Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

You can search for a holiday home by entering your search in our menu. You simply type the country, region, city or even the name of the holiday home. By clicking the magnifying glass all possible results will be shown in 1 overview. Click on a house in the search results to read the description. At the bottom of the page you will find the price and specifications. If the desired arrival date can't be clicked in the calendar, the house is no longer available.
Each house on the site has a unique code starting with the letters BN. You will find this code next to the name of the house, next to the main picture of the house. If you know this code, you can search by it on our website.
On the page with your search results you can refine your search by clicking the filters. Under features you van check the box for pets. After applying the filters only those houses where pets are allowed (or allowed after consultation) will be shown in the results. More information about bringing a pet can be found in the description of the house.
When a pet is "by request" it means that it is not sure if your pet will be allowed or not. You may request to bring a pet prior to making your reservation. If you book without getting prior approval, it may happen that your pet will not be allowed.
Additional information about the appliances/furnishings of the house and facilities near the house are stated in the house description.
On the search result page you can refine your search with our filters. You can click on themes and select winter sports and apply the filter. Your search results will now only include winter sports accommodations. In some seasons links and banners on the home page will also link you to our winter sports accommodations.
The search results are based on your search criteria such as arrival, departure and number of people. Other filters that you have indicated are also actively included. The search result that you see is always available when it is presented to you. The prices shown provide a complete overview for the period indicated by you. The most relevant results are shown at the top and the less relevant results are shown at the bottom. Relevance is determined on the basis of two criteria, all parks of the BungalowNet Group are given a higher relevance by default, other parks or individual homes follow next. How often a home converts with our visitors also plays a role. Popular homes score better than homes or parks that are less popular, this is calculated based on the period for which you search. A house in the mountains next to a ski slope can therefore be displayed at the top in winter and at the bottom in summer. In this way we show you the most relevant information as much as possible at the top of your search results.
Reviews on our site are given by our guests. After their stay booked with us, we send them an e-mail in which guests are asked to offer us their feedback on the accommodation and services. Guests can choose to enter a rating (from 1 to 5) and additional comments on our own site, or on third party sites like Google, Tripadvisor or Zoover. On we only display reviews received via our own review survey. The reviews are always shown, unless they contain indecent language, reviews are checked in 2 to 3 days.

Guests will also receive an email from Trustpilot, where they can rate their holiday and accommodation on the Trustpilot platform.

In case of third party review sites, their own review policy applies, these policies can be checked here:
This way we make sure that ratings and reviews are from real guests, who have actually booked a stay with us, in order to offer you real information from hands-on experiences.
Some of our landlords have several accommodations in the same park. At these parks it is possible that just a few of the accommodations are designated as pet-friendly accommodations. It is possible then that the property may be listed as still available for your desired period, but unfortunately not with a pet.
Each landlord has his/her own conditions for renting a property. This means certain services may be mandatory. These costs are usually to be paid locally to the landlord. These costs can not be deleted from your reservation. All prices on thewebsite include VAT.
Our booking fees enable us to bring you the best deals and service. Each reservation will be carefully checked and processed by our dedicated staff. We are available from Monday to Friday between 8:30AM and 6:00PM.
A baby counts as a person in the insured persons travel party. Each property always states the total number of persons that are allowed. This is the total number of adults and children that may occupy the rented accommodation. In some cases, this number may be exceeded, with 1 or 2 babies from 0 to 2 years (for example, 4 + 1 would mean 4 adults plus 1 baby). If this is the case, it is mentioned in the interior description. In some cases a landlord offers the possibility to rent a baby bed or extra bed. This option can be found under "Optional Extra Services" or "Properties".
The Last Minute discount has already been deducted from the original price. This is specified as the price shown on the website. You can click "price specification" if the specification is not shown already.
Travel Contracts are an exception to the "Distance Selling Act" and are therefore not eligible for a right of withdrawal ('reflection') of 14 days. In many of our accommodations we offer you the opportunity to make an optional reservation which then gives you the opportunity to 'reflect' on the reservation.
It may be that due to unforeseen circumstances you want to change your booking. This may be for personal reasons, bad weather or you are just not in the mood. Fortunately, Bungalow.Net offers the FlexPackage. This gives you the flexibility to convert your booking to a different house or a different period, up to a month or even a day prior to arrival, without any additional conditions or any questions asked. For further information about the Flex Package, please  give us a call.
Bungalow.Net is an Internet travel agency. All our rental properties are listed with a full description, layout, prices and availability on our website. If you need help in finding a suitable accommodation, please give us a call.
If you have damaged something inside or around the holiday home, you can file a claim with the insurance company. You are always insured when booking with Bungalow.Net (up to 2.500 euros). Damage below 25 euros will be deducted from the deposit. In case of damage you need to inform the landlord before you contact Bungalow.Net. A form can then be filled out and returned to us.
The insurance is compulsory to ensure that you are covered in the event of damage to the holiday home. Damage done to a hired object is not covered by your own personal liability insurance. This is why the insurance is compulsory.
Our offered cancellation insurance covers: cancellation beforehand due to medical circumstances or other unplanned things such as delay of arrival or hospital admission of at least 1 night. The cost for the cancellation insurance is trivial in comparison to the cost of a holiday. It happens quite often that someone has to cancel their holiday due to some unfortunate event. With this cancellation insurance you are covered against numerous unplanned events, even if they are not major like the premature birth of a child or a hospital stay.
- Damage to a (rented) accommodation is never covered by your own liability insurance.
- Your own health insurance has no coverage (or only limited at best) in a foreign country.
- Private clinics are never covered by your own health insurance, but with travel insurance they are.
- Your own risk is fully covered by this insurance.
- Your policy fee is already paid for, so you can conclude this insurance without extra costs.
Travel insurance can still be taken out within seven days of your booking. If there are no known reasons for cancellation, it is also possible, within seven days after your booking, to take out cancellation insurance. Please give us a call.
When you have found your desired holiday home and it is available, select the arrival and departure date in the calendar or choose one of the alternative periods and continue the booking process by clicking the "Book Now" button.

- At the top you will see the accommodation that you have selected, and you can specify the number of people also.
- Fill in your personal details, your traveling companions and then book any optional additional services.
- Select below one of our services and / or insurance. - Read the terms and conditions and lock the booking by pressing the "Book Now" button.
You will then receive a confirmation number and a confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by email. Please inform us of the receipt of this confirmation.
When you make a reservation on our website you will receive a booking number in the last step of the bookings process. At this moment you can be sure that your booking was successful. After you made the reservation you will also receive a confirmation by email, usually within 30 minutes. In the case that you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us.
Yes, if you like our personnel can assist you from Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 6pm.
No, reservations made by phone or via the Internet are the same - there is no extra charge.
You can sign in on our website with your booking number and e-mail address. You will then click the link "My Reservation" at the bottom of the page. You will find access to your reservation and details.
Once we have received your reservation, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. If you wish to receive confirmation by post as well you can state so upon booking. You will not receive it automatically.
Via "My Reservation" you can change your optional reservation (online) into a definite booking. You can also do this via the link in the optional confirmation you received by e-mail.
You will receive the address of the accommodation after paying for the reservation. Due to privacy laws we cannot give out the address prior to the reservation being paid.
Bungalow.Net maintains a calendar for each property by which the landlord has the possibility to update the availability of their property. Unfortunately, it can happen that a double booking occurs  if the landlord has not yet had the opportunity to update the calendar. In such cases, the landlord will notify us and we will obviously try to secure your booking for the property. If this fails, we will inform you in a timely manner and of course we will offer, where possible or appropriate, alternatives for your vacation. Of course you are not obliged tor reserve the alternative.
Yes, in some cases Bungalow.Net can offer you the possibility to change your booking to another house or period. However, we must charge you an extra fee for this. Please contact Bungalow.Net for more information.
Sometimes it is possible to change the dates to an alternate period after consulting the landlord. If you wish to do so, the dates and price will be altered in accordance to the agreement made with the landlord. Please note that an extra fee may be charged.
If you are forced by circumstances to cancel your booking, please notify us by e-mail. There are costs associated with cancellation. If you have opted to make use of our FlexPackage, then you can discuss the possibilities of rebooking your holiday. If you have purchased cancellation insurance through us and there is a valid reason for the cancellation of your reservation, then the costs may be recovered through the insurance. Valid conditions for cancellation and the option to conclude it can be found under Additional Services in our bookings steps.
You have no right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal is excluded in service agreements for the provision of accommodation if a specific date or period of execution is planned in the agreement.
On the last step of the booking process, you will be given the option to pay by credit card or opt to pay later via bank transfer.

Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted on our website. However, there are other payment methods you can choose that are country specific, based on your declared country of residence. These specific methods are:

Ideal - for Netherlands and Belgium
Mister Cash - for Belgium
Sofort - for Germany

These payment methods will only be available if you have chosen one of the countries specified above.

In case you opt for bank transfer please use the below bank data:
• Company Name: Bungalow.Net Holidays BV
• City: Vosselaar
• IBAN: BE18001922274965

When paying via bank transfer, please state your reservation number under remarks. You can find your reservation number in the booking confirmation email you receive after booking on our site. In case of bank transfer, please make sure to send us a confirmation of the payment to

You will also find these payment methods in your Bungalow account, which may be accessed by entering your email address and your first reservation code. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team at 0031 20 811 03 00, via the live chat on the website or via
We offer you the possibility to pay your payment by credit card trough our online system and do not charge these costs to you. Given the high extra costs charged by credit card companies, the possibility of paying by credit card is limited to last-minute reservations. There are always various alternatives to pay, such as trough bank or Ideal
You always need to pay the travel sum to Bungalow.Net. Additional fees to be paid upon arrival will be specified on your confirmation.
No, it is not possible to pay by cheque. We kindly ask you to pay online or via bank transfer.
The down payment needs to be made immediately. The second installment is due 6 weeks before arrival at the latest.
The payment terms are stated on your booking confirmation. All information concerning your booking and payment can be found via 'My Booking'.
If your payment is not received within the set time, we will send you a reminder. If we do not receive word from you or a payment, Bungalow.Net has the right to charge an administration fee or to cancel your booking.
We utilize a security system for the Internet that guarantees your online transactions remain secure. This system is called DocData Payments. To ensure the safe completion of (online) payments, Docdata Payments makes use of a variety of security technologies that are set by the financial institutions and the Nederlandsche Bank. DocData Payments is controlled (audited) every year by various agencies, and upon approval,  a certificate is issued which indicates that DocData Payments complies with the highest security standards. One of these certificates is the PCI DSS certificate. All information conveyed in any payment transaction completed by DocData remains confidential. The data contained in the database will not in any way be given, sold or leased to third parties. The data exchange between Bungalow.Net and DocData Payments is stored on log files. In this way it is possible to trace problems and thus resolve them.
If you receive a warning after you have already paid, it is possible that the payment and the notice have crossed. Under 'My Booking' you can check the status of your payment. Take into account the duration needed until you can view the payment. Payments made through My Reservation (under normal conditions) take approximately 10 minutes to be incorporated into our system, and are therefore visible under My Booking. For payments made outside of My Reservation, processing depends on the time required by the banks. Transfers made through banks take approximately 5 business days. Please note the following deadlines:

Paid on Monday → processed on Friday
Paid on Tuesday → processed on Monday
Paid on Wednesday → processed on Tuesday
Paid on Thursday → processed on Wednesday
Paid on Friday → processed on Thursday
Paid on Saturday → processed on Friday
Paid on Sundays → processed on Friday

If you have not paid through My Booking, and you are unable to find proof of your payment in My Reservation after the expiry of the above deadline, it is likely that incorrect data (for example, the reservation number) has been given, so that record of the payment was not able to be processed. If you are sure that payment has been made, please send us proof of payment by fax or e-mail. This proof of payment will then be processed within 24 hours (under normal circumstances). Proof of payment must meet certain requirements, such as indicating the correct amount and the correct account numbers, as well as the conditions of the bank. If the proof of payment does not meet these requirements, we will contact you. If you still do not see your payment within 5 days after sending proof of payment by fax or e-mail, please give us a call.
If something goes wrong during your stay, we recommend that you contact the owner of the accommodation or the reception. You can do this by contacting the reception or by calling the special emergency number you received when you booked your accommodation. It is strongly recommended that you report a problem within 24 hours of its occurrence. Ideally, the problem will be resolved on the spot. However, this is not always possible. If a problem cannot be solved immediately, it is advisable to contact Bungalow.Net's customer service to mediate between the two parties. You can contact us at or by chat on the actual website. We will deal with your complaint within a maximum of 14 days and we will try to find a fair solution for both our guests and the owners. However, if you feel that the problem has not been properly resolved, you can contact the Thuiswinkel Dispute Resolution Committee or this dispute resolution committee via the European OS platform.
After your stay you will receive a questionnaire (by mail) from us. When you have completed it you will receive a 25 euro Bungalow Ticket which you can apply toward your next reservation. If you wish to offer further comments, or a complaint, please contact Bungalow.Net.
Along with the description of the house you will find a valuation as each tenant receives a questionnaire about his/her opinion of the holiday home. These results can be viewed in the valuation.