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Nature and spa centrums, a holiday home in the Aosta Valley

This smallest region in the country is not at all small in its means to impress... the majestic peaks of the Alps, the Cervino, the Monte Rosa, the Grand Paradiso, the Mont Blanc make for a most impressive roof of this area. A holiday in the Aosta Valley can take you to Courmayeur... Read more

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This smallest region in the country is not at all small in its means to impress... the majestic peaks of the Alps, the Cervino, the Monte Rosa, the Grand Paradiso, the Mont Blanc make for a most impressive roof of this area. A holiday in the Aosta Valley can take you to Courmayeur, which is one of the most important ski resorts in the entire world. The oldest National Park, the Gran Paradiso, is also to be found in this area.

A holiday with historical attractions

The Aosta Valley has been long viewed as a land of contact between Italy and France, thus this region has a status of autonomous province and more so, it is bilingual. The tunnels of Gran San Bernardo and the ones under Mont Blanc go all the way to France, and their engineering is simply amazing. Furthermore, there are numerous other attractions such as the first century BCE Roman Bridge in the municipality of Pont Saint Martin. Along the valley that goes to Courmayeur from here you can find numerous fortifications, as well as fortresses and watchtowers. The most famous castle you can visit from a holiday home in the Aosta Valley is the Castello di Fénis, yet the ones of Issogne, Sarriod de la Tour, Sarre, Saint-Pierre, and Ussel are also very impressive. The city of Aosta is one of Roman and Medieval history, the Arch of Augustus, the Praetorian Gate and the city walls pay tribute to this. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the excavations under the floor here are amazing, as well as the Sant’Orso Collegiate Church.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in the Aosta Valley

This mostly mountainous region of Italy boasts some really impressive traditions and also hosts a number of celebrations and festivals that one can enjoy on a holiday in the Aosta Valley. In the city of Aosta, besides the many churches and the impressive sights to be enjoyed everywhere around you, there is also a fair at the end of January, dedicated to St. Orso. You get to see here the oldest crafts of the Aosta Valley, made of wood, leather, hot stone, lace, as well as all sorts of masks and games and many others. From a last minute holiday villa in the Aosta Valley you can also go on a wine trail, where you can experience not only the local wines but also the local grape varieties that grow sometimes in most unexpected places.

A holiday among nature in the Aosta Valley

To even begin describing the nature of the Aosta Valley, we must say... Monte Rosa. Whether it is winter or summer, or any season for that matter, the interplay of lights and colors, of views and fun make for an unforgettable holiday in the Aosta Valley here. If you wish to see some spectacular glaciers, head towards the Punta Helbronner, the views here will knock you off your feet, figuratively speaking, of course. Mountain fauna is truly and magnificently impressive in the Pavillon du Mont Fréty Natural Oasis, and here is where you can get from your holiday apartment in the Aosta Valley to the Saussurea Mountain Garden via cable car, this is one of the highest mountain gardens in Europe.

Wellness and spa on holiday in the Aosta Valley

Between the Italian food, the breathtaking landscape, the warm welcoming you get on a holiday in the Aosta Valley, you might as well get some pampering too. You can literally get to bathe in the warm spa waters here while overlooking the Mont Blanc, it is like you stepped into a postcard, for real. The Pré-Saint-Didier spa complex is an amazing one with views of the Mont Blanc, yet so is the Saint Vincent Thermal Water, a water that is known to help with various disease. Enjoy your every minute in this oasis of relaxation!

Activities and sports

The Aosta Valley is well-known for its winter sports venues, the Monte Rosa has numerous slopes as well as walking paths that reveal an enchanting landscape with every step of the way. The three valleys of Ayas, Gressoney and Valsesia are where Italy’s largest ski resorts will be found, and cross-country skiing, mountain skiing and also snowboarding are also much popular sports here. In the warmer months you can enjoy climbing, rafting, canoeing, hiking and mountain biking. Trekking in the Pavillon du Mont Fréty Natural Oasis in summer is an amazing experience, and besides these all, you can get to see the mountain peaks from a hot air balloon, a holiday in the Aosta Valley is simply magnificent.

Family holiday in the Aosta Valley

A family holiday in the Aosta Valley is one that will enchant both young and old, from spending time enjoying winter sports in the Aosta Valley to enjoying a picnic in the nature areas here. The Aosta city is also very beautiful, the numerous historical attractions and fortifications in this region of the country will mark anyone's time spent here. Check out the Museo delle Alpi, which tells the story of the mountains with games, videos, projections and so on. The snow parks here are a lot of fun especially for the little ones, and agritourism is pretty big here too. At Saint-Barthélemy, the observatory and the planetarium are surely worth a visit, and the many outdoor and indoor ice rinks offer many opportunities to practice this great sport.

Dining in the Aosta Valley - Buon Appetito!

The hearty dishes you will find in the Aosta Valley will complete your vacation here in a most sublime and delicious way, with regional specialties such as carbonada (stewed meat with onions and spices and wine), mocetta (dried beef or ibex with spices). The Arnad lard, a type of sausage that is cooked with potatoes and lard, with seasoning and the Bosses ham are also well-known. Arnad Montjovet, Enfer d’Arvier are typical wines of the region and the herb liqueur "Genépy des Alpes" is a must try.

Holiday with a pet in the Aosta Valley

Spending a holiday with your pet in this region of Italy must begin with renting a pet friendly holiday home in the Aosta Valley, and from here on you can enjoy wonderful moments with your beloved Smooch. Walks among nature, cycling, hiking in the mountains, whatever you choose to do here together with your four-legged friend will ensure you have lots of fun together.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in the Aosta Valley:
  • hiking in the Aosta Valley, among a landscape that is hard to beat anywhere else in the world;
  • the Pre de Bar glacier, offering stunning views as well, as you enter the country from Switzerland;
  • the Pre-Saint-Didier thermal spa, offering views of the Mont Blanc;
  • visiting Chamois, a most romantic and isolated village where there are no cars, you can get to it by cable car;
  • enjoy a picnic at Lago Blu, see the mountains reflecting in its mirror-like waters, a truly unique experience on your holiday in the Aosta Valley;
  • visit Courmayeur, a famous resort, very popular in summer and winter as well;
  • visit the Fénis castle, built in the Middle Ages, and the Bard Fortress, cascading down an entire hillside into a gorge
  • the Gran Paradiso National Park, with a rich flora and fauna, with numerous walking paths that are worth exploring.

The Aosta Valley is a beautiful jewel of Italy, a place for all ages, a place that guarantees fun and relaxation alike, in any season, all in a landscape that is hard to be matched.

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