Have you heard of the island of Elba? This was once the home of the exiled Napoleon, and it is a place of great beauty and grandeur. A mountain range runs through it and the highest point, Monte Capanne, offers some breathtaking views. Besides the mountains, the island has some spectacular sandy beaches... Read more

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Have you heard of the island of Elba? This was once the home of the exiled Napoleon, and it is a place of great beauty and grandeur. A mountain range runs through it and the highest point, Monte Capanne, offers some breathtaking views. Besides the mountains, the island has some spectacular sandy beaches, secluded ones, backed by steep wooded slopes. All in all, a holiday in Elba island is one that takes you away from the every day world... willingly, of course.

A holiday with historical attractions

As we mentioned, the island used to be the home of Napoleon Bonaparte during his exile in 1814, and thus from a holiday home on Elba you can see the houses where he lived. One of them is in Portoferraio, while the second one is in San Martino. Roman and Etruscan vestiges are also to be found on this island, as it was once invaded by both these civilizations. A well-known and visited attraction on Elba is the Castello del Volterraio, which was fortified by the Medici family, and the old town of Marciana with the Museo Archeologica is definitely worth a visit too. Villa di San Martino was the summer residence of Napoleon, and it is not far from Portoferraio, the main town and port of the island. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of this island year round!

Cultural treasures on your holiday on Elba

On a holiday on Elba visit the town of Capoliveri, situated on the top of a hill. The church here, the Chiesa di San Michele, is really beautiful, and the Cala dell'Innamorata beach is said to have been the secret meeting place of lovers Lorenzo de Medici and Maria. The path that leads you there is truly amazing, as well as the beach itself. Porto Azzuro is a beautiful fisherman village where it will seem like time never went through the hour glass, cars are not allowed on its streets and there are local markets where you can buy beautiful local souvenirs. The Miniature Mines park will teach you about the mines on Elba. What's so fabulous about this island is that even in winter it is just as amazing. Rent a holiday villa on Elba for Christmas and you can visit the Christmas Market at Sant'Ilario, among other things. Cultural events and festivals, concerts are held here throughout the year, and a most famous one is the Raffaello Brignetti, a yearly literary event.

A holiday among nature on Elba

Te nature of Elba has created some most spectacular environments. In just short distances you can get from the sea to the mountains and vice versa. One of the most interesting mining zones on the Old Continent is found in the granite mountains here, and you can literally get from here to the beautiful beaches in matters of just a couple of hours walking. The colors of the sea water here bear the name of precious gems that represent this island, and more so, you can even explore the world under the waves from a holiday park on Elba, there are seahorses to be spotted right off the beach. Each season on this island brings you a gift of colorful senses... and scents. From the mimosas, the oranges and lemons that are specific to winter months to flowers of spring, the fruit of summer, and the chestnut trees in autumn, the island is a paradise of scented senses, completed by the sea breeze and sea air.

Wellness and spa on holiday on Elba

The Baths of San Giovanni are the most representative of the island. Various spas and wellness treatments are to be enjoyed here, and the thermal waters here, rich in sulphur and iodine, are well known for their curative properties. Besides this though, there are beautiful beaches you can explore such as Le Viste, near the Villa dei Mulini and also the Zuccale, near Capoliveri. The island itself is an oasis of beauty and relaxation.

Activities and sports

Activities on the island of Elba are as diverse as its landscape. In short distances from the beach you can spot various marine life, such as seahorses, by simply snorkeling. Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing and other water sports can complete your summer holiday on Elba island in a most fun way. Besides, there is also diving for the more curious type of you, and the mountains here are ideal for hiking and cycling even.

A simple walk on the island of Elba reveals a new scenery every step of the way, and the views are fantastic everywhere around. The Cavoli beach is considered to be a “cool” one, as there are also numerous parties here and young people, the white pebbled beach of Sansone offers a stunning setting for photographs, Fetovaia boasts a golden sandy beach, Biodola is a perfect beach for families.

Family holiday on Elba

A family holiday in Elba is something you should definitely opt for, the island has numerous stretches of sand, as well as pebbly beaches, with all sorts of facilities that make a holiday at the beach with children immensely entertaining. The beach at Sunny Coast is perfect for families, with shallow waters, while Lacona is one of the longest beaches and the water here gets deep gradually so again, it is ideal for the little ones. Visit the former homes of Napoleon, check out the Miniature Mines park, explore the island's nature, from its mountains to its secluded beaches defined by intriguing myths, such as the Calla dell'Innamorata beach. Check out the Christmas Market at Sant'Ilario, the Porto Azzuro and its local market with various souvenirs, take in the charm of this Tuscan island with every day you spend here.

Dining on Elba - Buon Appetito!

The food on this island is kept rather simple, “relying” on vegetables, fish and seafood, of course. The Tuscan influences are definitely to be tasted in the dishes on Elba. One of the most known and also most popular fish dishes here on this island is the Cacciucco, prepared with wine, chilli pepper and tomatoes. The Rio style stockfish is another exquisite dish on this island, and while on holiday on Elba, try the simpler dishes as well if you get the chance, like stuffed sardines or fried picarels. The Elba wines are a must and the local limoncino is definitely not to be missed either.

Holiday with a pet on Elba

If you wish to not be homesick for Fifi while on holiday in Elba, why not consider taking the Smootch with you? You can go to the beach together, on the Mola beach in Porto Azzuro, and on the Fonza beach in Marina di Campo. You can also take Rover to the mountains with you, go for a hike or simply stroll along the streets in the towns here, relax on a terrace, on a sunbed by the sea, at your pet-friendly holiday home in Elba. Great times are waiting for you on this island, that's a given.

Points of interest, a “must see” list on Elba
  • the Villa dei Mulini and the Villa San Martino, both former residences of Napoleon, with beautiful architecture, a collection of books that belonged to the emperor, even the original furniture;
  • beautiful beaches such as the Le Viste, the beaches in Portoferraio, the Calanova, the beach of Innamorata subsuming a legend of a great love story;
  • the Christmas market as Sant'Ilaria, the souvenir market in Porto Azzuro, beautiful places where you can get some great gifts for loved ones or... for yourself. It's your holiday in Elba, not to forget!
  • the Mining Park with a Mineral Museum, portraying the history of mining here.

Spending a holiday on an island is a unique experience in itself. Spending a holiday in Elba, Italy, is one that suddenly makes this "exile" from the every day world to this little corner of paradise, an idea that turns you into a person with great inspiration.

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