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Drenthe is known to be the greenest province of the Netherlands, also a province which is best explored by bike, given the 1400 km of cycling paths here. The landforms of Drenthe are spectacular, an ideal mix of sand dunes, of marshes, of swamps and forests that create the setting for you ideal holiday in Drenthe as follows: Read more

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Drenthe is known to be the greenest province of the Netherlands, also a province which is best explored by bike, given the 1400 km of cycling paths here. The landforms of Drenthe are spectacular, an ideal mix of sand dunes, of marshes, of swamps and forests that create the setting for you ideal holiday in Drenthe as follows:

A holiday with historical attractions

The city of Assen is the capital of this province, Emmen being another city with industry. The rest of the province is mainly used for agricultural purposes, though this area of the country has been proved to be inhabited since prehistoric times. They have discovered here artifacts that date back to the Wolstonian Stage, nearly 150.000 years ago. The region is dotted with dolemens, which are an impressive sight during a holiday in Drenthe. These structures, a type of single-chamber megalithic tombs, are said to have been built around 3500 BC. The Drenthe museum in Assen hosts artifacts from the region, while the Orvelte park sets you back in time with its old houses. History lovers may wish to visit the Kamp Westerbork in Hooghalen from a last minute holiday villa in Drenthe, a former concentration camp. The province itself is one that is a most beautiful site with the many forests, lakes and rivers here.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Drenthe

The capital of this province hosts the TT Circuit Assen, a motorsport race track that hosts the annual Dutch TT race, when over 100.000 motorcycle fans admire the best bikers and bikes in the world here. The Assen Dance Festival is also very impressive and definitely worth witnessing. Emmen is well-known for its zoo, and the village of Noord Sleen not far from it is also worth a visit on a last minute holiday in Drenthe. The many old farmhouses in this village portray beautiful traditions and at the west side of the village, don't miss the two hunebeds, out of the 53 to be found in the region of Drenthe. In speaking of dolmens, the village of Borger is said to be the "capital" of these structures in this province. Rolde is a nice village with an old church, with beautiful farmhouses, and also great shopping opportunities, as well as a beautiful art gallery. And in speaking of art, a rather fun experience is also the Museum of fake art in the village of Vledder. Give it a try while you're in the area, the road to the village is also beautiful.

A holiday among nature in Drenthe

As we mentioned, a holiday in Drenthe is a holiday in one of the greenest provinces of the Netherlands. Forests and wide rivers dot the landscape here, and the many biking routes make it wonderful to explore. The national parks Drents-Friese Wold and Dwingelderveld are found in this province, and pretty much everywhere you look it seems like the color green has taken over this territory. Whether you wish to cycle, or simply walk among nature, enjoy a picnic or maybe just some time off from daily urban routine, a holiday in Drenthe is a great choice.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Drenthe

To be saying that a wellness weekend in Drenthe is simply magical is like just stating the obvious. Who doesn't like pampering, and saunas (a Finnish sauna, or an infrared sauna, or a steam room, etc.) and massages, who doesn't wish for some time just for themselves every now and then, in the midst of a beautiful natural landscape? From a last minute holiday apartment in Drenthe you can enjoy this all, in many of the towns here. Whether it's Heleen's Wellness and Beauty in Dieverbrug or the Sauna Baths in Zuidwolde, the Fish and Relax Spa in Assen, you are guaranteed a fabulous time.

Activities and sports

Given the nature in the province, a holiday in Drenthe is ideal for cycling, walking, and horse riding. Relaxing among nature and a picnic with your loved ones is always an option here, and when renting a holiday villa in Drenthe, you can opt for one that also offers sports activities and fields. Spend a few days camping even in Drenthe, take long walks along the country roads, visit the small villages with an authentic feel to them. Cycle among the amazing nature and check out a landscape of a rare beauty in Drenthe! Enjoy swimming and water sports at Zuidlaardermeer or Leekstermeer, or go canoeing on the Hunze, Drenthe is amazing!

Family holiday in Drenthe

A family holiday in Drenthe is always amazing. From the beautiful nature that creates a perfect setting for all sorts of activities, to the many museums you can visit such as the Drents Museum in Assen, the Veenpark in Barger-Compascuum, an open-air museum, the International Wooden Shoe Museum in Eelde, the Printing Museum in Meppel. Visit the Reest River valley with the many storks nesting here, the zoo in Emmen will also be lots of fun for both young and old on a family holiday in Drenthe. Enjoy your time with loved ones in a most beautiful natural setting here!

Dining in Drenthe - Eet Smakelijk!

Drenthe is a province of numerous traditions, a province with delicious local produce and thus experiencing the gastronomy in Drenthe is a must. From the specific Drenthe veal stew to the Drenthe-style waffles and the liver cooked in a specific way in this province, the local cuisine is a most ideal way to complete a holiday in Drenthe.

Holiday with a pet in Drenthe

Taking a holiday with a pet in Drenthe is a lot of fun, even if you only consider the many opportunities that the nature here offers for you and your four-legged friend. A walk in the countryside here, or a bike ride together on a cycling route, you are never short of options. From a holiday home with pets allowed in Drenthe you will also get to enjoy a nice walk in the city with your dog for example, or a relaxing drink on a terrace in Assen and so on.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Drenthe:
  • the Kamp Westerbork in Hooghalen, a former concentration camp that portrays a very grim part of history during WW II, yet a very impressive site.
  • the Drents Museum in Assen with various collections and art displays, a sublime experience when on holiday in Drenthe.
  • the Northern Zoo in Emmen, a fabulous way of spending an afternoon with your family in Drenthe, among various animal species and a nice setting overall
  • the Veenhuizen Prison Museum, where you get to hear all about the former prison colony here, and how the prison system used to work in the past. Well worth a visit.
  • still in Veenhuizen? Try the Brewery Maallust for a chance, and the delicious local cheese that goes with the beer here, after all, you are on holiday in Drenthe!

Drenthe is a beautiful place for a relaxing holiday, a one of a kind destination for families, and one of the Netherland's proud green areas, there is no doubt about that. Taste the Dutch tradition in a most beautiful variety here!

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