with atmosphere and a very private nature. The park also has an attractive, modern, indoor Plaza building. The following facilities are available in the park: food market, welcoming buffet, cafe (including pizzas to go), snacks and French fries, large terrace and indoor heated outdoor terrace, heated indoor swimming pool (free for guests), tennis courts, club activities, extensive sports and entertainment program , slot machines, hall, vacation rental club with bike, vacation library, table tennis, mini golf, darts, various playgrounds, Jeu de Boules, archery sports ground, laundry and a holiday dialysis center.

Attention: In the period from 03-11-2014 until 19-12-2014, from 05-01-2015 until 13-02-2015, from 27-02-2015 until 27-03-2015 and from 02-11-2015 until 18-12-2015, the opening hours of the facilities are limited in the midweeks.

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