A holiday in Finland offers many opportunities for outdoor activities in addition to a diverse culture. A visit to the capital Helsinki is definitely recommended. Its location on the rocky headland in the Gulf of Finland is very special. Read more

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A holiday in Finland offers many opportunities for outdoor activities in addition to a diverse culture. A visit to the capital Helsinki is definitely recommended. Its location on the rocky headland in the Gulf of Finland is very special. The center of town is the market place where large ferry boats have been built. The Senate Square is very close and the Russian Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral should definitely not be missed. The White cathedral and the Senate Square are really vital to the city. By taking a walk through Helsinki you will discover the most beautiful places.


Lapland is the traditional part of Finland. The basis of the Saami culture are the reindeer, used for transportation together with carriages, also as food - meat, for milk and for their skin. The skins were used for the tents in which people lived. If you visit Lapland you will discover many traditions here. In addition, modern technology showed up here under the form of the transportation by snowmobile. Normal life has forced many Saami nomads to change their lifestyle for economic reasons. Fortunately, there is an open air museum and an information center where all the cultural treasures have been collected, so that they won't be lost in time.

Museums in Finland

With more than 1,000 museums and galleries in Helsinki and other cities you can expect a lot from your cultural holiday in Finland. A few good examples are the Siida open-air museum in Inari or Carelium in Joensuu with a unique exhibition on the Karelian culture, the Retretti art museum and the maritime museum in Turku. The Finnish artists get a lot of attention in Finland, both the painters and architects as well as the composers. The Natural History museums in Finland include the Stone Age Centre in Kierikki or the Gold Wax in Tankavaara.

Enjoy an active holiday in Finland

Active holidays in Finland are buzzing with summer and winter activities. In winter, you can opt for winter sports with skiing, cross country skiing and snowboarding in Lapland. Ice climbing is another type of winter sport, and the Korouoma gorge and the frozen waterfalls going up to 60m high are extremely cold and adventurous. In the summer, which is much shorter, you can cycle endlessly, despite the various heights, you can go hiking, climbing, mountain biking and play golf on one of the 103 golf courses. From a holiday home in Ostrobothnia you can enjoy the beautiful coastline with beaches, rocks and hundreds of Islands and islets within reach. You can also go canoeing, kayaking and rafting. No one will be bored in Finland.

Holiday homes Finland for an arctic adventure with loved ones

Whether you've come north in search of some top-notch winter sports or would just like to soak up the culture afforded by cities like Helsinki, a holiday in Finland makes for the best choice. If it's winter fun you're after, try Lapland, a virtual Arctic play land, and ski some of Finland's biggest resorts, including Ruka, Levi and Yllas. When you're not busy skiing you can enjoy activities like snowmobiling, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, ice skating and more. In summer you can spend countless hours hiking or cycling, for example along the 200-km-long Archipelago Trail where you'll have plenty of opportunity to stop off for a picnic, museum visit or to admire a historic site. If you're vacationing with the family in Finland, a spacious child-friendly holiday home in Finland is perfect, and gives you convenient access to top attractions like Levi Action Park with its ATV circuit, ice karting and more. Finland is not just for polar bears. There is plenty of fun to go around for everyone.

An arctic adventure

Whether you're clamoring for an arctic adventure or just looking for something new this holiday season, with a holiday home in Finland you can be as adventurous or unadventurous as you want. Tailor your vacation to suit your personal desires and needs. For the adventurous, activities like ice climbing in Pyhatunturi, skiing in Lapland, husky safaris and snowmobile tours, plus hot-air ballooning in Levi are a real treat - and this is just the tip of the iceberg (literally)! If you would prefer to take it a bit easier, spend your free time in an oasis of wellness, then savor a quiet evening with friends and loved ones admiring the Northern Lights from the quaint Sami village of Kilpisjarvi. Light the fuse of your next holiday in Finland.

Taking it easy in Finland

For those who would like to avoid the hordes of tourists when on holiday, they can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and savor the tranquility of nature as they pursue genteel pastimes like fishing in the Merikarvianjoki River, hot-air ballooning in Levi, and horse riding in Posio. In Tampere region you can take in the breathtaking Lakes and wooded landscape. Near the town of Tampere you will find the beautiful lakes of Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. This makes for an unforgettable family holiday among nature. If you're more into golf, try one of the two 18-hole golf courses situated near Kastelholm Castle. Afterward ice down the beer and relax with a barbecue maybe, enjoy a grill party with family or friends. If you prefer your ice crushed, hop aboard the Arctic Icebreaker "Sampo" for a unique sea cruise. Don't settle for the same old boring holiday again this year. Discover what's waiting for you north of the Arctic Circle!

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