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Puglia is a region in southern Italy, an area of an incontestable charm: beautiful towns with white-washed houses, sunshine and beaches, clear blue waters and an atmosphere that is so specific to the Italian “dolce vita”. Read more

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Puglia is a region in southern Italy, an area of an incontestable charm: beautiful towns with white-washed houses, sunshine and beaches, clear blue waters and an atmosphere that is so specific to the Italian “dolce vita”.

A holiday with historical attractions

A holiday in Puglia should start at Alberobello and the Trulli Zone, the “trulli” referring to a specific type of houses, conical ones to be more precise. The Trulli Zone in Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful site, a site you must discover yourself. The Castel del Monte is yet another site you should not miss, a most beautiful architectural marvel overlooking the sea in Andria. Bari is the capital of Puglia, a port and university city that is set by the sea, boasting various attractions and a historic center, a castle and a promenade by the sea. Lecce is on the Salento peninsula, a beautiful town with a historic center, with churches and squares, like the St. Mary of Providence, the Addolorata Square and also the Basilica of the Saint Cross. Enjoy Puglia as the beautiful region that it is.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Puglia

They say Puglia is one of the most beautiful places in the world... and it is not at all wrong. Thus from a holiday home in Puglia you can get to see, do, experience all sorts of interesting things. You can dine in a cave in Polignano a Mare, or watch a show of the typical dance of the region, the Pizzica, wander around the alleys and cobble stone streets of Ostuni, the white city or admire the mosaics in Otranto. In Gallipoli you will get to see the Arabic influences in this region of Italy, both in the constructions and the atmosphere here. And don't forget... to party on your holiday in Puglia. The beach parties here, such as at the Atlantis Beach for example, are simply memorable.

A holiday among nature in Puglia

The nature of Puglia is mostly defined by the charm of the sea, the beautiful beaches, the clear waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, the most wonderful olive and orange groves and so on. The beaches at the Marina di Pescoluse are a must see, enjoy, experience... and the Tremiti Islands are simply astounding as well, with an untouched nature and crystalline waters. Not far from Bari, from a holiday park in Puglia, you can get to the Castellana Caves, an underground natural marvel, with a 60 meter vertical tunnel. One of the most naturally diverse areas in Puglia is the Gargano Promontory. A rather large part of Gargano is covered by a national park, the Foresta Umbra. The coastal area though is one of great beauty, with sandy beaches and beautiful towns, such as the popular Vieste. Enjoy Puglia in all its shapes and forms!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Puglia

Thermal baths have always been something rather soothing to both the body and soul, and when on holiday in Puglia, this shall be confirmed to you in well being centers here and in beautiful spas. The Santa Cesarea and Margherita di Savoia are merely two examples of such oasis of happiness. The Santa Cesarea Terme on the Adriatic Coast is an amazing location with sulfurous springs, and what is simply fabulous about a wellness weekend in Puglia is also the breathtaking landscape that you get to enjoy here.

Activities and sports

Being that Puglia is so much renowned for the sea and the beaches here, a holiday at the beach in Puglia is simply amazing. You can try out all sorts of water sports, from sailing to kayaking, canoeing and even surfing, and besides, sunbathing and swimming are always activities that can define the relaxing times here. Visit the marine reserve of Torre Guaceto and its marvels as well, don't miss the Santa Maria di Leuca as a destination from a holiday villa in Puglia. There are various itineraries you can enjoy also in this part of Italy, by bike or on foot, following the paths of the Gargano Park or the Murgia National Park for example. Not to be forgotten in this area are the many festivals and events, such as the Carnival of Putignano, the San Nicola Festival in Bari and also the Disfida di Barletta. And since we have mentioned the traditional dance of pizzica here, you should know that the Night of the Taranta at Melpignano is an event that pays tribute to it, fascinating people from all over the world, in the month of August.

Family holiday in Puglia

A family holiday in Puglia will offer you plenty of things to do, and traveling with children to this part of Italy is an experience that none of you will ever forget, one that will leave you deeply enchanted. Thus, from the Zoo safari and the Fasanolandia amusement park that will leave a smile on everyone's face, to the Indiana adventure playground in the Castellana Grotte, fun comes to you in all shapes and sizes. Another option is also the Curtipetrizzilandia Acquapark in Cellino San Marco, where nature lovers will have a blast walking among olive groves, along the coastline dotted with coves and sandy beaches and so on.

Dining in Puglia - Buon Appetito!

Dining in Puglia should most preferably start with dining in a cave in Polignano a Mare, where you will find a most romantic restaurant that is situated in a cave. As for traditional food in this region, the Orecchiette pasta is something you should try, and to this also add the fresh burrata. Basically the mix of pasta and vegetables is amazing in this area, try the spaghetti with string beans, tomatoes and cacioricotta cheese for a chance. Fresh fish and meat make for amazing dishes, and a glass of the famous local wine, the Negroamaro, completes any meal in a most ideal way.

Holiday with a pet in Puglia

A holiday with a pet in Puglia is always fun, and that is not only because of the great company you have by your side, but also because of the so many things to do and enjoy here. From spending time by the sea, to sightseeing in the coastal towns, to relaxing on a terrace from your pet-friendly holiday home in Puglia, both you and Rover will enjoy he best of times. The atmosphere alone, the landscape, the walking paths among olive groves, the nature parks, the mysterious sea... a heaven of senses in Puglia.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Puglia:
  • the specific houses, the trulli, especially in Alberobello, a most enchanting site in this region;
  • Lecce and its historical center, the Basilica di Santa Croce, the Duomo, the beautiful architecture, the culture and history that are amazingly portrayed here;
  • the Grotte di Castellana, a most amazing underground world that you must explore on a holiday in Puglia;
  • the Castel del Monte in Andria, a piece of history;
  • the nature areas in Gargano Park or the Murgia National Park, beautiful landscapes and numerous paths for nature lovers;
  • the Night of the Taranta at Melpignano, a festival held in August, where you get the chance to enjoy the regional dance, the pizzica, among others.

Puglia is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, but after all, the best way to prove this is by taking a holiday in Puglia yourself, and allowing for the stunning sea and the sandy beaches here, the perpetual sunshine and the unique culture and traditions of the place to take over all your senses.

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