Plant Trees. Save Lives: The Eden Reforestation Projects & Bungalow.Net

Deforestation is a huge global problem, caused by many factors, ranging from large-scale extraction, burning practices, agriculture and many more.

As it so often goes, the most affected areas are those inhabited by poverty-stricken communities, making it almost impossible for them to survive, and being driven to find short-term fixes such as destroying the local environment basically to be able to live. Deforestation causes dramatic changes not only on a global scale, but also locally, with severe flooding, erosion and desertification as proven outcomes. 

Bungalow.Net has been searching in the past for a way to contribute to the environment in a major way and is still to this day glad to have found The Eden Reforestation Projects.  The initiative understands the key elements of a successful reforestation, acknowledging that it’s not enough to replant trees, the local communities should also be helped out, this way breaking at least one of the cycles which leads to the disappearance of our forests and natural habitats. 

The Eden Reforestation Projects uses the “Employ to Plant” method, offering steady employment for impoverished villagers. This way, a new cycle is born, in which locals plant trees, get payed through this steady employment and begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and medicine. 

Obviously, this wouldn’t happen without funding, it just wouldn’t be possible. This is where companies such as Bungalow.Net come in. Besides offering carefree holidays and unforgettable vacations, behind the scenes, the company is steadily contributing to the reforestation project, with a simple but highly effective formula: planting one tree per person per night, for each and every overnight stay at any of the available holiday locations. This ambitious overtaking has real life results, for the people living in these areas but also in the natural habitat which is getting rebuilt thanks to this wonderful project.
Bungalow.Net has reached the level of Grover Level Partners, having raised between $50,000 and $99,999. The next tier is the Forest Level Partners level, where the aim will be to raise between $100,000 - $999,999 turning the amounts into planted trees and feasible jobs for locals. 
Eden has planted already more than 380 million trees and that is just the beginning! The goal is to plant at least 100 million trees every year and help thousands of villagers escape extreme poverty. To see the scale of the project, here are some facts that speak volumes of this undertaking and of all the partners trying to do something about the current status of our world and trying to change the tide. 

The Eden Reforestation Projects is active in the following areas: 

  • Nepal
Trees planted: more than 6 million 
Workdays created: more than 60 thousand 
  • Madagascar
Trees planted: more than 300 million 
Workdays created: more than 3 million 
  • Haiti
Trees planted: more than 1 million 
Workdays created: more than 11 thousand 
  • Indonesia
Trees planted: more than 15 million 
Workdays created: more than 150 thousand 
  • Mozambique
Trees planted: more than 12 million 
Workdays created: more than 120 thousand 
  • Kenya
Trees planted: more than 1 million 
Workdays created: more than 10 thousand 
  • Central America
Trees planted: more than 45 thousand 
Workdays created: more than 450 


BungalowNet is adamant in not giving up and working towards a greener future. It is clear we all have to stick together, work shoulder to shoulder and be the change we want to see in the world. Active participation in these projects is highly important on all levels, starting with individuals, small and medium companies and large corporations. With our involvement in the reforestation struggles, we are basically turning carefree holidays into workdays and living, planted trees on the other side of the globe, which is a great thought to start our days with. This knowledge keeps us moving forward and makes us want to give more, plant more and be even more involved, so as long as the Eden Reforestation Projects is still going, we will be there helping out and hopefully creating a more sustainable future for people and nature alike.

You can also help with donations or by booking your holiday with us, maybe both. Every small donation counts, every single tree and every workday created are important building blocks in the fragile ecosystem of things.

We can do this together! 

Eden Reforestation Project: Becoming Forest Partners 2022
03-11-2022 Emily Williams
Eden Reforestation Project: Becoming Forest Partners

Consistency and working together do have their rewards, especially when it comes to a eco-conscious lifestyle and caring for our planet! Bungalow.Net has been partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project for many years now, planting one tree per person for every overnight stay at our holiday spots.

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How your holiday contributes to a better future for people and nature

At BungalowNet Group we are good in offering you a carefree holiday. But we also believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the World and create a better and healthier environment. That is why we support Eden Reforestation Projects: an organization that restores forests and is able to help some people out of poverty. In this way your holiday contributes to a sustainable future.

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