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Bungalow.Net, the first online tour operator, has been offering holiday homes in Europe since 1996. Thanks to our Product Management team, operating from offices in Zwolle, Uelsen and Targu Mures, we can offer you the choice of a wide range of holiday accommodations. The product managers know the countries and their languages and can find you a holiday home situated in the best part of each country. Moreover, Bungalow.Net has its own Audio Visual team which travels throughout Europe, taking photos and putting together videos of the most beautiful holiday homes and their surroundings. Feel free to watch them on our website! All houses have also been personally inspected. Our Sales Team is at your service Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 6PM. Our multilingual staff will be happy to take your call. You can send us an e-mail as well. All questions will be answered as soon as possible. Our service has received an average rating of 8,6. Because of our cooperation with other tour operators, Bungalow.Net can offer you the most beautiful homes in the nicest parts of Europe!

Zwolle, Netherlands

Our office in Zwolle is located in a modern office complex in the outskirts of town from which the service for Bungalow.Net Trading NV is provided. You can contact us with your questions or for personal travel advice during the morning and afternoon hours. The Product Management, Sales and Communication departments are located here. The versatile character of the office in Zwolle, the collegial atmosphere and especially the professionalism earned over many years of working within the company, guarantee the high quality of our service. All issues relating to insurance and customer service are handled in Zwolle.

Bungalow.Net BV
CoC: 05086461 VAT-number: NL809472831B01

Bungalow.Net Netherlands BV
CoC: 05058782 VAT-number: NL818433899B01

Hanzelaan 351 8017 JM Zwolle
Tel: +31 (0)38 333 01 01
Fax: +31 (0)20 811 03 00
Mail: info@bungalow.eu

Willemstad, Curaçao

The headquarters of Bungalow.Net Trading NV are located on the the sunny island of Curaçao. Our travel consultants are at your service every afternoon and evening. Because of the difference in time between Europe and Curaçao we can be at your service until 6:00pm. Our staff in Curaçao does not only speak Dutch, but English and Spanish as well. Are you interested in personal travel advice? Feel free to contact our friendly staff in Curaçao!

Bungalow.Net International NV
CoC: 102535

Bungalow.Net Trading NV
CoC: 102534 VAT-number: NL818430618B01

Willemstad Scharlooweg 25, The Ritz E-Zone
Fax: +31 (0)20 811 03 00

Uelsen, Germany

From the office in Uelsen the Product Management Team for Germany is managed by order of Bungalow.Net Trading NV. Besides that Bungalow.Net Deutschland GmbH operates the Bungalow.Net Holiday Parks in Germany. The office is located on one of the holiday parks, where we welcome our clients and speak with them personally. Our team in Uelsen are German native speakers and they support the sales team of Bungalow.Net Trading NV for our German clients. Our German staff in Uelsen also works on the Bungalow.Net holiday park locations. This way the contact with our clients is direct and of a higher standard.

Bungalow.Net Deutschland GmbH
49843 Uelsen Fasanenweg 1
Handelsregister: HRB 203957
Steuernummer: DE269798323)
Tel: +49 (0)30 896 77 99 19
Fax: +49 (0)3221 122 68 07 36

Târgu Mureş, Romania

Most of the IT services (BNIS) and marketing activities for Europe (BNMS) are handled in Romania by order of Bungalow.Net Trading NV. The staff also works for Bungalow.Net Trading NV in the large call center, providing customer service in a number of European languages. The high educational level and language knowledge of the Hungarians and Romanians convinced us to hire more than 100 persons for our office in Romania, which is open day and night and is one of our most modern facilities.

SC. Bungalow.Net Internet Services S.R.L.
Nr.ORC/ an: J26/156/10.02.2009/ VAT-number: 25097139 Atr.Fiscalal: RO

SC. Bungalow.Net Marketing Services S.R.L.
Nr.ORC/ an: J26/326/16.03.2009/ VAT-number: 25293313 Atr.Fiscalal: RO

SC. Bungalow.Net S.R.L.
Nr.ORC/ an: J26/2148/2008/ VAT-number: 24907806 Atr.Fiscalal: RO

540494 Targu Mures str. Predeal nr. 76
Tel: +40 318 107 917
Fax: +40 365 730 777

Our guarantee!

  • Speedy service in your language;
  • All of Bungalow.Net's accommodations have been personally inspected;
  • Extended presentation with many pictures and clear descriptions;
  • Open 5 days a week from 8:30 am - 18:00 pm;
  • Send us your opinion by means of our questionnaire;
  • You can read the opinions of other tenants prior to booking;
  • Bungalow.Net closely cooperates with other tour operators;
  • Bungalow.Net is also a Thuiswinkel.org/EMOTA member;
  • The average valuation for our services is 8.2;
  • All accommodations with the Lowest Price Guarantee can be recognised by this logo.

Jobs at Bungalow.Net

Our fast growing company is looking for people who would like to join our team. Are you looking for a challenging job? Are you enthusiastic and flexible? Then perhaps you are the person we are looking for. For more information contact us at info@bungalow.eu or give us a call at +31 38 333 01 01.