Ditch the gift with BungalowNet: a traditional Christmas in a holidaypark

What are the basic ideas of the holiday spirit? We might all agree on the following concepts: giving back, offering hope, good cheer, love, understanding and helping others.

For all of these to take root, all you need is a cozy, calm environment, where spending time with your family will further develop your relationship to an even better level. 

Sometimes, in order to do this, you must break away from the mundane, book a holiday home for your loved ones and enjoy Christmas to its fullest. 

This time, we have collected the coziest, most awesome holiday homes you can actually book and stay at. We are also sharing reviews, because the experience of others with similar needs and desires is one of the best ways to see if something suits our own. 

La Sapinière 

The park lies at the foothills of the Ardennes but isn’t far at all from the German border and is pretty close to the Eifel. The region is famous for its rolling green hills, vast, dense forests, farmlands, rivers and lakes. It is the ideal place for an active holiday, many hikers choosing this spot for a vacation in Luxembourg. 

It being a relatively small country, all of the picturesque villages (Clervaux, Vianden, Diekirch, Echternach) can be easily visited in order to drink in the culture and try out new culinary experiences. 

This year why not ditch the gift and offer your family an experience, the joy of spending time together and reconnecting on a deep level. La Sapinière offers a homey environment, a relaxing atmosphere, a cocoon of calm and the opportunity to truly enjoy Christmas this year. 

House tour: Sapinière – 6-person house 

  • Outside, you are greeted by a private a terrace, complete with furniture, perfect to enjoy a mulled wine with your loved ones. 
  • As you walk in, you get the feeling you are visiting your own holiday home. The house is suitable for a maximum of 6 people, with enough space for everyone to have a great, relaxing experience. 
  • The living room sitting area is the ideal place to spend long nights together, playing boardgames, reading or just talking about life in general. 
  • The kitchen is fully equipped so your holiday cooking is still a possibility, in a way more laid-back manner. You can even bake Christmas specialties on the days leading up to Christmas, teaching your children your awesome family recipes, concentrating on traditions this year, instead of material things. 
  • The house has two bedrooms on the first floor and one on the ground floor, this way you will all get a good night’s sleep in the comfortable beds with fluffy duvets and pillows. 
  • You can also decorate to your taste, especially if you choose to stay for a longer time and why not create these Christmas decorations with your family, adding a little holiday cheer to your time spent away in tranquility. 
  • This is a pet friendly apartment, so you will be able to bring your four-legged family member as well, take long walks in the middle of nature and forget about the outside world. 

What guests are saying: 

Henk Kamminga   

Went to La Sapiniere for the first time. Easy to travel there. We had a 6-person apartment, and it was a great fit for 1 child and 5 adults. Two bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. Fantastic swimming pool within walking distance, where you can swim for free for 2 hours every day. A nature park lies opposite the pool. From the park you can walk right into the woods and walk into Germany without even realizing it. Beautiful green area with Dinant only 15 kms away. We have enjoyed it very much and are planning to go again next year... and get others excited.  

Nathalie de Roo   

They care about the satisfaction of customers. The price - quality ratio is fair and it is accessible for everyone. I regularly book a house here and it has always been more than okay. You get exactly what you book! 😊🏡👍   

Hanneke Wijdeveld   

We went to La Sapiniere in Luxembourg, beautiful park with great walking environment. The houses were well equipped with all the necessities. You are able to use your own balcony, but you can also make use of the amenities around the cottage. There is a swimming pool just outside the park, where you can swim for free once a day, which can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old. Everything arranged well and it was affordable. Worth repeating the experience, but we would also look for something different at Bungalow.Net. Just in a different environment. We love variation. 


Vallée les Etoiles 

Whether it is just the two of you, with the kids, the whole family or with all your friends: Holiday park Vallée les Etoiles has everything you need for a weekend getaway or a complete holiday. Offering cozy wooden holiday homes, extensive facilities, a great restaurant and bar, it is also beautifully located in the countryside, right int the heart of The Ardennes region. 

Holiday park Vallée les Etoiles is unique in every season. In the winter, it is a true Winter Wonderland, where you and your family can spend a fantastic holiday, mixing active relaxation with long, restful nights and fresh air! 

House tour: La Lune Comfort – 6 person-house 

  • The Norwegian style chalet emanates a certain calmness, and a warm aura, ideal for a stay during the winter holidays. As you step in, a spacious living room awaits with classic, comfortable furnishing. The wooden walls add to the earthy feeling of the place and can easily make you feel at home in a few seconds. 
  • The three bedrooms all have highly comfortable beds, with clean and crisp bedding and pillows. 
  • The best part of the house has to be the fireplace, which offers you the chance to sit around with your entire family, drink mulled wine or hot cocoa and bask in the moment, just being happy to spend time together. 
  • Outside, you will find a veranda and a covered terrace, where you will be able to enjoy the fresh air, and let your hot beverage warm your hands. 
  • The park is 100% pet friendly, so every single member of your family is welcome, because no Christmas would be complete without your puppy! 

What guests are saying: 

Carolien Vrijders  

We enjoyed our time spent at Vallée les Etoiles this summer 

The chalets are very neat, spacious and are far enough apart so that every chalet has its view and privacy.  

For the dogs there was a surprise ready in the chalet. The park is fully equipped to receive your favorite four-legged friend. The area is ideal for a long walks for discovering the Maas.  

In the morning, the fresh rolls were waiting for us in front of the door, and at night we enjoyed a fresh meal beer the Les Bonne Heuer restaurant with a beautiful view.  

We were able to use the indoor pool daily, we are a fan and would love to discover the other parks as well! 💯 

Saskia Plug-Halfweeg  

We went to Parc Vallée les Etoiles in Blaimont. The park is located in the Ardennesyou’re your peace is guaranteed. Nice wooden houses, firework free, so good for the dogs that are also welcome and a good restaurant. Perfect location for fun trips in the area. 

Tom De Groof   

I would recommend Les Etoiles to everyone.  

Nicely maintained park with lots of activities. The area is perfect for long MTB tours, swimming in the Maas, climbing, historical castles to visit.... They themselves have their own boat pier with trips to Dinant.  

A very active environment, you can’t get bored even for a moment. 

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