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They say that Flevoland is the youngest of the Netherlands' provinces, established in 1986. A central region, mainly a flat land, it was created mainly through land reclamation. The region hosts the largest nature reserve in the country, and also displays archaeological attractions, beautiful towns and other venues. Read more

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They say that Flevoland is the youngest of the Netherlands' provinces, established in 1986. A central region, mainly a flat land, it was created mainly through land reclamation. The region hosts the largest nature reserve in the country, and also displays archaeological attractions, beautiful towns and other venues.

A holiday with historical attractions

Lelystad is the capital of the region, hosting a replica of 17th century VOC merchant ship Batavia including its shipyard, as well as an aviation center and several museums. Another great historical site is the first UNESCO site of the Netherlands, Schokland, a former island village that is totally worth exploring. Almere is a city with great architecture, while in the area of the small town of Dronten, there were some architectural finds that portray an ancient culture. In Urk you will find a Protestant community that has its own culture, dialect and anthem even.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Flevoland

The capital of the province, which you can easily get to from a last minute holiday home in Flevoland, hosts several museums, and also in Lelystad you will find a huge shopping center, the Batavia Stad. Almere on the other hand is a city of modern structures, a city that seems very much devoted to urbanization. Check out the Kemphaan Restaurant here, you won't be sorry. Biddinghuizen hosts the Lowlands Music Festival and Defqon, while the Walibi Holland is a local amusement park with rides, shows, games and restaurants. The province is in all a most interesting place to visit.

A holiday among nature in Flevoland

Flevoland is a province mainly made of flat land, yet the nature reserves and parks here are surely worth a visit. Go bird and wildlife watching in the Oostvaardersplassen, check out the Natuurpark Lelystad as well. Zeewolde is perfect for those looking to spend some time among nature as well, with its quiet lakes and its green forests. Markermeer or IJsselmeer are two lakes in this region that are most ideal for water sports as well. You can also opt for cycling around the Flevopolder for example, as after all... you are on holiday in the Netherlands, and cycling is like a must here.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Flevoland

A wellness weekend in Flevoland? Sure thing. Relaxation can never possibly overrated, neither can pampering and massages, and saunas, and baths, and all sorts of treatments that have “laid back” written all over them. Thermen La Mer in Almere, Flevoland, gets this concept, as well as Aphrodite's Thermen, in Dronten for example. Check it out for yourself from a holiday villa in Flevoland!

Activities and sports

Though mainly a flat land, the province of Flevoland offer plenty of opportunities for all sorts of fun things to do. From the water sports at the Veluwemeer, to the cycling around the Flevopolder, variety is never an issue when it comes to things you can enjoy on a holiday in Flevoland. A peaceful area, it is a most interesting place to visit. You can go bird watching in the Oostvaardersplassen, walk around the old island of Schokland, just take a moment or so to actually see this place, its simplicity is simply astounding and serene at the same time, yet somehow, also modern.

Family holiday in Flevoland

A family holiday in Flevoland is a holiday filled with peace and relaxation, but also a fun time away from daily routine that can become overwhelming many times. Choose to spend a few days by the sea, or choose to spend time in a nature reserve, to visit local museums such as the aviation museum near Lelystad Airport, or go see the Batavia and the other ships in Bataviahafen in Lelystad. Local restaurants in this province have an authentic feel to them, definitely worth experiencing from a group accommodation in Flevoland.

Dining in Flevoland - Eet Smakelijk!

Though it was not created that long ago, this province of the Netherlands has some specific characteristics of its cuisine, ones that turn its traditional dishes into “little bites of heaven”. Try the Vlierbessensiroop (elderberry syrup) here, as a first course or as a small meal in itself. The Schokker moppen (typical biscuits from Flevoland) are not to be missed either, you can even take some with you as a “souvenir” of your holiday in Flevoland. A lunch at a local restaurant or an evening out in town, can also be accompanied by some Warme alcoholvrije appelwijn (warm alcohol-free cider), not just because it is simply delicious, but also because it is such a “feel good” drink. Your entire holiday in Flevoland will actually leave you with a most great feeling, the local dining and lunching and so will only complete this new “state of mind”.

Holiday with a pet in Flevoland

Taking your pet to Flevoland? Why not? Book a pet-friendly holiday home in Flevoland and enjoy some time with your “fuzz ball” there, either at the accommodation or in the surrounding area. A walk on the beach, or roaming through the city together, enjoying the nature here, what can possibly be more relaxing than... relaxing with your pet friend? Make your holiday in Flevoland one that is just simply complete.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Flevoland:
  • the Oostvaardersplassen in Almere, a most beautiful natural area in the region of Flevoland
  • the Betaviawerf in Lelystad, with the ships displayed here
  • the National Aviation Museum or the Aviodrome, in the same Lelystad town, a great attraction for both young and old
  • the Natuurpark Lelystad, it's a great way to spend an afternoon on a holiday in Flevoland, with amazing animals and art displays
  • the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, you may even get lucky enough to enjoy some great discounts here
  • the Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen, an amusement park with great roller coasters
  • the beaches, such as the Almeerderstrand, the sea and the beautiful atmosphere all around.

Why choose Flevoland as a holiday destination? The best person to answer that question is actually... you. And the best way to test this choice is to actually turn it into reality with a holiday home in Flevoland. The one thing that is for sure though is that you will not regret this option whatsoever, with the various attractions and the unique atmosphere you will encounter here.

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