Enjoying a summer holiday in a holiday home, that's what everyone looks forward to. After a year of school and work it is great to have a break in the summer and one of the possibilities is to book a holiday home. Read more

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Enjoying a summer holiday in a holiday home, that's what everyone looks forward to. After a year of school and work it is great to have a break in the summer and one of the possibilities is to book a holiday home. Close to home or in a nice spot in the hot sun at the beach, there are countless possibilities for a great summer holiday in Europe or on Curacao. Bungalows, apartments, chalets or holiday parks, there is something for everyone during the summer holiday. Find and book your dream accommodation and enjoy a wonderful family vacation this summer.

Holiday homes for the summer holiday

The summer is when most people go on vacation, not without reason. The weather is the nicest and the longest school holiday is the summer holiday so you too can enjoy a few weeks of summer holiday. You can reach your destination by car or plane, you can spend your summer vacation in the sunny south of Europe, in France, Italy, Spain or Croatia. Are you looking for a holiday home for the summer holiday? Then you've come to Bungalow.Net to the right place. We have not only a wide range of holiday homes for the summer holiday, we have something for everyone as a holiday home in nature, waterfront bungalow, apartment by sea and cozy holiday parks with swimming pool. Just take a look and find your dream holiday home for the summer holiday.

Summer holiday in all shapes and sizes

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you love cycling or horseback riding, you prefer sunbathing on the beach or are you that culture lover looking for architecture, art and museums?  Everyone can find a suitable summer vacation while using your vacation rental as a comfortable base. Come and enjoy an active summer holiday or just a relaxing holiday in the summer to completely unwind. For the fans, there are regular offers for the summer holiday, such as Last Minutes or early booking discounts. Opt for a family holiday in the summer in our holiday homes for the summer holiday.

Travel bucket list for a European Summer

A great way of discovering new places is always having a bucket list for trips and new destinations. People usually create these in order to know what to aspire towards, while these lists truly can help you stick to your plans. Travel and vacation bucket lists can be done for 1 year, a few years ahead or even a lifetime if you are truly ambitious. To help out globetrotters in this endeavor, we have created a “Travel Bucket List for a European Summer”, so hop on the holiday train and let’s see what can and absolutely should be visited on this slice of the world. Warning: we have totally avoided cliches in this list, so if you were looking for such things as the “Eiffel Tower” or “The Tower of London”, you won’t be finding those here. Think outside the box and let’s get started! Read more

Travel this Spring with your Pet – Useful tips and top destinations

Travelling with your pet has many benefits, such as bonding and learning how to go trekking together, starting a healthier lifestyle this way. It can also help with your mental health, offering a kind of safety blanket in unforeseen situations while on vacation and it’s always a great thing when the entire family is present during a holiday, even the four-legged members! Before getting into the “where” and talking about some awesome places for you and your pet, it’s important to mention a few “hows”, as in how to prepare for such a vacation with the safety of your little buddy in mind. Read more

City Break from a Holiday Park!

This might sound like an oxymoron, but it truly isn't, you can and absolutely should turn your holiday park adventure into a city break and vice versa. It is actually the perfect cocktail: you relax in a vacation park then at the optimal moment you get in your car and visit a nearby city for a splash of culture. After spending a perfect day drinking in history, you can go back to nature and the calm surroundings your cozy bungalow has to offer. Read more

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