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The province of Groningen is one that takes more than a day to explore, it has a magnificent countryside and old big farms, castles and a few nature reserves as well, as for its capital, the city with the same name, it is a most active city, making a holiday in Groningen one you will wish to re-experience. Read more

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The province of Groningen is one that takes more than a day to explore, it has a magnificent countryside and old big farms, castles and a few nature reserves as well, as for its capital, the city with the same name, it is a most active city, making a holiday in Groningen one you will wish to re-experience.

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital of the province is the city of Groningen, the biggest one in the north part of the country, which is also the seat of a most known energy company, with its headquarters in a huge modern building that the locals call “apenrots”, it also being an example of “organic architecture”. The entire province is portrayed in unique traditions, it has numerous museums and also defensive castles. The town of Bourtange is surely worth a visit from a holiday home in Groningen, it was built inside a fortress. Uithuizen is known for its small castle, Menkemaborg, which features beautiful gardens and a labyrinth. The medieval town of Appingedamis has beautiful canals, and is also known for its “hanging kitchens.” The Wadden Sea, to the north of the province, is surely worth a visit as well. The province is an ideal destination for an escape from the mundane among a beautiful and quiet landscape.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Groningen

The province's capital, the city og Groningen, hosts more than a few attractions, such as the Groninger Museum with a collection of contemporary art, the Aa-kerk, an old church dating back to the Middle Ages. The Rijksuniversiteit Groningen is an old university, the second oldest in the country actually. From a last minute holiday villa in Groningen you can also visit the fish market and the great market, the Grote Markt, where local specialties will give your time spent in the province a special taste of tradition. An annual festival is held in the city of Groningen, more exactly in its beautiful park, the Noorderplantsoen. The festival is called the Noorderzon Festival, it lasts for eleven days in the month of August, and visitors get to experience various theatrical, dance performances, music and literary events, visual arts presentations, as well as dining and other attractions. The Eurosonic Festival may also be of interest to some, it hosts bands from the entire continent.

A holiday among nature in Groningen

From a holiday apartment in Groningen you get to experience some most amazing nature, inclusive of the Wadden Sea to the north of the province. There are quite a few nature reserves that are totally worth exploring, such as the Lauwersmeer National Park on the North Sea Coast, a most amazing area for a vacation, with various activities from cycling to water sports available here. The countryside of this region of the Netherlands is dotted with old farms and beautiful traditions, thus whether you wish to spend time by the sea, or you wish to enjoy the serenity of nature, you will not be at all short for options on a holiday in Groningen.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Groningen

A wellness holiday in Groningen sounds ideal because... it is ideal in fact. You have more than a few places to choose from when it comes to pampering and relaxation, when it comes to enjoying a sauna or a steam room, a Turkish bath or a pool, or a most divine massage. The Fontana Bad Nieuweschans is a most wonderful sauna and wellness resort, and the Sauna 't Dalhuus in Wildervank is also worth a try. Check out your options near your last minute holiday villa in Groningen and find your oasis of peace inside the oasis of peace you're already in... a most wonderful feeling.

Activities and sports

Groningen city has been known as the "World Cycling City", given its numerous cycling paths. On the North Sea coast you will find the Lauwersmeer National Park, which offers a wide array of options for both young and old. From water sports to 50 km of walking paths, to bike-trails that take you through a scenic landscape, among picturesque villages, fun is never overrated on a holiday in Groningen. Sailing, canoeing, kite-surfing are all popular in this area. Of course, you can choose between all sorts of other activities, such as tennis and table tennis, even horseback riding is possible in this area. Get lost in a landscape sprinkled with tradition and turn this experience into an activity that you will just wish to repeat again and again.

Family holiday in Groningen

You can start your family holiday in Groningen in the capital city of this province, the numerous attractions here will make for the ideal setting for a beautiful time spent with loved ones. Cycling among the historical buildings and monuments here, such as the Martinikerk and admiring the Martini Tower, taking a walk in the Noorderplantsoen will make you feel relaxed and at ease, just as you should be on a family holiday. The nature reserves and the sea to the North of the province are a favorite vacation spot even for the locals, they know what they have there for sure: great water sports, and the nearby famous crèche for the seals in Pieterburen is always such a great surprise for the little ones. Visit the castles of this province, the beautiful old town of Bourtange built inside a fortress, the farms in the countryside. Why even consider any alternatives?

Dining in Groningen - Eet Smakelijk!

The province of Groningen is one that will enchant you through its wonderful landscape, and from this most beautiful nature come many local produce. These make your holiday in Groningen even more special and even more authentic. You will surely hear about the Groningen mustard and the Groningan cake while here. Not that they actually form the perfect “culinary couple” in anyone's imagination, but these two local specialties are definitely worth trying, in a different combination, of course. Groninger Bloedbrood with freshly cooked rode kool met appletjes (red cabbage with apples) is a meal right there. Maybe get some eierbal (a breaded ball with a hard-boiled egg and meat ragout around it) on the side too. Get some Boerenjongens (drink made of brandy and raisins) or some Fladderak (drink made of lemon and cinnamon) and you're all set for traditional dining.

Holiday with a pet in Groningen

Taking a well deserved break together with your pet in Groningen is a perfect idea, dogs are accepted in places such as the Mercure Groningen Martinipl 3 restaurant in Groningen, yet there are many other places you can take your Snoopy to. A walk in the countryside of this province or cycling with your four legged friend is a lot of fun, and when renting a pet-friendly holiday home in Groningen, the landscape around you sets the perfect grounds for these enjoyable activities.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Groningen:
  • the Groninger museum, with a fabulous display of beautiful works of art;
  • the Martini Toren and the Martini kerk in Griningen city, beautiful landmarks with amazing architecture
  • the Groningen University and museum, an impressive Neo-Renaissance style structure that is said to be the second oldest university in the country
  • the Lauwersmeer National Park on the North Sea coast, an area of a tremendous beauty, a great vacation spot for locals and tourists alike
  • the fortified village of Bourtange, an open-air museum that will have you feeling like you stepped back into the 18th century
  • the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in August in the park of Groningen city, and the various other events that take place throughout the year.

With a lively cultural scene, with great history and a landscape that redefines diversity in its all, a holiday in Groningen cannot but be a fabulous idea. Enjoy the relaxation and the fun activities in a most unforgettable vacation here!

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