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The image of a fairytale land... that is what you have to think about when you consider a holiday at Lake Ledro. Crystalline water surrounded by mountains which it reflects and dense forests all around... this is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the region of Trentino... and not without a reason. Read more

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The image of a fairytale land... that is what you have to think about when you consider a holiday at Lake Ledro. Crystalline water surrounded by mountains which it reflects and dense forests all around... this is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the region of Trentino... and not without a reason.

A holiday with historical attractions

Until about 1847, this lake was kind of cut off from the world, and in this year a street was built, with a few narrow serpentines. Then another street was built in 1980, leading to the Ledro Valley. A major archaeological discovery that you will get to see from a holiday home at Lake Ledro dates back to the Bronze Age, and it is exhibited at museum Molina di Ledro. This city is also like the “capital city” of the lake, and it boasts other attractions as well, yet these dwellings and their items that were found in 1929 when the waters of the lake were brought down for industrial purposes are really amazing. Bezzecca village is known for being the scene of a major battle on July 21st 1866, and trenches, tunnels and positions in the Valle di Ledro are still accessible today, as witnesses of WWI scenes.

Cultural treasures on your holiday at Lake Ledro

The valley of Lake Ledro boasts numerous museums, among which to be mentioned are of course the Pile-Dwelling Museum with the archaeological finds, the Garibaldi and WWI Museum and Santo Stefano hill found in Bezzecca, the Pharmacy Lab Museum Foletto in Pieve and so on. There are events held here throughout the year, you may get lucky and “catch” one from a last minute holiday villa at Lake Ledro, such as Gospel Concerts in Molina di Ledro for Christmas, or the Children's Christmas in the same town that involves a small carriage tour in the center of the village and also cakes and hot chocolate; the Ledro Comics in June, the Bezzecca 150 in July, portraying war history and many others. All in all, culture and nature kind of go hand in hand here at Lake Ledro, so you'll have a most entertaining experience at all times on holiday here.

A holiday among nature at Lake Ledro

The Lake Ledro seems to be a mirror image of Lake Garda, just... smaller. It is simply beautiful though, astounding nature and mountains peaks reflect their greatness and majestic character in the waters of this lake. A holiday at Lake Ledro is a holiday in which you get back to nature, a holiday in which you see beauty in its simplest yet most seductive way... sank into nature's infinite charms. Lush forest surround the lake, the mountains are impressive and the waters of the lake are perfect for swimming in summer. The lake boasts four beaches, one of which is also dog-friendly. Enjoy what you wish, as you wish, when you wish... Lake Ledro.

Wellness and spa on holiday at Lake Ledro

A combination of a classic style and modern facilities define the spas in the area of Trentino, and thus a wellness weekend at Lake Ledro is not only possible, but also very relaxing. From massages to pools, from jacuzzis to saunas and thermal waters here and there, beauty treatments and the magic of this nature area sprinkled upon your every sense, Lake Ledro is a marvel of relaxation and serenity.

Activities and sports

Activities and sports at Lake Ledro can start with summer swimming and sunbathing at beaches such as Pieve di Ledro, Mezzolago, Molina di Ledro or Pur. Sailing, while canoeing, windsurfing are also possible, of course. The nearby mountains invite you for some mountain biking with 200 km of itineraries available. Then canyoning... now that's something to make it to the list of adrenaline lovers: at Torrente Palvico and Rio Nero, conditions are perfect. Paragliding in Valle di Ledro; climbing the artificial wall in Pieve di Ledro, or the Regina del Lago above Lake Garda; walking and climbing at Monte Cadria, the highest peak of the Alps of Ledro, the Path of Peace, the artistic path of Ledro Land Art, etc... all amazing experiences. In winter, in Tremalzo, sleddog is an option, as well as guided snowshoe walks, cross country skiing in Val Concei and so on. Numerous events take place in winter also.

Family holiday at Lake Ledro

A family holiday at Lake Ledro... it's a trip to fairy tale land. From water sports to relaxation at the beach in places such as Mezzolago which also has a children's car park, the Molina di Ledro with tennis, volleyball courts, the Pieve di Ledro with also a children's playground and a mini-gold course, Pur, suitable for families as well, try them all. Avoid the hustle and bustle in major towns at the Italian Lakes and escape with your family at this smaller lake, enjoy hikes on the mountain, and eating gelato in the evening back at your family holiday home at Lake Ledro, choose a cycling day and a day for maybe more adventurous canyoning, or mountain walks and a picnic “on the side”... the world is yours at Lake Ledro.

Dining at Lake Ledro - Buon Appetito!

Dining at Lake Ledro is an experience of the Italian life style, there are numerous restaurants here, set in a most beautiful landscape. The traditional Italian food such as the pasta, the pizza, are all to be found here, as well as numerous international dishes. Fresh fish and the Italian desserts such as the Tiramisu coffee cake are a must. The Italian cheeses such as the Taleggio, which was known even before the 10th century, the Casonsei stuffed pasta and the hams are also a must try, the divine experience of a holiday at Lake Ledro is one that should not be missed in any way, sided by a glass of local wine: Franciacorta, Bianco di Custoza or Marzemino.

Holiday with a pet at Lake Ledro

Lake Ledro is the perfect place for relaxing among nature, far from the crowds that “invade” popular touristic places in Italy. This fairy tale lake surrounded by mountains is the perfect escape from the mundane, the ideal way to set all worries aside, take Fifi with you and venture out into the wild... experience, of a peaceful vacation. A holiday with a pet at Lake Ledro can take you to the beach, rather to the public beach of Pur here, which has a southern part that is open for dogs. Take long walks along the lake, barbecue back at your pet-friendly holiday home at Lake Ledro, hike in the mountains, enjoy the silence... all with a man's best friend by your side.

Points of interest, a “must see” list at Lake Ledro:
  • the landscape at Lake Ledro, with the crystalline water and the forested green mountains around it;
  • the cities of Bezzecca, Molina di Ledro, Mezzolago, etc. and their historical, cultural attractions, their restaurants and cafes;
  • the archaeological finds displayed at the Molina di Ledro Museum, dating back to over 3000 years ago, to the Bronze Age;
  • the Garibaldi Museum in Bezzecca that displays exhibits from WWI;
  • water sports and winter sports, paragliding, horseback riding, climbing, mountain biking, etc.

Lake Ledro may be the smaller version of Lake Garda, but it is not at all small in its amazing character and infinite beauty of nature. On the contrary, a holiday at Lake Ledro will reveal a grandeur of feelings, a majestic landscape, and more so... an endless relaxation and serenity feeling at all times.

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