Benefits of family traveling

If someone would ask you "what is a family?" what would you respond? There are so many ways in which one can define this concept, and the most fascinating thing is that each way is unique to each person.

Family is made of people who love you unconditionally, made of people that want you in their lives, that want nothing but the best for you. Yes... it all sound wonderful; and it is. Family is really the most wonderful thing in one's life. Yet somehow, when it comes to traveling with family, many people tend to hold back a little, especially if there are kids involved too.

It's not that much of a surprise either, as kids tend to get things a bit overcomplicated at times, and let's face it: their concept of relaxation almost never includes sitting still.

With all that, family travel has its advantages, and you should totally take them into account:

  • learn to find joy in the smallest things and experiences: when you travel with your children, you get to feel like a child again too. If you choose a holiday home at the beach for example, you learn to see how actually fascinating it is to stick your feet in the sand, to enjoy building a sand castle, to play a game on the beach and so on. You get to slow down and notice the world around you, even interact with more people.
  • you are never alone: and that's a good thing. Whether you get to admire the beauty of the Italian lakes, or maybe enjoy a beach in Zeeland, taste the cuisine on Spain's Costa Brava or visit museums and art galleries in Tuscany, it's all better when you have someone to share them with. Imagine how it would be like if you traveled alone, if you had to dine alone, walk around by yourself and so on... not a very pleasant sight, isn't it?
  • you can actually relax: your family is your life companion after all, through good times and bad. So you can actually relax among people that know you and all your habits and preferences, among people you don't have to impress, as they're already in love with your being.
  • traveling with kids will have you make every moment count: you have to admit that many times you, just like everyone else, get lazy. Even during traveling sometimes you just sit around and waste time. Well, a holiday with your family will bring an end to that, as kids are very energetic. So they'll give you the impulse you need to get out of bed and actually enjoy the surroundings of your holiday park in Luxembourg for example, the nature of the Ardennes, and so on. Outdoor fun is children's favorite.
  • teach your little ones responsibility: from teaching them to not refuse to eat, to having them pack their own backpack and what goes in it, children will learn a lot during traveling with their family. They can carry their own backpack as a matter of fact if they're old enough, and they can make sure it stays clean, they get to see how other people live, they take part in deciding where to dine, and not in the last... they still get to have fun.
  • stronger family bonds: when you travel with your family to Italy, Spain, to the Netherlands or anywhere else, you are bound to create great new memories together. You experience a lot of new things and get to share them with your loved ones. Whether you wait in line at a museum or enjoy a theme park, whether you travel by bus and play games on the road or you travel by plain and answer the many many questions your kids ask about it, you're in it all as a family. You communicate more and you spend time together.
  • not in the last... you learn to really enjoy the silence: when you do get to the point when it's all peace and quiet, oh boy, you will really learn to appreciate it. When the little ones are off to bed, exhausted after a day at the beach or a day of hiking, sightseeing or having fun in a theme park, then the sweet, sacred and golden serenity sets in. You will learn to worship it, no doubt. Quiet time is a treasure for parents, and you will make the best of it like never before.

As you can see, a holiday with your family will bring you many advantages in so many ways. Don't miss out on the fun-filled experiences you can have together, on the many adventures you can embark on and the fabulous memories you can create. We'll be waiting on your feedback!

18-08-2020 Emily Williams
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