Apartmány Apartment 2A4 - Porec, Istrie, Chorvatsko, BN62531

This villa with swimming pool is situated on the western shore of the Istrian peninsula, between the mouth of the Mirna River to the north and the Lim Fjord to the south. Here you will find a gentle climate and an indented coastline dotted with many small islands and peninsulas thick with pine trees. Poreč, with its beautiful beaches sheltered from the sea by the island of St. Nikola, has become the leading center of Croatian tourism, developing from a small fishing village to an attractive tourist hub. These apartments are located just 10 minutes [walk] from the seashore. There is also a grocery store and several restaurants in the vicinity. The town center is about 20 minutes away.


Jsme dostupní od pondělí do soboty od 8.30 do 23.00 na +42 0246019083.

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