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Some say that the region of Marche is actually the most typical one of the country. A region where you can get to experience the real and true spirit of the country in all its beauty: a holiday in Marche is what you need in order to find yourself along the Coast of the Adriatic... Read more

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Some say that the region of Marche is actually the most typical one of the country. A region where you can get to experience the real and true spirit of the country in all its beauty: a holiday in Marche is what you need in order to find yourself along the Coast of the Adriatic, among historical sites, stunning nature and truffle valleys. And you get to sample it all here with some terrific food on the side, and most of all... some shoe shopping. Yes, this region in Italy prides itself with the production of one third of the country's shoes... now what do you have to say about a holiday in Marche? Let's see...

A holiday with historical attractions

Ancona is the capital city of the region. It is actually a beautiful port, and as for sightseeing in Ancona, you cannot not notice the Roman cathedral San Ciriaco that seems to be watching over the sea. Ascoli Piceno is another city in the region worth seeing from a holiday home in Marche. Why come here? Here is one of the many answers: there is even a shoe museum in the city, with a shoemaker shop that dates back to the 1940's. Look for the shoe factories in the area as you can often buy shoes at very reasonable prices here. Of course, the town also boasts Roman ruins, medieval churches and an archeological museum, a city museum, among others. In Urbino, the Palazzo Ducale is a must see, and you can also get to the childhood home of Rafael, the painter, from your holiday villa in Marche. Enjoy!

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Marche

Museums and various sights, impressive nature and beaches... they all come together to create a most wonderful culture of the region, that has been very well preserved along the years. On a holiday in Marche, check out museums in Ascoli Piceno, go to the beach at Pesaro or Fano, stroll through the university town of Macerata that is surrounded by a beautiful countryside. Loreto is a great pilgrimage site, actually one of the most important ones in the country, you can visit it just south of Ancona, from a holiday home in Marche. Visit the fortress of Gradara if you get the chance, said to be the setting for Dante's Inferno. In Pesaro there is an Annual Opera Festival you can check out, and the palaces of Jesi, four of them, are also worth a visit, as well as the wine areas around. In Treia there is a Renaissance ball game and a great cooking festival in mid-May. Marche is full of surprises.

A holiday among nature in Marche

The beautiful nature of Marche will enchant your every sense, there is no doubt about that. The region has mountains that go up to 1700 meters in height, and also rolling hills and flat land, a coastal area that boasts beautiful beaches. From a holiday villa in Marche you can get to amazing nature reserves and parks, such as Parco del Conero and Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini. The famous caves of the area, the Grotte di Frasassi, make for the largest underground cave system in Europe. The impressive Ancona Abyss, also the Infinite Hall, the Emerald Lake are just some of the treasures of these caves. The Grottamare on the other hand will offer you a magnificent beach with pine trees and golden sands, and the Sibillini National Park is known for winter sports and old mountain passes. A feast to the eyes is all set up for you on a holiday in Marche everywhere you look.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Marche

A wellness weekend in Marche is a great choice for some well-deserved time out from... simply existing. You will feel like you've stepped into a world of heavenly treats, and for the most part... you have. The Acquasanta Terme will confirm this. This beautiful organic spa resort is simply amazing. There are several cave springs here, a cascade of hot mineral water and a pool, and a series of caves also host some smaller pools, and mini-waterfalls. Simply divine, as the name of the spa resort itself says. There are of course other wellness and spa centers in Marche, choose the one to your liking and enjoy a more... narcissistic life style for a while.

Activities and sports

Parco del Conero is a beautiful nature reserve, one that starts in the Monte Conero and hosts a number of paths that are just perfect for trekking, walking, even mountain biking. From a holiday park in Marche it's not difficult to get to this place. The views of the Adriatic Sea that you get from the mountains that dare to diversify the layout of the coast, are ones you will never forget. Then there is also the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, which offers you the chance to venture out from your holiday home in Marche to a path that takes you to the beautiful lake Lago di Pilato. As for seaside resorts, the region can't hide behind a finger on this one either, it's all out there: beautiful white sand beaches at San Benedetto del Tronto, Cupra Marittima and its amazing stretch of sand and even a shell museum, the Porto Sant'Elpidio coastal town, all offering great water sports opportunities among others.

Family holiday in Marche

A family holiday in Marche can be spent by the sea, or in the mountains, or both. Depending on how long you plan to stay at your holiday home in Marche, you will get to experience and explore all sorts of joyful things with your family. Take Ancona for example, where you can see the Tactile Museum Omero that will enchant the little ones, and the Botanical Gardens. In Senigallia, hit the beach, it is one of a kind. The beauty, history and art of Urbino is another option and for Christmas here there is the show called “the Streets of Cribs”. If you are on a Christmas family holiday in Marche, you should not miss the city of Gradara, which turns into a little country Christmas for the little ones.

Dining in Marche - Buon Appetito!

Everything your heart desires from a culinary holiday in Marche, you'll find here. From fish and shellfish, venison and all sorts of meats and sausages and hams... all specific to the region of Marche. Given that truffles are often found in the area, they are also found in many of the dishes here. Must try specialties would be maybe the Lasagna Vincisgrassi, which is some sort of lasagne with veal, lamb and porcini mushrooms, and also Brodetto Marchigiano which is a stew with like 13 types of seafood. Buon Appetito!

Holiday with a pet in Marche

Taking your dog with you on holiday in Marche is a great idea, though at first it may seem a bit complicated. Don't take the chance of being homesick for Fifi, book a pet-friendly holiday home in Marche and take him along. Walk in the mountains, go to the beach at Islamorada in Fano, wander the streets of great cities here. This region of Italy is very much dog friendly and is more than happy to prove that to you.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Marche:
  • visit the stalactite caves in Genga, with the Grotte di Frasassi, the largest cave in the country;
  • Ascola Piceno and its attractions, the numerous museums here, the shoe museum and the shoe factories in the region;
  • the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, and the varied attarctions here;
  • beach resorts such as the San Benedetto del Tronto, Cupra Marittima and others;
  • the amazing nature reserves of Parco del Conero and the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, with great walking and trekking paths, beautiful landscapes;
  • Gradara and its beautiful fortress, the Christmas setting here for the little ones.

To spend a holiday in Marche you need to seriously prepare yourself: prepare yourself for some great times, for enjoying fabulous landscapes, beautiful beaches and impressive mountains, nature parks and old towns with unique culture and history. Are you ready?

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