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The island of the sun god – that is what they call Ischia, this place of unspoiled landscapes, of coastal towns and of great wine. An island that is said to be “the capital of European spa” due to its many thermal springs, an island of greenery and Mediterranean vegetation... Read more

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The island of the sun god – that is what they call Ischia, this place of unspoiled landscapes, of coastal towns and of great wine. An island that is said to be “the capital of European spa” due to its many thermal springs, an island of greenery and Mediterranean vegetation, a holiday in Ischia makes you feel like you stepped onto another continent, or perhaps, another world in itself.

A holiday with historical attractions

This island is extremely beautiful, that is a well established fact, and more so, it is an island that will surprise you not only with the impeccably beautiful nature, vegetation, beaches and coastal towns, but also a very rich history and culture. Thus you can start your exploration of the island from “base camp” holiday home in Ischia, in the town with the same name. Here you will get to see the Aragonese Castle, as well as the Anthonys Library and not to be forgotten either is the interesting Sea Museum. Lacco Ameno is well-known for its beautiful beaches, but besides these, you have here the Museum of Villa Arbusto and the ruins of the Greek Pithecusa and a museum here too, as historical attractions. On this island of amazing sites, you will surely wish to see the 15th century tower of Forio, and maybe the pottery shops and the ceramics in Casamicciola.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Ischia

This beautiful volcanic island is one of a kind, it is green with vegetation and forests and trees, it is blue with sea waves and gold with sandy beaches... it has all colors of amazement, we must say. The beaches of Maronti, Lacco Ameno and Citara are amazing, the incredible Bays of Sorgeto and Cafiero, the Bagnitiello, are exquisite. The area of Port is worth a visit from a holiday villa in Ischia, it is dotted with all sorts of restaurants and cafes, taverns and also many shops that are worth exploring. You may wish to also stop at the sanctuary of Madonna di Montevergine and while you're at it, check out the Lady Walton museum-garden in Forio. Variety and beauty go hand in hand in Ischia.

A holiday among nature in Ischia

This is a volcanic island. That is a fact. Also a fact is that you can take a volcanic tour here. It may sound strange at first, but here's what this is all about: start in Faiano, cross several areas such as the Marecoppo, then Mount Trippodi, Buceto, Cretaio and so on, and you get not only a spectacular view of the island but also you can admire the Buceto Springs, the Fondo Ferraro crater and the Arso lava flow. Bays and coves are to be found on the coast, and you should also set off from a holiday park in Ischia and climb up the Mount Epomeo. The nature of this island is so... forever green.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Ischia

Ischia is actually renowned for its springs, thermal waters, mud baths, fumaroles and so on. It's like an island of wine and pampering with wellness holidays, like the spot for a “narcissistic vacation” and we must face it, everyone deserves that one from time to time. In Ischia there are the Fornello basins and the Pontano spring, then in Casamicciola you have the Gurgitello, Sinigaglia and Cotto springs, the springs found in the Castiglione thermal park were actually dedicated to the god Apollo. In Lacco Ameno and Forio also have great facilities in matters of wellness and spa, like the Poseidon thermal baths... an absolute must. Springs for healing purposes you can find at Maronti, which is also the longest beach on the island. Ischia is the capital of European wellness holidays: it has more than 300 bath establishments and 103 thermal springs.

Activities and sports

As it being an island, Ischia is perfect for water sports in the first place. The beaches such as those of Maronti, Citara, and Lacco Ameno are ideal for swimming and sunbathing, and you can also opt for a day of sailing for a chance, and see the island from a different "point of view", or admire a sunset from a boat with a glass of the local wine which the island is also famed for. Hiking and cycling are also popular activities on this island, you can maybe rent a bike and set off from your last minute holiday home in Ischia to exploring the surroundings. Stumble upon the volcanic landscape with craters and rock formations in the mountains of this island, stop for a picnic in the cypress forests. Start in Buonopane and head towards Faiano, admire the fabulous Gulf of Naples, as well as the vineyards, the chestnut plantations, the ferns, heather and wild flowers on the way. Enjoy the thermal baths and springs, the wellness and spa facilities on this island, famed throughout Europe.

Family holiday in Ischia

A family holiday in Ischia is an experience to remember and to “cause” a whole lot of “wow” among both young and old. They say your family is the one you are born in, yet sometimes it is the one you choose for yourself (meaning great, fabulous, close to your heart friends). No matter who you choose to spend your family holiday in Ischia with, you will have plenty to be happy about. If you travel with children, the beach, such as Maronti, is a perfect location to “keep them busy” in the best and funnest of ways, as are the pine forests in Ischia Porto. The Castello Aragonese is also greatly fascinating for both young and old, and the Perris Park in Ischia Porto is not to be missed. A picnic at the Buceto mountain, a visit to La Mortella Gardens... get ready to applaud.

Dining in Ischia - Buon Appetito!

A fertile land and a rich sea are the main elements that “set the tone” for the delicious cuisine of Ischia. Thus, you cannot leave this island without tasting the pizza, of course; then the Ischitanian Rabbit, cooked with wine, tomatoes, garlic, spices, etc. is amazing. The pit rabbit is also a common food and... hold on tight... there's snails here; meaning snails as food, as a delicacy actually, cooked in a traditional way with wild grass. Give them a try, show them all who's wearing the pants in the family. Then wash it over maybe with some of the local wine, and have some “comfort food” for your next meal, like the peasant salad, the Ischitanian Caponata, with mozarella cheese. Fish is always and option of course, as is the seafood. Go crazy and beat the calories worry right out of you when on holiday in Ischia.

Holiday with a pet in Ischia

You know the more or less exact question: “if you could take anyone with you on an island, who would that be”? If the response has you considering Fifi, it's set: next step is renting a pet friendly holiday home in Ischia and proving yourself right. A holiday with your dog on this island is amazing, with walking in the mountains, on the beach, exploring the nature areas and the towns by the sea, going for a picnic or cycling together. See for yourself!

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Ischia:
  • the Castello Aragonese, a most impressive piece of history, offering some spectacular views in Ischia Ponte, as well as some cafes and a kind of a macabre museum;
  • the La Mortella garden, at the foot of the Monte Zaro, with more than 800 varieties of plants;
  • The Lacco Ameno and the Museo Archeologico Pithecusae, with archaeological finds such as the “Nestor's Cup”, which is a goblet that has a poem engraved on it;
  • the volcanic nature of the island, the natural hot springs and the fumaroles, the geysers such as the one at Maronti beach.

Enjoy an island of god-like atmosphere and fabulous wine, amazing wellness facilities and a natural landscape that leaves you breathless... enjoy a holiday in Ischia!

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