Villák MOZ Narvik Villa Comfort B 6p - Zutendaal, Limburg, Belgium, BN50567

In the Burgundian Belgian Limburg lies the beautiful Narvik Holiday Home Park of Zutendaal. A perfect location from where you can embark upon day trips or go walking and cycling among nature.

The holiday park is adjacent to the Hoge Kempen National Park, a huge nature reserve where you can spend hours exploring on foot, by bike or on horseback. The footpath in Zutendaal is highly recommended as are great cities like Valkenburg, Maastricht and Hasselt, all of which are not far from the park and well worth a visit.

For children Plopsaland is a great place to spend a day. They can also have fun in the outdoor or indoor swimming pools, both with separate children’s area. Of course don’t forget the numerous activities provided by the recreation team.

Enjoy a meal in the restaurant or after a active day unwind with a delicious Belgian beer on the completely renovated terrace or in the bar. If you would like to enjoy a pleasant holiday with the family, or just relax as a couple, choose the wonderful Narvik Holiday Home Park of Zutendaal!


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Special arrangement  01-tól 08 jún. '15-ig
€ 635.00
Special arrangement  08-tól 15 jún. '15-ig
€ 635.00
Special arrangement  15-tól 22 jún. '15-ig
€ 720.00
29 máj.-tól 01 jún. '15-ig 
€ 450.00
05-tól 08 jún. '15-ig 
€ 450.00
12-tól 15 jún. '15-ig 
€ 505.00
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01-tól 05 jún. '15-ig 
€ 415.00
08-tól 12 jún. '15-ig 
€ 415.00
15-tól 19 jún. '15-ig 
€ 480.00
1 hét:
29 máj.-tól 05 jún. '15-ig 
€ 635.00
05-tól 12 jún. '15-ig 
€ 635.00
Special arrangement  01-tól 08 jún. '15-ig
€ 635.00
2 hét:
29 máj.-tól 12 jún. '15-ig 
€ 1270.00
01-tól 15 jún. '15-ig 
€ 1555.00
05-tól 19 jún. '15-ig 
€ 1355.00
3 hét:
29 máj.-tól 19 jún. '15-ig 
€ 1990.00
01-tól 22 jún. '15-ig 
€ 2275.00
05-tól 26 jún. '15-ig 
€ 2075.00

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