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If you think the Netherlands is a country of just flat lands and nothing more, the province of Zeeland will prove you otherwise. The beautiful beaches here, the sand dunes and the museums displaying all about the history of this province and its fight against the water... Read more

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If you think the Netherlands is a country of just flat lands and nothing more, the province of Zeeland will prove you otherwise. The beautiful beaches here, the sand dunes and the museums displaying all about the history of this province and its fight against the water, the amusement parks and the many festivals held here create an ideal “scene of diversity”. Check it out:

A holiday with historical attractions

Middelburg is the historic capital of the province, with a Gothic town hall that is said to be one of the most amazing in the Benelux. The enclosed abbatial complex in this city is also very impressive, with the 91m high tower and the three churches. Another great option from a last minute holiday home in Zeeland is the historical village of Veere, on the Scheldt River. Every house in this town is an attraction in itself, and some of the houses in the town square even have miniature versions of classical palace gardens. The 1474 town hall is quite impressive, and the town used to be a staple port for the wool trade in the past, there is the Scottish House here facing the marina that attests to this. The Grote Kerk is also unique.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Zeeland

You have most likely heard of the Delta Works and the great floods of 1953, of the Easter Scheldt storm surge barrier, maybe even of Neeltje Jans. Nowadays, Neeltje Jans is home to the Delta Park Neeltje Jans, an amusement park that is a great attraction with its water playground, its hurricane machine, the seal shows, etc. Near the fishing harbor of Vlissingen you can find the Arsenal, with the largest pirate playground in the country and several aquariums, and the Vlissingen boulevard is among the most beautiful ones in the country in fact. Enjoy the two-day festival Concert at Sea from a holiday villa in Zeeland, as well as one of the biggest film festivals in the country, Film by the Sea. The Flood Museum in the vicinity of Zierikzee on Schouwen Duiveland near Ouwekerk is also worth a visit.

A holiday among nature in Zeeland

The islands of Zeeland were originally created by the tide and the countryside is still scarred by creeks to this day here. Visit the gardens at the Terra Maris museum in Zeeland’s countryside or the Het Zwin Nature Reserve's dunes, sit at one of the beach pavilions here and gaze at the breathtaking nature, find your peace. Sand, sea, a strong breeze... the nature reserve of Neeltje Jans, an artificial island, will have you enjoying that, along with the sound of the seagulls. You can spend hours and hours wandering through the nature reserves from a last minute holiday apartment in Zeeland. Enjoy the beach, the dunes and the tidal marshes in the Kwade Hoek nature reserve. Go hunting for shark’s teeth in Het Zwin nature reserve, or bird watching in Prunje nature reserve or the ‘Bokkegat’ nature area. Explore the dunes in Westerschouwen Forest, the blooms of the rhododendrons in De Manteling nature area. Nature in Zeeland is fantastic!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Zeeland

A wellness weekend in Zeeland is a wonderful way to relax, with face masks and hot stone massages, with yoga and flotation therapy and so on. If you're on holiday in Zeeland even, taking a day or so to just do... nothing, can be extremely gratifying. Kuuroord de Stern is a special spa in Zeeland, you can enjoy great food here and a lot of pampering, you can spend half a day here or a few days, you're the master of your holiday in any way you wish. Ons Buiten is a complex on the other hand that has not only a sauna, but also a salt cave, and of course, they offer massages here too. Pampering is in style and a style in Zeeland alike.

Activities and sports

The 650 km of coastline make a holiday in Zeeland a very special one spent by the sea. Popular beach resorts in Zeeland are Cadzand, Renesse, Oostkapelle, Vlissingen, Dishoek, Domburg, Ouddorp and Westkapelle. The beaches here are clean and they offer plenty of hours of sunshine, as well as numerous water sports opportunities. Of course, there is then also cycling in Zeeland, hiking in its nature reserves or even horse riding, there are nature trails and scenic routes. Westerschouwen and the dunes of Goeree-Overflakkee are perfect for Nordic walking, and for golf lovers, the course in the dunes of Domburg is one of a kind.

Family holiday in Zeeland

A family holiday in Zeeland will have you enjoying besides the beach, the sea, the sand dunes and the many water sports, the nature reserves and the cycling and horse riding on the beach, the numerous cultural and historical attractions. Mini Mundi for example is an amusement park next to Middelburg, with a family roller coaster, a large swing, a large indoor roller coaster. On the other hand, the drowned land of Saeftinghe is a nature reserve that hosts a very rich bird life. Choose a nice steam train ride from Goes to Hoedekenskerke, take your bike with you and cycle back with your family, enjoying the amazing landscape. In speaking of biking, take the Burgh Haamstede trail through the forest, one of the most beautiful ones in the country. Check out the Arsenal, the aquariums here, where in the ocean tank you can admire the largest and most dangerous fish in the ocean, safely from inside a bubble. An unforgettable experience in Zeeland!

Dining in Zeeland - Eet Smakelijk!

When mentioning a holiday in Zeeland, we must definitely mention the mussel season here. The mussels from the Easter Scheldt are said to be the most delicious ones in the world. You can even take a guided tour with a tasting of oysters in Yerseke. Lamsoor en zeekraal (sea lavender and samphire) are common vegetables in Zeeland, while coffee accompanied by Zeeuwse bolus (a sweet pastry made from dough) is also a must try here. Also a typical sweet are the Zeeuwse babbelaars (butter candies).

Holiday with a pet in Zeeland

Ready to spend a holiday with your Fifi in Zeeland? Typically, depending though on the beach, of course, dogs are allowed on beaches in Zeeland from October to April. You can also enjoy a walk among nature together with your furry friend, or simply relax on a terrace in a city, from a holiday home with pets allowed in Zeeland. Enjoy your every day of sunshine here!

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Zeeland:
  • Watersnoodmuseum, a beautiful display of the effects of the 1953 flood, it is situated in 4 caissons which were used to close the last gap in the dykes, a most impressive site and definitely a “must see”. The Deltawerken in the Oosterschelde surely make the list as well.
  • The beaches of Oostkappelle of the Walcheren peninsula are in fact made of miles and miles of clean sand, and the water is perfect here as well. An ideal place for spending a summer holiday in Zeeland, you can easily reach the town of Domburg from here, with also a great beach, the Domburg Beach.
  • Nature Reserve de Manteling, offering great nature, an impressive landscape, a perfect place for family walks, for walks with your dog.
  • Middelburg and the town hall, as well as the square around it with the many restaurants, cafes, relaxing and enchanting all the way.

Zeeland is more than an option, making its way towards a “bucket list” destination through the fantastic attractions it portrays.

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