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Limburg is the southernmost province of the Netherlands and also one of great character. The hilly countryside here and the green areas make this Burgundian province one in which you will be wishing to return with any chance you get. Read more

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Limburg is the southernmost province of the Netherlands and also one of great character. The hilly countryside here and the green areas make this Burgundian province one in which you will be wishing to return with any chance you get.

A holiday with historical attractions

Maastricht is the capital of the province, and here you can visit all sorts of attractions from casemates to basilicas, from museums to mines and so on. The St. Pietersberg Caves in Maastricht are a must, the tour is considered by many to be the best part of visiting this place. Another thing you should know about this city... it is said to be the most beautiful one in the country. Check out the old castles in Eijsden, Hoensbroek, Arcen and Valkenburg if you get a chance, they are simply spectacular and easily accessible from a holiday home in Limburg. Also the famous American War Cemetery is a much visited attraction here, in Margraten. Geleen hosts some of the oldest prehistoric farm remains and its history goes way back, the town used to be a hub for coal mining.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Limburg

A holiday villa in Limburg will give you the chance to enjoy some amazing culture here, from the museums and basilicas to all sorts of events and festivals. In Limburg, the carnival is a major event each year and to this effect you’re welcome to dress up and be a part of it. The entire province will be celebrating this event. Maastricht also hosts the Preuvenemint, a four day culinary celebration, and the TEFAF, a yearly arts and antique fair, famous throughout the world. The Miljoenenlijntje is a touristic train connection between Kerkrade and Valkenburg, and in the latter of the two mentioned cities, you can also visit the Castle Ruins and the Velvet Cave, and the Valkenburg coalmine, while Kerkrade is known for its festivals and events these days and also for its GaiaZoo. The Attractiepark Toverland is a must when on holiday in Limburg, in Sevenum.

A holiday among nature in Limburg

Limburg is a province with an amazing green countryside. The South Limburg part hosts some amazing attarctions and amazing nature as well, great for cycling among a beautiful landscape. The marl caves and Vaalserberg (322 m), the highest hill in the Netherlands, are very popular here. The lake district around the river Maas is also of a unique appearance while in the central and north parts of the province, there are three national parks you can visit from a holiday apartment in Limburg: De Groote Peel, De Meinweg and De Maasduinen. The river Maas and the dunes here covered in forests and heathlands make for a scenery you will not soon forget.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Limburg

Pampering on a wellness holiday in Limburg? Who would say "no" to that? You cannot not say "I do" wish to enjoy the massages, the saunas, the baths and the beauty treatments in places such as Thermae 2000 in Limburg, or the Sauna Spaubeek in Spaubeek here, or the Kuuroord Thermaalbad Arcen and many others. Unbelievable? You be the judge of that.

Activities and sports

Cycling and hiking are very popular activities on a last minute holiday in Limburg, yet there are so many other things one can enjoy while traveling here. Have you ever tried horse riding for a chance? There are like 650 km of trails in this province that are just perfect for this. Fishing is also a very popular activity, and also water sports are extremely enjoyable on a summer holiday in Limburg. Try the Maasplassen lakes, a paradise for water-sports enthusiasts, try the kayaking, or canoeing, or simply relaxing by the water. Golf, karting, fun and relaxation at the same time, that is why you are in Limburg.

Family holiday in Limburg

Limburg is a province that also offers lots of entertainment for the younger visitors. There are indoor and outdoor playgrounds you can opt for, as well as the roller coasters of Toverland that are equally fun for adults, not to even mention the beautiful GaiaZoo which is simply amazing and also is a great way of spending an afternoon on your family holiday in Limburg. The nature in this province alone offers fun opportunities for great times with loved ones, and a day of cycling and sightseeing, of enjoying local attractions is something that everyone must try.

Dining in Limburg - Eet Smakelijk!

Take a culinary voyage in this province, don't even think of hesitating. Among the many restaurants, cafes, pubs and must-try dishes, you are spoiled for choices here. Don't miss out on the asparagus from here that is quite famous, and of course the Limburg “vlaai”, a sweet tart that has found its most ideal match in a cup of coffee is also a must. Eet Smakelijk (enjoy your meal) with a glass of Limburg wine, and you're all set for a heavenly experience and a most unforgettable culinary experience.

Holiday with a pet in Limburg

A holiday with a pet in Limburg means a holiday with... let's face it: some nice and old-fashioned cuddling with your “fuzzy fuzz ball”, besides all the fun you get from spending time with your pet. Why not? You love your pet, the Dutch love pets, so why spend your holiday in Limburg being homesick for your Cuddly-Wuddly? Hiking, climbing, enjoying a bike trail through forests, along rivers and lakes, walking in a most serene natural landscape... all from a pet friendly holiday home in Limburg.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Limburg:
  • the Toverland Attractiepark, a beautiful theme park that is lots of fun for both young and old;
  • the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten, a most impressive historical site;
  • Maastricht and its amazing attractions such as the St. Pietersberg Caves, the Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen, the Basilica of Our Lady, the Saint Servaasbridge and others;
  • the GaiaZoo in Kerkrade, an excellent zoo that is surely worth visiting from a holiday park in Limburg;
  • the Zuid-Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij (ZLSM), a most fun train ride for the entire family on a holiday in Limburg
  • the Drielandenpunt (three-country point) near Vaals, the “rendez-vous” point for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, with a most fun labyrinth.

Choose a holiday in Limburg for an unforgettable experience, for fun times with your family, for experiencing the city that is said to be the most beautiful in the country of Netherlands, Maastricht. Take your vacation to an extra dimension this year!

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