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Most people that think of an Italian island think of Sicily, but yet there is another island off the coast of Italy, and a pretty big one, and in no case any less beautiful and impressive with its specific charm, that is Sardinia. A holiday in Sardinia is what will take you to the fabled Costa Smeralda... Read more

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Most people that think of an Italian island think of Sicily, but yet there is another island off the coast of Italy, and a pretty big one, and in no case any less beautiful and impressive with its specific charm, that is Sardinia. A holiday in Sardinia is what will take you to the fabled Costa Smeralda, and yes, the name does come from the color of the water that touches the white sand beaches here. There is much more though:

A holiday with historical attractions

Cagliari is the capital of the island, and within a few kilometers, the ruins of the ancient city of Nora can be found, as well as the remains of the stone towers of Nuraghe su Nuraxi. Not far from Costa Smeralda, from a holiday home in Sardinia, you can get to what seems like a totally different world, the Arzachena Prehistoric Sites, where nuraghi (the ancients stone towers) and burial sites, chambered tombs dating back to the Stone and Copper Age can be seen. And in speaking of archaeological attractions, north of Oristano you will find the Santa Cristina Nuraghe and the HolyWell, with a well temple dating back to 1200 BC. The Valley of Nuraghi, the Roman ruins at Tharros, exploring the mysteries of ancient sites, walking on former Roman streets, a holiday in Sardinia is quite different than what you would expect.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Sardinia

Sardinia is a place of a kind of a different culture than the rest of the country, thus you will hear on this island even a different language. The beaches of Sardinia are amazing, yet from a https://www.bungalow.net/search/en/?IDRank=104-2&HouseType=8&searchString=Sardiniaholiday villa in Sardiniayou can also hit the mountains and the quaint villages here. The town of Nuoro and its Cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve is amazing, check out the Museo Etnografico Sardo displaying an impressive collection of Sardinian costume and decorative art, the National Archeological Museum with collections from the Neolithic sites. The Malaspina Castle in Bosa is spectacular, as well as the town itself. Castelsardo offers a magical view of pastel houses that climb up a hill, and a medieval village inside the walls found at the top of the hill. A castle dating back to the 12th century is present here, with a museum where you can see displays of local crafts, namely of basket making. Really unique experience indeed. Sassari is the second largest city on the island, check out the Museo Nazionale Sanna here, and the stunning Santissima Trinita di Saccargia about 12 km south of the city, with its beautiful frescoes.

A holiday among nature in Sardinia

Under this island an impressive number of caves and grottoes can be explored, revealing a most unique underground world on a holiday in Sardinia. There are also unspoiled natural areas and a rich flora and fauna that have made this island their home. Mountains, rivers and the Lago Baratz complete the landscape, and the beaches are simply astounding. From a last minute https://www.bungalow.net/search/en/?IDRank=104-2&HouseType=7&searchString=Sardiniaholiday apartment in Sardiniayou can get to explore the Archipelago de la Maddalena as well, there are ferries that can take you there. From the Branchina Dogana harbor in Alghero you can get to the Capo Caccia, where the Grotta di Nettuno is to be found, with its underground lake and the stalactites and stalagmites reflecting in it. The Costa Smeralda is very popular and internationally know, so it's kind of a given that you will also be very much tempted to enjoy it... good choice!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Sardinia

A wellness holiday in Sardinia? By the sea? Why not? The Mediterranean can of course offer you some most amazing feels of relaxation, but still... why not add some massages to it, some sauna facilities and good old pampering style? The Acquaforte Thalasso Spa is surely worth a try, as well as other spa and wellness centers in Cagliari, in Arbatax, La Maddalena and so on. Don't miss out on a great relaxing time this year in Sardinia!

Activities and sports

Activities and sports in Sardinia range from water sports to outdoor activities, with a whole lot of venues and attractions to keep you far far away from any trace of boredom. Enjoy the Costa Smeralda, resorts such as Porto Cervo, which even has a stylish art museum. The resorts of Cannigione is also quite amazing. Sailing, biking, diving and all sorts of fun things to do await for you with every day you spend on a holiday in Sardinia. Sunken Roman galleries, ship wrecks under the waters of Villasimius rare shells, they can all be discovered with diving in Sardinia. Numerous hiking possibilities in the mountains of Sardinia are also a mark of a great active holiday here, take the route along the Supramonte massif, one of the most unpopulated on the Old Continent. The Gennargentu National Park is quite amazing as well, you can maybe spot mufflons and golden eagles here.

Family holiday in Sardinia

A family holiday in Sardinia can be spent by the sea and/or in the mountains and exploring the inland of Sardinia. Go biking here or try horse back riding. There is even a riding festival in Sardinia called the S'Ardia di Sedilo. The Marmilla table-top mountain and the "Giare" are perfect for long walks, there are wild horses here. The beaches of Sardinia, such as the endless stretches of sand in Cagliari, the Baia Chia with its sand dunes, the resort of San Teodoro with the island's longest and widest beach, the La Cinta, Pula and Portobello, are all perfect for water sports and for fun by the sea, as well as family relaxation on the beach. Amusement and water parks such as the Aquanfantasy at Trinita d'Agultu e Vignola, the Gregoland in Porto Cervo and others are also great. Enjoy the Sardinian sun, it is really something else!

Dining in Sardinia - Buon Appetito!

The gastronomy of Sardinia can be described as, besides of course very delicious, also original. Mixed salted pork meats, cured ham, olives, Sardinian pecorino cheese, make for great antipasti to precede a meal. Pork on the spit, kid and boiled lamb, mixed grill fish are also great dishes in Sardinia. Seafood, bread and pasta “made in Sardinia” are a must try, and the almond sweets make it all even better.

Holiday with a pet in Sardinia

Spending a holiday with a pet in Sardinia is a one of a kind experience, from the walks on the beaches here in resorts such as Palau, Stintino, Porto Cervo, to sightseeing in cities such as Cagliari, Oristano, Nuoro, Sassari. Choose a pet friendly holiday home and you can even cook for your dog, you can even have your dog trained in Sardinia. The mountains here will allow you to enjoy relaxing moments together with your pet, hiking, cycling, or just walking around and enjoying nature at its best on this beautiful island.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Sardinia:
  • the Costa Smeralda and its beautiful beaches, the white and golden sands bathed by the Mediterranean waters;
  • the Parco Nazionale dell'Archipelago di Maddalena, with astounding beaches again and also with breathtaking views;
  • the Capo Caccia vertical cliffs and the Grotta di Nettuno here, with the underground lake and the stalactites and stalagmites reflected in it;
  • Cagliari and its beautiful cathedral, the ruins of the ancient city of Nora nearby, the Nuraghe su Nuraxi remains of stone towers;
  • the numerous archaeological sites and burial places, former Roman streets and sites, the Valley of Nuraghi,etc.
  • the Gennargentu National Park, the mountains of Sardinia that host some of the most secluded and unpopulated routes in Europe.

A holiday in Sardinia is like stepping into a postcard, the beauty of the sea and the fabulous beaches, the historical and cultural venues here, they all make for an unforgettable experience.

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