Apartmanok Noirmoutier 2p 4 - Barbatre, Loire-mente , Franciaország, BN71674

The island of Noirmoutier contains four communes with ten hamlets (of chalky cottages with pretty pink tiles), a bustling town and quaint villages, forests, beaches, ports and marshes. Located at the southwestern entrance to the island, the resort of Noirmoutier has several 2-story buildings comprising 9 rooms (full and half board) and 41 apartments, all located in a pine forest next to the dunes and sea. Facilities of the resort include: free parking and a launderette which you can use for a fee; a bar with large terrace and restaurant (each week offering regional specialties [cotriade, coulibiac Dutch sauce, sole with potatoes from Noirmoutier], themed meals, gourmet meals (upon request) and a daily menu); a library, TV room, courts for beach volleyball, badminton and petanque; table tennis; shuffleboard; a playground for children and bicycle rental.

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€ 1183.00
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