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Though not that much famed for its surface area, Luxembourg is an immensely interesting country, easy to travel through, with numerous vibrant attractions. Its capital, Luxembourg city, is very popular, yet the many small towns in the country are truly lovely as well... Read more

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Though not that much famed for its surface area, Luxembourg is an immensely interesting country, easy to travel through, with numerous vibrant attractions. Its capital, Luxembourg city, is very popular, yet the many small towns in the country are truly lovely as well, and the countryside adds up to the feel of “happy to be holidaying”. Old castles, fortresses, culture and history, traditions and a specific character define Luxembourg's incontestable charm.

A holiday with historical attractions

The historic Old Quarter of Luxembourg city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must see. You need not get a map here, just walk around the cobbled stone streets, cross the bridges and walk through the impregnable fortress, the parks and gardens. Don't miss the Casemates either, underground fortifications that cover some like 40.000 square meters. They can be explored on foot. “The most beautiful balcony in Europe”, or the walls of the Corniche, tower over the old city, there is the Gate of the Grund here dating from 1632, the ancient convent of the Dominicans and St. Michael's Church. If you get to the village of Bourscheid when renting a holiday villa in Luxembourg, you will find in the area two river beaches at Bourscheid-Plage and Dirbach, as well as the Bourscheid Castle, overlooking the river Sûre. Not far from Luxembourg City you will find the Walferdange Castle and the village of the roses, Walferdange, a very beautiful settlement that offers amazing views as well as a large archaeological site. The Beaufort Castle, in Beuafort, dating back to the 12th century, is simply amazing, you can even take some walking paths through the surrounding hills and admire the countryside in Sûre valley. An endless array of possibilities when on holiday in Luxembourg!

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Luxembourg

Culture in Luxembourg is expressed in many facets, you can start with Luxembourg City for a chance and visit the National Museum of History and Art. The Place Guillaume is the largest open space in the city, with many statues and beautiful buildings. In the town of Echternach, close to the Mullerthal and Germano-Luxembourg natural park, there is a centuries-old dancing procession which you can witness with renting a holiday home in Luxembourg for Whit Sunday. The Benedictine Abbey here should not be missed either. Larochette is a market town with a beautiful medieval square, and the castles of Meysembourg and Nommerlayen, which are a must see. Vianden is also a picturesque town that stands on the banks of the River Our, you will find here a medieval feudal manor and a lapidary museum, a small art museum, a house where Victor Hugo used to live. The country has a full calendar of events throughout the year as well, such as the "Musical Spring" festival, or the International music festival in Echternach, the all-American music open-air festival in Luxembourg city, the Festival de Wiltz with classical music and many others.

Cities and regions to explore when on holiday in Luxembourg

Beyond the capital city's limits, a holiday in Luxembourg has a lot to offer in matters of both nature and culture. Luxembourg West, around the capital city, is a must see. The valley of the 7 castles is amazing and the 37 km hiking trail is a great way of exploring the area, yet you can also go by car or even motorbike. The Luxembourg Ardennes region hosts densely wooded valleys and numerous castles and fortifications, as well as two nature parks. The Mullerthal region, also called Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, offers some great hiking trails, and the Echternach ton here is the oldest in the country. The Moselle region is perfect for cycling among the vineyards and exploring the medieval villages here. The Red Rock Region is an indutrial one, taken over by nature lately though. Take a ride through the mines or a train trip in the historic train here. Everywhere you turn, there is something great to experience when on holiday in Luxembourg.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Luxembourg

The country hosts a wide array of spa retreats with sauna, hammam and various holistic wellness options. The thermal spa in the south of the country, Domaine Thermal de Mondorf, is famed for its rich in minerals water. The "Badanstalt" Aquatic Relaxation Centre is in the capital city and offers a swimming pool with whirlpools as well as water jets, sauna, Turkish baths, solarium, etc. In Vianden there is a heated open air swimming pool, as well as in many other towns of the country. Relax and unwind from your holiday apartment in Luxembourg!

Luxembourg by season

The country has four seasons and a temperate climate, thus renting a holiday home in Luxembourg is a great idea. In winter, you can enjoy a white Christmas among castles and mystical churches and practice winter sports. In spring, the nature of this country comes to life, and cycling, hiking, in places such as Berdorf, Upper Sûre Natural Park are great ways to celebrate this. In summer you can go ahead and enjoy the many festivals and celebrations, the nature of the country and the wine and beer, of course, while in autumn visiting cultural and historical landmarks, castles and fortresses is just fabulous. Anytime, a last minute holiday in Luxembourg!

Activities and sports

From climbing and cycling, to enjoying various water sports from a last minute group accommodation in Luxembourg, visitors can enjoy a wide array of activities. The country has numerous lakes and rivers, thus water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, water-skiing on the Moselle river for example are a lot of fun. There is even diving in Luxembourg, in the Upper-Sûre lake at Lultzhausen, as well as fishing. There are also numerous adventure parks, climbing walls and ropes courses, as well as hiking and walking in the Ardennes, among waterfalls and hidden valleys, cliffs and plateaus. Golfing, horse riding, all can be enjoyed on a holiday in Luxembourg.

Family holiday in Luxembourg

If you travel with your family to Luxembourg, besides the many castles and fortresses that will offer your children a great time exploring, there are also amusement centers such as the Parc Merveilleux, in Bettembourg. Not far from the capital, it offers numerous fairy-tales, pony express, playground, mini-train, restaurants, mini-golf and even concerts. Climbing parks and exploration of mine shafts, the aquarium at Wasserbilling, the Galgenberg Park in Esch-sur-Alzette with an artificial waterfall, wildlife enclosure, they are all ideal for a family holiday in Luxembourg.

Dining in Luxembourg - Bon appétit! Guten Appetit!

Traditional Luxembourg dishes combine Germand and Franco-Belgian cuisine. Grab some eggs, Jambon d'Ardennes, a little Tarte aux quetsches (quetsch plum tart) or some croissants for breakfast; some Judd mat gaardebounen (smoked pork with beans or potatoes), or Bouchée à la reine, or paschtéitchen (chicken and mushrooms in sauce), or maybe Weinzossis (typical sausage) on the go for lunch. Enjoy a glass of regional wine from the Moselle area for dinner, with maybe a fresh fish dish, such as the F'rell am Riesling (trout cooked in wine), some Agemachten Hierken (herring with cheese and other ingredients), or a Gromperenzalot (potato salad) with sausages. You'll feel like you're in heaven!

Holiday with a pet in Luxembourg

A holiday with a pet in Luxembourg is surely possible, you need to make sure though that your furry friend has its vaccinations in order, as well as a health certificate, and that it is of course, microchipped. From there on, you can enjoy nice walks together among nature, like in the Ardennes for example, or hit the Moselle river valley and so on. This country knows how to show its visitors a good time, both two and four-legged ones.

Enjoy a most remarkable mix of styles in Luxembourg, explore the world's single remaining sovereign grand duchy!

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