Holiday parks in Europe with swimming pool, entertainment, restaurant and much more are the ideal holiday destination for families with children of any age. The children will head to the playground or swimming pool... Read more

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Holiday parks in Europe with swimming pools, entertainment, restaurant, and much more are the ideal holiday destination for families with children of any age. Our parks offer a diverse set of leisure activities, from sports fields and playgrounds to internet cafés, and kid’s playrooms. The grown-ups can indulge themselves in numerous activities, such as organized hikes and karaoke evenings. Children can head to the playground or swimming pool to make new friends while you can settle in peace and relax on the terrace whilst enjoying the surroundings. There is a little bit of everything for everyone.


Holiday Parks at Sea 

The coastal parks in Europe offer pleasant and active holidays. Even in the park itself there is enough to do! The advantage of a Bungalow.Net Holiday Park by the sea is that a day at the beach or a water sports holiday are all almost within walking distance. Bungalow.Net is widely established on the Mediterranean coast, with the most beautiful beaches in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. For example, in France, you can find the Pierre en Vacances and the Sogerel Holiday Parks. Or how about romance and fun on the coast on islands such as the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Ibiza, Corsica or Malta? From the Bungalow.Net holiday parks in Europe, you can enjoy the country's gastronomy in style, from local fish dishes and fine wines to fantastic homemade bread and pasta. The Netherlands also offers a few prime holiday park locations. The beaches of Zeeland are a highly sought-after destination! 


Holiday parks in the mountains 

During the summer and winter, you can enjoy nature and sports, conviviality and good food in the mountains from the Bungalow.Net holiday parks in Europe. In winter, you can partake in all kinds of fun sports in France, Germany, Italy and Austria. The French Alps offer impressive winter sports resorts such as Valmorel, Valthorens and La Norma. Germany has its own unique winter atmosphere, with beautiful parks such as Centerparcs and Hoogenboom Vakantieparken. Places like Winterberg or the charming resorts in the Bavarian Forest or the Eifel are definitely worth a visit. Italian cuisine and hospitality are the main reason that people choose winter sports in Italy. The Italian Alps with resorts such as Gressan, Courmayeur or Antagnod or the Dolomites, or ski resorts such as Tesero and Caviola di Falcade add an Italian taste to your holiday. Winter sports in Austria are convivial, atmospheric, and fun for young and old. There are beautiful ski areas in Austria with resorts such as Kitzbuhel, Kufstein, Zell-Gerlos, and Vorarlberg. Summer holidays in the mountains are also fantastic. The walks through the mountain meadows, the climbs, and the challenging activities such as abseiling and kayaking make your holiday at the Bungalow.Net holiday parks in Europe complete. The mountains have a special appearance in spring, summer, and autumn. Whether you are looking for peace and relaxation or physical exertion in nature, you will find it all in the mountains.

Why visit the Netherlands? The answer to this question is to be found among the unique masterpieces that enrich the country's culture, in places like the Van Gogh Museum, or the Rembrandt Museum; the famous Eleven City cycling route that is like 200 km long; the fabulous beaches on the North Sea Coast; the traditional old mills and canals that give romance a whole new meaning. These are all features that are to be discovered while enjoying a break from the mundane with one of the holiday parks in the Netherlands, from where the country's traditions and modern attractions reveal their infinite charm right before your eyes. It's surely one of the places that is to be on your "must see, experience, enjoy" list.


Discover the European Cities 

During a stay in a Bungalow.Net holiday park in Europe, a city trip is completely carefree activity. The are zounds of beautiful historical sights scattered across Europe’s metropoles. Whether you want to see the churches and catacombs of Paris or the Museo del Prado and Madrid's bullfights, Bungalow.Net has accommodations everywhere. You can check your destination in advance on the internet to make sure you can visit all the main sights and attractions. You can also stay a little further outside of the city in peaceful surroundings should you wish to enjoy the local food, unique traditions, or beautiful nature. Europe has more than 500 national parks that can be explored extensively, so there are always more trails and streams to traverse! Whether you like the action and thrill of the city center or the peace and tradition of the suburbs, Bungalow.Net has a little bit of everything for everyone. 


Holiday Parks in The Nederlands

Why go on holiday in the Netherlands? Because the old mills, the orderly flower fields, and the cycle paths that wind over dikes are truly unique! The Netherlands is also home to fantastic paintings, such as those of the Van Gogh Museum and the Rembrandt Museum. Cycling is possible everywhere! Discover the cycling route of the famous Elfstedentocht that covers almost 200 km or explore nature in the Hoge Veluwe! You can discover all this while escaping your day-to-day life in one of the holiday parks in the Netherlands. The endless charm and the down-to-earth conviviality in every city and village make the Netherlands a prime destination. 

Holiday Parks in Germany

Germany is a country of ancient culture, history, and nature. Each corner of the country has its own spectacular sights and activities, from museums and castles to entertainment and great food. The delicious German beer and bratwurst culture welcome every visitor and you will feel at ease right away. Seek adventure from a place of comfort in one of the holiday parks in Germany. Discover the charm of Germany, from the beaches on Usedom to the ski slopes of Sauerland.

Holiday Parks in Belgium

Belgium can best be described by the word "diversity". In particular, it has a wide range of activities, natural landscapes, castles, art, history, and large cities that offer plenty of entertainment. All this makes Belgium one of the jewels of the old continent. Famous and impressive sights can be found all over the country, such as Manneken Pis in Brussels or St. Baafs Cathedral in Ghent, all within easy reach of our holiday parks in Belgium. In the culinary field, Belgium has combined the quality of French cuisine with the portions of Dutch cuisine: truly Burgundian!

The Old Man and the Lake

The road, like a grey serpent, carved its way through the darkened Czech landscape. Mists had already started forming in the valley below us like eerie, ghostly lakes. We were on the final stretch of our 10-hour drive from the Netherlands and it was well past midnight. Finally, a row of rooftops appeared out of the mist as we arrived at the tiny village of Muckov. A silhouette stood at one of the doors and a porch light turned on. Read more

200,000 tonnes of olive oil. 240,000 traditions

Near the old coastal village of Vieste, the Deluca family has been growing olives for four generations. The oil they produce this way is relatively unknown to the general public, but around Vieste you will see a can of Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva Deluca on many a terrace and kitchen window. It is a fairly soft, golden oil with an almond aftertaste that is characteristic of the Ogliarola Garganica olive variety. The variety gets its name after the Gargano National Park, where many families have been growing olives for centuries. Read more

Saint Jean d'Aulps: A Village of Four Seasons

The imposing façade of the d’Aulps Abbey is the only part left of this massive Cistercian church perched high above the valleys of the French Alps. Its foundations stem from 1090, and it served as a place of piety and pilgrimage until its near destruction in the aftermath of the French revolution. Yet, since then, the fierce façade withstood howling winds, blizzards, rainstorms, and parching heat in the 230 years that followed. It has resolutely weathered the four seasons of Saint Jean d’Aulps time and again. It’s a resolution that is shared by most of the folk in the region. Read more

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