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The cradle of occidental civilization, the home of Christian culture, a land of variety and history, a region that has made it to the top most visited places in the world: Lazio. From the country's capital, Rome, to the Tyrrhenian Sea, from ancient roads to mountains and hills... Read more

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The cradle of occidental civilization, the home of Christian culture, a land of variety and history, a region that has made it to the top most visited places in the world: Lazio. From the country's capital, Rome, to the Tyrrhenian Sea, from ancient roads to mountains and hills, lakes and thermal waters, a holiday in Lazio is one that surely sets fun on the map.

A holiday with historical attractions

Historical attractions on a holiday in Lazio are more than plenty. The capital city of the country, Rome, is a city of “eternity”, as they say. From a holiday home in Rome your first stop should be of course, the famous Colosseum, where the renowned gladiator games took place. Archaeological finds displayed at the Capitoline Museums are truly impressive, and what is also quite unique is the Mouth of Truth, carved in marble, near the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, that is said to swallow the hands of liars. Further on, visit the Castel Sant'Angelo, and then move on to the Vatican city, where you will find besides the seat of the Papal State, the famous Sistine Chapel. The many piazzas and the renowned Trevi Fountain are extremely enchanting. Outside of Rome, from a holiday villa in Lazio you can also visit the Castelli Romani, while in the coastal resort of Ostia, the ruins of Ostia Antica show a best example of a Roman town that can be observed today. Rieti is also a place of numerous Roman and Medieval attractions, and the town of Tivoli hosts two ancient estates that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Lazio

Culture in Lazio is portrayed in a most beautiful way... a holiday in Lazio will leave you simply amazed, from the city of Rome and its stunning attractions, to the Latina and its beaches bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Numerous museums in Lazio are a must see, such as the Capitoline Museums in Rome, the Gallaeria Borghese, the Museum of Contemporary Art and many others. There are various events you can be part of throughout the year, there is even the Rome Marathon in March and if you love flowers, do not miss out on the Infiorata, the Flower Festival in June in Genzano. Enjoy every moment you spend interacting with the cultural treasures in the cradle of occidental civilization.

A holiday among nature in Lazio

The nature of Lazio is mostly made of mountains and hills, but the Tyrrhenian Sea also makes its presence known here with bathing some beautiful beaches, and then the Lake Bracciano which is overlooked by a 16th century castle, completes the setting for a most amazing holiday among nature in Lazio. Even inside cities you find wonderful green oasis such as the Villa Borghese, which is the most renowned city park, in Rome. For those who love the sea, Gaeta, San Felice Circeo, the Islands of Ponza and Ventotene, will be a delight. Lake Bolsena is the biggest volcanic lake on the Old Continent, and you can visit it on a holiday in Lazio. It portrays a most amazing combination of history and nature, all so typical of this region. There are even skiing possibilities in Lazio.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Lazio

Lazio is a region that is full of spas, after all, we've all heard of the much famed Roman baths, or at least we've seen them in movies. All in all, for a most “imperial” time on your holiday in Lazio, you must not omit going to a local spa. The Baan Sabai in Rome, the Sole and Benessere in the same city, the Heaven Spa in Fiuggi, you can take your pick on where exactly you wish to enjoy a most greatly relaxing way to pass a day or so. Wellness centers such as Fiuggi, Tivoli, and Viterbo perfectly combine the all so typical ancient charm of their history with state of the art facilities. Don't miss the Il Bagnaccio hot springs if you get the chance.

Activities and sports

The astounding cultural heritage of Lazio is ideally completed by the area's beautiful nature, offering thus the chance to enjoy all sorts of activities. Nature parks such as the Circeo National Park, the Castelli Romani Regional Natural Park and others offer great opportunities for birdwatching, while in the Regional Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano with its two lakes, you will get the chance to enjoy canoeing, and sailing. And when we said Lazio is a region of diversity, you should know that this diversity is also extended to the many opportunities for fun here, such as scuba diving in the Pontine Archipelago. Winter time in Lazio? Sure. Book a last minute holiday home in Lazio and enjoy skiing in resorts such as Terminillo, Leonessa and Arcinazzo. Trekking, hiking, walking, cycling, and most of all sightseeing are all great activities to enjoy on a holiday in Lazio.

Family holiday in Lazio

A family time in Lazio is a time of joy, a time of creating new memories, a time of enjoying happiness from a different perspective. Traveling with children is a unique experience, and it makes you see the place from a totally different perspective. In Rome, besides the abundance of cultural and historical attractions, there is even a Museo dei Bambini. The Museum of Zoology inside the Bioparque in Rome is also worth spending an afternoon in. Also in Rome, the Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico, the Parco dei Mostri a Bomarzo are just... fantastic. Go skiing with your family, visit the Colosseum, teach our little ones about the great history that has "set the tone" for the occidental civilization... and wrap it all up with a fabulous gelato in Bolsena, at the one of a kind and unmistakeable Gelateria Santa Cristina.

Dining in Lazio - Buon Appetito!

The cuisine of Lazio is as fantastic as its cultural heritage in the very least. From a holiday park in Lazio you can easily reach numerous restaurants, and taste specialties such as “spaghetti alla carbonara”, “gnocchi alla romana” that are known throughout the world. Try the local cheeses, such as the buffalo mozzarella, the Pecorino Romano DOP, and the Roman ricotta; the local meats such as the mortadella of Amatrice, or the sausage Monte San Biagio. And it all goes so perfect with a glass of local wine on a culinary holiday in Lazio, a few examples being the dry Frascati, the white dry Marino, the red Aprilia. Nine lives wouldn't be enough to completely satisfy your curiosity of trying out the many delicious dishes prepared in this area of Italy. However: you will enjoy being spoiled by choices every step of the way.

Holiday with a pet in Lazio

You can't not be impressed and completely charmed by the perpetual magic that exists here through the rich history, nature, culture and arts. Furthermore you can enjoy it all together with man's best friend, your pet. Walk in the city of Rome together with Rover, or in Latina or Rieti, enjoy the pet friendly seaside resorts such as Ladispoli, Fregene and Sabaudia, walk in the Circeo National Park. Book a pet friendly holiday home in Lazio and barbecue together with Fifi, walk on the shores of a lake here, get in teh car and drive through the countryside together, feel the complete freedom of spirit that Lazio has to offer in so many facets of it.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Lazio
  • Rome, the capital city of the country, with its numerous attractions such as the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Capitoline Museums, the Vatican City, archaeological sites, etc.;
  • enjoy wellness centers such as Fiuggi, Tivoli, and Viterbo, dipped in history, yet offering state of the art facilities;
  • the resorts by the Tyhrrenian Sea, as well as ski resorts such as Terminillo, Leonessa and Arcinazzo: Lazio in any season;
  • the Villa Borghese park in Rome, the Zoo, the Museo dei Bambini, Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico, the Parco dei Mostri a Bomarzo, attractions for children in Rome.

This region is of such astounding and enchanting diversity that you will find it hard to not become completely addicted to a yearly holiday in Lazio. Allow yourself this experience, you will surely not regret it.

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