Breathtaking nature and fabulous beaches, a holiday home in Sicily

The sea and the mountains are nowhere more perfectly combined than in Sicily. Life on an island is different here somehow, a holiday in Sicily is a time of relaxation, as well as a time of exploring something new and interesting every day. See for yourself! Read more

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The sea and the mountains are nowhere more perfectly combined than in Sicily. Life on an island is different here somehow, a holiday in Sicily is a time of relaxation, as well as a time of exploring something new and interesting every day. See for yourself!

A holiday with historical attractions

A holiday with historical attractions in Sicily can be started at Agrigento, also known as “the Valley of the Temples”. Ancient Greek temples is what you will find here, surrounded by olive and almond groves, in fact, the Temple of Concord here is one of the two such temples found in Sicily, that is still completely standing. The other one is to be found at Segesta. In Cefalu there is also an old Sicanian temple, and also the ruins of a castle. This town is not far from Palermo, thus it can make for a great day trip, and its medieval streets and the Norman cathedral here are amazing. If you get to Palermo, you should also stop at Monreale, and see the cathedral here with its rather interesting history. In speaking of a holiday home in Palermo, the Piazza Armerina with the Roman Villa, just outside the town, is also worth a visit. Siracusa and Taormina are also locations you may wish to see.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Sicily

The island of Sicily is like a little country in itself, with a specific culture that focuses around its amazing venues. Palermo is the regional capital here, and it boasts a series of unique attractions such as the Norman Palace, with its Byzantine Palatine Chapel, with monasteries and castles, with art galleries and also an archeological museum. You can also check out the wine regions here, towards Marsala, a most unique landscape where you can also sample the Sicilian wines and enjoy a beautiful and serene atmosphere. In Erice for example, a town that boasts a medieval atmosphere in its all, the Good Friday passion procession is immensely interesting, while resorts such as Taormina and Siracusa, the towns of Ragusa and Noto, all host cathedrals and churches, unique architecture and impressive sites.

A holiday among nature in Sicily

The nature you will get to explore from a holiday villa in Sicily is quite varied, especially for an island. You have the famous Mount Etna, a mountain of legend and myth, a mountain that is a real wonder of Europe. This is the highest mountain on the island and it reveals some stunning views. North of Etna you will find the Nebrodi Mountains, the forested region of the island. There are of course the beaches of Sicily, which are in fact amazing. So is the Vendicari Nature Reserve on the coast. Sun, sea, mountains and forests, a unique atmosphere, this is a holiday in Sicily.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Sicily

Beautiful island, beautiful relaxation, beautiful spas... this is a wellness holiday in Sicily. The sea is for some a real treat in itself, the atmosphere it portrays, the waves, the beach, the sand... yet to this all you can add also the spas and wellness centers that specialize in offering a most unforgettable pampering experience to their visitors. From a holiday park in Sicily you can opt for quite a few of such treats: near Palermo there is the Wellness Center Florio Beauty House, then not far from Taormina there is the Picciolo Etna Golf Resort and Spa, and the Aquae Leonis on the east coast of the island is also a fabulous option.

Activities and sports

The island of Sicily has varied land forms, thus you can enjoy a series of activities and sports that are a lot of fun. In the mountains, there is hiking, cycling, walking to the Mount Etna or in the Nebrodi Mountains, as well as paragliding here. Being that you are on an island, you can of course opt for days and days spent by the sea, enjoying water sports and relaxing on the sand. Sailing is another option, and there are also organized boat tours you can take.

Family holiday in Sicily

A family holiday in Sicily is a super idea for creating great new memories. Why? First of all, because Italy is a most marvelous place on the planet, and then when you opt for a holiday in Sicily you also get to experience life on an island. For six months in a year you can swim in the warm waters in Sicily, plus the beaches are beautiful, and ideal for children of all ages as well. Then take a day and check out the Parco Avventura Madonie, with climbing ropes in the woods, and all sorts of courses, as well as the Etnaland, which is a mix of a water park, a dinosaur one and an amusement park. Visit Mount Etna and swim in natural pools at the Alcantara Gorge, go sightseeing, visit Il Castello di Sperlinga, visit the Il Castello di Castelbuono in the Madonie. If you get the chance, experience the tradition of puppetry in Palermo, and the Museo Internazionale delle Marionette.

Dining in Sicily - Buon Appetito!

Dining in Sicily means dining on an island. And dining on an island means of course, fish. Then dining in Italy means also pasta, pizza, and other local specialties. Thus with a culinary holiday in Sicily you kind of get it all: the fresh fish and seafood, the lasagna, the pasta con le sarde, the pasta alla norma, the Involtini di Pesce Spada, the Maccu di Favi soup, the Cannoli sweets and many others. Italian cuisine is a jewel of all cuisines if we can say so, and in Sicily it's like adding an extra diamond to it, making it even more special.

Holiday with a pet in Sicily

Taking a holiday with a pet in Sicily will force you to relax a bit more, believe it or not. This island is very much dog friendly, and you can take Fifi in lots of places here. The main point is that you will surely take more walks on the beach, more walks in town after dinner, you will enjoy more of the nature here when traveling with Fido. Look for a pet friendly holiday home in Sicily and you will also get to enjoy the beach and the sea in places such as Taormina, Giardini Naxos, Mondello and others. Make you holiday in Sicily complete with a bit of an extra unconditioned love from your four-legged friend.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Sicily:
  • cruise along the Aeolian Islands, enjoy the sunset from the sea, take in the serene atmosphere of the island from a “different point of view”;
  • visit Cefalu and the ancient ruins here, as well as “the Valley of Temples”, in Agrigento;
  • visit Mount Etna, the active volcano in Europe;
  • Palermo and its varied cultural, historical and artistic scene;
  • Siracusa and Taormina, with castles, churches, cathedrals and the Alcantara Gorge near Taormina;
  • the wine region towards Marsala, the sampling of the Sicilian wines;
  • the fabulous beaches of Sicily, the practicing of water sports.

A holiday in Sicily is a holiday that will spoil your senses in so many ways, the sunshine and the sea, the sandy beaches and the volcano that overrules the entire landscape will send you into a world of dreams, a world of complete detachment from all earthly matters. Give yourself a break this year... Sicily will make it just right!

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