Holidays in the Netherlands

Enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands, a popular destination for many and not without reason as the country is very diverse, with beautiful long sandy beaches, endless sand dunes, hidden holiday homes on the West Frisian islands... Read more

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Enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands, a popular destination for many and not without reason as the country is very diverse, with beautiful long sandy beaches, endless sand dunes, hidden holiday homes on the West Frisian islands, forests and extensive heather fields. A holiday in the Netherlands is suitable for everyone and because of this you'll find great holiday homes and bungalows in many places, whether you’re traveling with family or a group of friends. Book a vacation house on a holiday park, the kids will love it.

Holidays in the Netherlands, joy for all seasons

The awakening of nature in spring with budding flowers, young animals and numerous songbirds are the features to enjoy during the May holidays in the Netherlands, whilst hiking and biking among nature. A good place for this active holiday is the holiday homes in Drenthe. The warm summer sun, green trees and warm sea of the Coast of Zealand await you in summer. Water sports start on the numerous lakes and waterway such as the Loosdrecht Lakes, Frisian Lakes and of course the IJsselmeer.

Autumn in all its colorful glory invites you to spend your autumn holidays in the Netherlands at one of our cozy holiday homes in North Brabant. And don’t forget about a holiday in the Netherlands in winter where the frozen canals and lakes beckon you for a skating tour while a weekend break with friends in a holiday home with fireplace is highly recommended. The holiday homes in Limburg are recommendable to visit a Christmas market in the area, whether in the Netherlands or just across the border. You are sure to enjoy a holiday in the Netherlands no matter the season.

Cultural holiday in the Netherlands

A holiday in the Netherlands is not just for nature lovers, but also for those who love an active holiday or a cultural holiday in the Netherlands. The centuries-long history can be witnessed in many places, from the prehistoric dolmens in Drenthe and medieval city centers of Utrecht, Nijmegen and Deventer to the fortified town of Bourtange which dates back to the days of the Dutch Revolt. There are also many different museums that will take you back in time like the open-air museum in Arnhem and the house of Anne Frank in Amsterdam. The various museums of modern and contemporary art and the numerous sculptures in the Netherlands will make a holiday in the Netherlands complete for any culture lover.

Holiday homes in the Netherlands, water fun and inspiring culture

There are many ways in which one can relax, and if you come to think of it this would kind of be the definition of a great vacation: relaxation and fun, both of which you will encounter when spending a holiday in the Netherlands. The country is vast and offers endless possibilities for all sorts of activities, yet as we probably all know it, the place is quite famous for its two-wheeled share of fun rides. Indeed bikes are very popular here and not for nothing: a holiday home in Friesland would give you the perfect example of this as well as the perfect cycling experience with its wonderful network of cycling paths and the famous Eleven City cycling route with a length of over 200 km. If you're looking for a long-distance route, then the North Sea Trail will surely meet and actually surpass all your expectations. This is though not the only way to relax, especially when staying at a holiday home in the Netherlands. Kids and adults love theme parks, so the Walibi Holland is a must. Also, some of you might not be completely aware of the fact that this beautiful European country can spoil you with a beach family holiday.

A fantastic seaside vacation

Despite the fact that the Netherlands is a densely populated country, the natural environment is strikingly beautiful, therefore a trip to the Wadden Islands will have you encounter unspoiled nature as well as some fantastic beaches, while  on the North Sea Coast activities like swimming, sunbathing, building sand castles in the sun and practicing water sports will be part of your daily holiday routine. In Zeeland, a provence also surrounded by water, there are some great opportunities for boat trips and relaxation at the beach with a holiday home in the Netherlands, after all "Zomer in Zeeland" (summer in Zeeland) has been inspirational enough to become the name of a song, eluding how great the place is in summer. Back this up with the traditional Dutch landscape of windmills, tulip bulb fields, fairy tale-like castles and historic sailing ships and you have the stuff that dream holidays are made of.

Inspiring culture

The country clearly has a very special cultural heritage, just considering the numerous museums, monuments, landmarks. When you say "museum" in the Netherlands all thoughts immediately target the famous Rembrandt Museum as well as the Van Gogh Museum in the Hoge Veluwe, these are places that completely change one's take on the world of artists and unique masterpieces. There are also famous castles and palaces like Het Loo, magnificent gardens including the 100+ year-old Wilhelminapark, and of course plenty of windmills (over 1,200). Don't limit yourself this holiday season. A holiday in Netherlands will turn out to be just what you need.

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