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Lombardy is one of the largest regions in Italy, to the north of the country, bordering with Switzerland. If this already has you thinking of winter sports and mountains, you are not far from the truth whatsoever: a holiday in Lombardy is one that sets you among a wide range of landscapes... Read more

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Lombardy is one of the largest regions in Italy, to the north of the country, bordering with Switzerland. If this already has you thinking of winter sports and mountains, you are not far from the truth whatsoever: a holiday in Lombardy is one that sets you among a wide range of landscapes, inclusive of a mountain chain that is simply stunning, with the Valchiavenna, the Valtellina, the Camonica Valley. Let's see what else this region has “in stock”:

A holiday with historical attractions

When one thinks of Lombardy, Milan is the city that “sneaks up” in one's mind and imagination, and this famed and beautiful city indeed has lots to offer. From the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie with the famous da Vinci fresco of the Last Supper, to the Teatro alla Scala, and many other attractions, this fashion capital is one that defines and defies diversity in its charm. Then there are also sites you can visit from a holiday home in Lombardy that portray history in many facets, all impressive: the prehistoric rock paintings in the Camonica Valley, the city of Pavia, or the “city of 100 towers” as it is also known, with a famous University here as well and the Visconti Castle. In Sondrio there is the Masegra Castle, and the medieval city of Lodi is surely worth a visit if you get the chance, from a last minute holiday villa in Lombardy. See the unseen with your own eyes and create your most perfect itinerary on your holiday in Lombardy, tailored to your interests.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Lombardy

This north region of Italy is one that celebrates life through all facets of enjoyment, and culture is no exception of this: in Monza, for a chance, those of you who love motor racing should not miss the track named Autodromo, and to mix it up and please your entire travel group, stop at the Villa Reale as well, a former residence of royalty, and check out the Cathedral that is said to hold a nail from the True Cross. Cremona is known for the craft of violin making, to which the famous Stradivarius is like an emblem. In Bergamo, you can spend a relaxing day of sightseeing from a holiday apartment in Lombardy and visit the Accademia Carrara painting gallery, the Teatro Donizetti, the Colleoni Chapel. And not to be forgotten either is Como, and its gorgeous villas. Enjoy the variety in its charming facets in Lombardy!

A holiday among nature in Lombardy

A holiday among nature in Lombardy... to whom it may concern, this will be one much beloved, appreciated and “wished to be experienced again” by those who love the mountains, the winter sports and the hiking and greenery of nature in summer as well. The popular resorts of Tonale, Madesimo, Bormio, Livigno are ideal for winter sports, the Franciacorta area with its rolling hills is known for wine production. Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore are major tourist attractions with resorts such as Sirmione, with amazing villas and all sorts of facilities for water activities and relaxation in a most serene setting. The Po Valley lowlands host the Lomellina, which is a land of rice harvesting, and tradition and nature go hand in hand here. A holiday in Lombardy will tell you: this is the region of all... history, culture, nature, fertile soils, fashion and entertainment, mountains and lakes: the region of all.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Lombardy

For wellness and spa weekends in Lombardy, you can either fit them into a longer vacation, or simply just take a last minute holiday in Lombardy and pamper your mind, body and soul like you know you deserve to. Hit the mountains for this, you will find here therapeutic waters and spas, thermal springs and views that complete the feel of serenity in a most magical way. The Bormio Spas, the beautiful lakes as well, they all come together to color your senses.

Activities and sports

What is your idea of a perfect holiday? You need not even think or answer that actually when you opt for a holiday in Lombardy: rest, routes, sports, nature, winter sports and summers by the lakes, they're all in this one region. The Camonica Valley and the Valtellina are famous for the practicing of winter sports here, skiing, snowboarding and others. Bormio, Aprica, Livigno, all famous resorts. Mountain biking, hiking, trekking, rafting and other fun activities overtake the holiday mood in summer, and if you really are one to get off the beaten path, you can go skiing in the warmer months as well, the Stelvio Glacier “has your back” on this one. And don't forget the lakes, the beautiful and shimmering lakes, with their enticing allure and their invitation for fun times sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, water skiing and so on. In the Sacred Mountains you can set off on spiritual trails, there are vineyards you can visit and even wine tasting tours you can enjoy. It's the land of all interests, Lombardy, Italy.

Family holiday in Lombardy

A family holiday in Lombardy can be a holiday among nature, or by water, or in the mountains, or with sightseeing, or... all of the “above”. You can pick and choose your favorite vacation path every day in Lombardy, from exploring cities such as Milan and its historical, cultural and... “fashionable” attractions, to enjoying the lakes with water sports and resorts such as Sirmione and others. Take your kids sailing, teach them how to ski in the famous winter sports areas here, and then reward them with some more fun time at an amusement park, like the famous Gardaland, or the Parco Faunistico le Cornelle near Mergamo and many others. Treasure your family holiday in Lombardy with exploring this treasure land of Italy.

Dining in Lombardy - Buon Appetito!

The food in Lombardy is...well... Italian, first of all. If anyone needs a few more details on that one, words such as delicious, heavenly, varied, will set the tone for describing it. The cotoletta alla Milanese, a breadcrumbed cutlet, the consomme of Pavia, the saffron risotto, dried and grilled lake winterfish, pizzoccheri pasta, they celebrate the definition of a most delicious cuisine in Lombardy. Then there are the local cheese that should not be missed, the Gorgonzola, the Mascarpone, the Robiola soft cheese, and many others. The Amaretto liqueur from Saronno, the nougats from Cremona, you're stepping on heavenly land of taste when on holiday in Lombardy.

Holiday with a pet in Lombardy

A holiday with pet in Lombardy... you have nothing to worry about. Rent a pet friendly holiday home in Lombardy and you are all set for an unforgettable time with your four-legged friend. Long walks along the lakes' shores here, or hiking in the mountains, exploring the Lomellina land of tradition, enjoying a nice meal and a drink on a terrace in one of the region's cities, they are all experiences you can enjoy, among many others. Show your Fifi-friend that unconditioned love goes a long way, all the way to Lombardy, Italy.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Lombardy:
  • Milan and its Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Teatro alla Scala and numerous other attractions;
  • the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Mantua;
  • the Sacred Mountains and their devotional routes;
  • the Valtellina, the Camonica Valley, ski and winter sports resorts such as Tonale, Madesimo, Bormio, Livigno;
  • Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and enjoying the water sports here, resorts such as the famous Sirmione, the Gardaland amusement park, the local fish-based cuisine, etc.;
  • Cremona and its tradition of violin-making, seen in the works of Stradivarius;
  • cities such as Brescia, Pavia, Bergamo, Como and its beautiful villas.

Lombardy is a region of all... of all sorts of entertainment facets, natural beauties, modern cities and medieval settlements, cultural venues and epochs and styles. A place of all colors of senses, a place that exceeds all expectations and commits to interests of all. It's all about you in Lombardy!

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