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Friesland is a province that distinguishes itself by having a quite unique culture, and more so, its own language, the Frisian language. The largest network of connected inland lakes on the Old Continent is to be found in Friesland. This makes the province more than ideal for various water sports... Read more

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Friesland is a province that distinguishes itself by having a quite unique culture, and more so, its own language, the Frisian language. The largest network of connected inland lakes on the Old Continent is to be found in Friesland. This makes the province more than ideal for various water sports, and given its landforms, made of forests, beaches, pasture lands, a holiday in Friesland is also perfect for cycling and walking. The province is well known for its Frisian horses and them lazy cows, the black and white ones that dot the pastures here and do what they know best: chill out in the Frisian landscape. Maybe we've got something to learn from them, let's see:

A holiday with historical attractions

They say each place has its own history, and in getting to know its history, you actually get to know its real character as well. Leeuwarden is the capital of this province, and other important cities here are also Dokkum, Franeker, Heerenveen, Sneek and others. Leeuwarden is a quite old city, and it is much famed because of it being the place where Mata Hari lived as a child, a woman spy that was executed during WW I in France. Dokkum and Sneek also host several impressive monuments and historical places, as for Franeker, it was the home of a very prestigious university in the past, and to a fortress of Protestantism. If you get the chance, you may want to visit the Wieuwerd mummies from your holiday home in Friesland, a church with a cript that actually hosts natural conditions for mummification. Attractions in Friesland are most varied, and paying tribute to this fact is also the 32 km dike that connects this region to North Holland, the Afsluitdijk. The Kazematten Museum, the bunkers defending the entrance to this dike are very impressive, as well as the Het Monument, the statue of a dike-builder guarded by a watch tower from where you can actually see the Wadden islands on a clear day.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Friesland

Museums are a beautiful expression of culture and history alike, and the Fries museum in Leeuwarden is a very fine example of this. From a holiday apartment in Friesland it's not hard at all to get access to pretty much all major sights, either by bike or by car. Check out the Jopie Huisman museum in Workum as well, and the Eise Eisinga's planetarium in Franeker. The De Oldehove leaning tower in Leeuwarden is also a most picture-worthy attraction. There are various water sports events you can check out on a holiday in Friesland every year. In summer for example, there is the “skûtsjesilen” championships and the Sneekweek. Another fun Frisian tradition is “fierljeppen”, meaning pole vaulting across a body of water. One of the major events in this province though is the biggest ice skating event in the world actually, the Elfstedentocht (the Eleven Cities Tour). This is though held only in winters in which the ice on the canals is thicker than 15 cm. Immensely interesting though and lots of fun.

A holiday among nature in Friesland

A holiday among nature in Friesland is one that will steal your heart, the landscape of this province is simply astounding. The Wadden Sea is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the nature it offers is amazing. You can actually explore Friesland by boat, and there are like four national parks you will encounter here: the Lauwersmeer, Schiermonnikoog, Drents-Friese Wold and Alde Faenen. Everywhere you turn in Friesland you will be charmed by the beautiful sights unraveling before your eyes, don't miss out on this chance of enjoying the serenity this place offers you.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Friesland

A wellness weekend in Friesland is one that you will not soon forget. Among the beautiful landscape, and the water sports that you can enjoy here, the great local food and the even greater culture, you will be thrilled to find some amazing spas and wellness centers that will set the mood for your "I'm on holiday" attitude. Check out any of the relaxation oasis in the province, such as the Thermen Saunastate in Gorredijk, or the Sauna Franeker, the LeeuwerikHoeve in Burgum. Saunas, massages, baths, pools... the ideal "chill mix".

Activities and sports

The most important event in the province of Friesland each year is the sailing contest between 14 ships on the different lakes here, the Skûtsjesilen. You can choose from various activities on a holiday in Friesland, such as boating, or even mudflat hiking to the West Frisian Islands. A very traditional sports activity in this province is the Kaatsen, which is kind of a precursor to tennis, it dates back to the middle ages. Fierljeppen is another sport in which contestants try to jump over a ditch with using a pole, and make it as far as possible on the other side. A great trip would be one in which to follow the route of the Elfstedentocht, you get to see some great cities on the way. Cycling and walking, water sports and all sorts of activities will make sure that your last minute holiday in Friesland will be one to remember for years and years to come.

Family holiday in Friesland

A family holiday is always great, a family holiday in Friesland though tops this off with some extra fun, and you can start at the Frisian Nature Museum, with its three floors of information. Check out the “Underwater Friesland”, where you are given the chance to descend to the bottom of a ditch and explore the life under the water, with cormorants, with pikes and even a catfish. Take a walk in the National Park Drents-Friese Wold, cycle in the forest here, or if your holiday villa in Friesland is located in Franeker, check out the Eise Eisinga Planetarium here. Walk, cycle at the Ijsselmeer and enjoy your every moment with loved ones in this province of the Netherlands.

Dining in Friesland - Eet Smakelijk!

The Friesland area has its own culture as we mentioned, thus the food here must be really something else: of course you will encounter the typical Dutch specialties such as the Kroket, the gehaktbal, the appeltaart and so on. Friesland is known for its cows, thus don't be surprised to find that a typical dish here is the rye bread with butter and green cheese. Of course, you can add to your platter some local rookworst (smoked sausage), or opt for some hache (a beef dish with onions in brown gravy), and if you need some something to call "sweetie", the Fryske Dumkes is a great choice. Beerenburg is "the drink of Friesland", an alcoholic drink that is made by adding herbs to jenever. You may also wish to try the Frysk Hynder, the local whisky and the Us Heit, the local beer.

Holiday with a pet in Friesland

Sign up for a holiday with your pet in Friesland and enjoy the beautiful landscape of this province together with your Fifi. You wish to cycle the Eleven Towns tour and take your dog with you? There are special packages for this. Rent a pet friendly holiday home in Friesland and start from there. The landscape in Friesland allows you to enjoy nice walks and also great cycling with your buddy, don't miss out on a relaxing time here.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Friesland:
  • the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker, a great experience for adults and children alike, this is the world's oldest planetarium
  • the National Park Drents-Friese Wold, a great place with astounding nature, with wonderful cycling and walking paths through the forest
  • Leeuwarden and its old town with the historic buildings and unique architecture, with the De Oldehove Leaning Tower, an impressive attraction; the Fries Museum in the city
  • the Ijsselmeer, an amazing area, perfect for cycling and long walks, various water sports
  • the sailing contest, Skûtsjesilen, and the biggest ice skating event in the world actually, the Elfstedentocht (the Eleven Cities Tour).

Friesland is an area of a “something different” in the Netherlands, an area in which you can enjoy amazing nature and water sports, a unique atmosphere and an even more unique culture. Are you ready for your next adventure?

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