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Holidays in Italy mean 100% enjoyment whether vacationing with family, friends or just the two of you. A beach holiday or cultural holiday are a much loved type of holiday for many. This is not without reason, as the long coastline offers... Read more

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Holidays in Italy mean 100% enjoyment whether vacationing with family, friends or just the two of you. A beach holiday or cultural holiday are a much loved type of holiday for many. This is not without reason, as the long coastline offers sandy beaches and an azure blue sea, perfect for sunbathing or building sand castles with the children then cooling off with a quick dip in the water. A holiday in Italy at the Italian lakes like Lake Como or Lake Idro is another great example of a beach and sun holiday, where numerous small beaches and refreshing lake water alternate with picturesque villages along the shores. Try a holiday home at Lake Trasimeno and swimming, sailing, surfing and diving will make your water sports holiday in Italy complete.

Breathe in the cultural atmosphere when on holiday in Italy

The atmospheric holiday homes in Italy are the ideal starting point for a versatile cultural holiday in Italy. The rich history of the country ensures that your holiday in Italy can be packed with cultural excursions, and a great way to do this is with a city trip in Italy. Historic cities like Rome, Naples, Palermo and Florence are perfect examples. With a holiday home in Tuscany you can also breathe in the authentic atmosphere of the region with its numerous borgos, vineyards and quaint little villages and towns. Admire the old churches and towers and allow yourself to be transported back in time while strolling among the old town squares. Various Roman archeological sites also make for a perfect day out. Of course part of the Italian culture is its fantastic cuisine, with world famous pizzas, pastas, salads and delicious meat and fish dishes. Do not forget the equally famous wines and wonderful Italian ice creams. Close the day at a cosy restaurant or trattoria during your holiday in Italy.

Active holidays in Italy for everyone

Hiking and biking in the mountains or enjoying water sports on lakes like Lake Garda with infinite possibilities for windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, jet-skiing snorkeling, there are plenty of opportunities for a fantastic active holiday in Italy for both young and old. Explore the area on foot, by bike or on horseback, you will no doubt enjoy the splendid nature and stunning scenery. Climb the mountains of the Dolomites or even Mount Etna. Walking along the beaches and enjoying the great views is another way to spend your holiday on an island or near the sea with a holiday home in Sicily. You'll find possibilities for an active beach holiday everywhere with opportunities for paddling and swimming, but there are numerous other activities to choose from when you opt for an active holiday in Italy.

Winter sports, summer leisure with holiday homes in Italy

Bungalow.Net's luxurious holiday homes in Italy offer great holiday accommodation for those who would like to indulge themselves while enjoying a wonderful active holiday in Italy. Italy is always versatile and promising. Even if you spent a month here you could not exhaust all the possibilities and you will never get tired of just strolling around the ancient streets here or taking in the culture, history as well as the amazing gastronomy and vivacious nightlife. Nature, culture, history, sports, recreation, exercise, wellness and beauty come in all shapes and sizes. You can even combine sports or outdoor activities with a visit to cities like Turin, where you'll find nature, culture, relaxation, tranquility and beauty all in one place. Turin is a city in northern Italy, surrounded by the Alps and the hills of Monferrato, and has as many as four rivers flowing through it. When you think of culture here you think of the Cathedral of Turin, Mole Antonelliana, the Royal Palace and the Museum Egizio. These sites and more help make a cultural holiday in Turin special, and with an affordable holiday home in Italy, you won't have to break the bank to enjoy it. Even as you drive out of town you are still surrounded by the wonderful sites of Mother Nature. The country always has a definite plan to make your visit here one to remember.

Spend a serene time in Italy

Italy is not without reason a popular holiday destination in Europe, a cultural holiday in Italy is always special. Take for example the city of Rome. The capital of Italy, it is full of culture and history, fashion and interesting people all around you, some amazing restaurants, beautiful terraces that make you feel like you're the main star in the movie depicting the most perfect vacation of all. Rome is the largest city in Italy, and it has a history going back more the 2500 years, including a lengthy church history as it was the seat of the Pope. Thus not surprisingly, in Rome you will find a number of shrines, where many have found solace while relaxing and enjoying full serenity here. Built upon seven hills, Rome has a wonderful historic downtown and there are more than enough historic sites including the famous Colosseum, Roman Forum, St. Peter's Basilica and Trevi Fountain. You simply have to see it for yourself as there's really not enough words to describe the place. One thing is for sure: an active family holiday in Italy is sure to be a very special experience for people of all ages.

Winter sports, summer leisure

The natural conditions of Italy mean that there are more than sufficient possibilities for an active break among nature here. Mostly, when you think of spending and active vacation in this country, you mostly focus on a wonderful beach holiday, like in Liguria, but that's not all there is about this place. Ever thought of a winter holiday in Italy? Skiing in this country can be characterized as attractive, challenging and bright, and it is always accompanied by the country's delicious cuisine. In well-known resorts like Via Lattea, Dolmiti Superski and Bardonecchia, you can ski until your heart's content. Of course walking around in this country, exploring its old cobbled streets in cities or its unique nature is equally unforgettable - how could it be otherwise when 34 percent of the country is covered by a scenic mountainous landscape! In Umbria you have access to a new trail every day so boredom is definitely out of the question! Equally endless are the opportunities for just relaxing at the beach in this country. Vast sloping beaches, perfect for families, or pebble beaches, one of the rocky coves for a snorkeling or diving experience here are just out of this world. Just take the plunge and make sure you don't just let life pass you by without taking action towards lovely experiences.
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