Apartmanok Apartment Ski Resort Pec B (Poustevnik) - Pec pod Snežkou, Hradec Králové, Csehország, BN68395

This luxurious apartment is part of the "Poustevník" resort located in the attractive town of Pec, which is situated at the foot of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka ("Snow-Covered"). The apartment is located in a protected area of the Giant Mountains, at an altitude of 950 meters. This third-floor apartment is accessible by lift. Your vacation can be as comfortable as you like because everything is situated under one roof. For example, you can put on your bathrobe and descend via the lift and make use of the free swimming pool (20 x 8 meters). Or your group can use (for a fee) the sauna which is suitable for 6-10 persons. Downstairs there is also a table football game. Take a seat at the bar or enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant. There is also an Internet connection in the apartment (use for a small fee). The center of Pec is just 500 meters away. Here you will find restaurants, bars, a cash dispenser and an information point. A supermarket is located 1000 meters from the accommodation. Cars can be parked at the apartment in summer. This apartment is ideally suited for 2 adults plus 2 children.

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1 hét:
05-tól 12 márc. '16-ig 
€ 499.00
12-tól 19 márc. '16-ig 
€ 499.00
19-tól 26 márc. '16-ig 
€ 449.00
2 hét:
05-tól 19 márc. '16-ig 
€ 998.00
12-tól 26 márc. '16-ig 
€ 948.00
19 márc.-tól 02 ápr. '16-ig 
€ 858.00
3 hét:
05-tól 26 márc. '16-ig 
€ 1447.00
12 márc.-tól 02 ápr. '16-ig 
€ 1357.00
19 márc.-tól 09 ápr. '16-ig 
€ 1243.00

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