Packing right for a trip abroad can make all the difference. Of course, packing your bags may depend a lot on the legth of your trip, on its location and so on. Overall, there are a few "common sense" rules to follow when it comes to your luggage and its content. This will ensure you not ending up with a bag the size of Jupiter on your back, and with not having to have your own caravan to transport it. Read more


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Being sick is pretty bad... what's even worse though it's getting sick while on a holiday abroad. Now though you may feel like you've been cursed by the "vacation Gods" in a case like that, it doesn't always have to be that bad. Read more


Taking your kids on a holiday can be quite challenging at times. Taking your kids on a family holiday at a vacation home where there is also a swimming pool can be even more challenging... pretty much at all times. Read more


Traveling with children can be a daunting "task", and traveling with toddlers even more so. There are many things to think of in order to not end up with a screaming kid on your hands while carrying what seems to be all the luggage in the world and being in a hurry at the same time. Read more


Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun. It's surely better than constantly thinking of the sad little eyes of the "left at home" Fluffy. Yet in order to not completely turn gray during a holiday with your dog, you must plan ahead and be very well informed regarding many aspects. Here's a few tips on that: Read more


I must say that whenever I thought of Luxembourg I thought about... I don't know. Like literally, I cannot say I knew too much about this place until I actually got the real feel of it. Read more


To start with, I would like to say that planning a family holiday (with children) is not at all the same as planning a holiday for a couple, or nonetheless for yourself. Read more


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