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Culture and nature perfectly combined with a holiday home at Lake Como

The deepest and most popular lake in Italy will reveal some most deep feelings of admiration in you that will quickly become so popular that you will surely decide to come back here again and again. A holiday at Lake Como is an experience to remember, the beautiful resort villages here... Read more

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The deepest and most popular lake in Italy will reveal some most deep feelings of admiration in you that will quickly become so popular that you will surely decide to come back here again and again. A holiday at Lake Como is an experience to remember, the beautiful resort villages here, the mountains surrounding the lake, the boat trips, the water activities, the romance will prove this to be true.

A holiday with historical attractions

Shaped like an inverted “Y”, this lake is the center piece of an amalgamation of beautiful attractions, picturesque towns and resorts that define luxury as a feeling almost. Como is a town filled with history, revealed in its Roman Gate, the Porta Pretoria, its fortifications, the Porta Torre. A beautiful promenade completes its charm, and from a holiday home at Lake Como you can get to do some excellent shopping here too, this was the center of the country's silk manufacture. The 14th century cathedral here on Piazza Dumo is amazing, and the Museo Archeologico is worth a visit too, as well as the Museo Storico Giuseppe Garibaldi. You can get to the settlement of Brunate, situated above Como, via a funicular, and a two hours hike from here takes you to the Monte Boletto peak. Bellagio is said to be the prettiest town on the lake, and if you get the chance, see the 13th-century Cluniac monastery of Piona as well, you will find in a shop here various herbal lotions and honey and produce from the gardens here, sold by the Cistercian monks.

Cultural treasures on your holiday at Lake Como

The beautiful landscape around Lake Como is dotted with cultural treasures, there are numerous festivals and events held here. The Sagra di San Giovanni in Como displays folk arts and fireworks, the Lake Como Festival with summer music performances is also great, there is a boat race, festival and boat procession in Ossuccio and many others. A holiday villa at Lake Como will also give you a chance to see the many villas here, out of which the most known one is the Villa d'Este, in Cernobbio. Menaggio is a beautiful resort on the lake side, and the Villa Carlotta south of it is famed for its amazing gardens. Be the star of your own holiday at Lake Como with visiting a villa featured in the “Star Wars” movies, Villa del Balbianello in Lenno.

A holiday among nature at Lake Como

The third largest and the deepest lake of Italy, that is Lake Como. It is also a lake surrounded by mountains, and thus you can only imagine the views you get from this place... or rather, you cannot even imagine them, you may not even believe them to be real when you get to see them from a last minute holiday home at Lake Como, that is how spectacular and serene they are. Being that you are on the shores of a lake, you must also find a beach. And you will, a most amazing sandy one, at Lido de Leno. The Greenway walk takes you from Colonno to Griante, through beautiful hills and villages, and has you taking in the spirit of the lake in a most enjoyable way.

Wellness and spa on holiday at Lake Como

Wellness and spa at Lake Como is like a dose of relaxation that comes over a dose of relaxation “imposed” by the atmosphere of the area alone. As complex as it sounds... it really is. Wellness resorts and spa centers of the region will prove this to be right. The Santa Maria Novella in Como is a good example, also the La Dolce Acqua in Lenno. From saunas, to baths, from massages to beauty treatments, at Lake Como you have it all in so many ways, both as a gift from the nature in the area, and from the local centers with great facilities.

Activities and sports

A group accommodation at Lake Como; a beautiful nature; the shores of the lake; all this leads towards a “must take” fabulous boat tour, from Bellagio, from Menaggio, from Varenna and so on. Take the funicular and go up to the settlement of Brunate, the hike from here to the summit of Monte Boletto. Try some golfing at the Villa D'Este or Monticello golf clubs. Take a long walk in the mountains, starting in places such as Menaggio. Go biking, mountain biking, boating, paragliding and even windsurfing in the same Menaggio, this is a most popular resort.

Family holiday at Lake Como

For a family holiday at Lake Como, you can opt for all sorts of fun activities, from water related ones such as kayaking, water skiing or surfing, to more “grounded” one such as hiking and biking on San Primo. There are even water trampolines for children here and there is an adventure park called Jungle Raider. At local pizzerias in Bellagio there are pizza making activities for children and even gelato making.

Dining at Lake Como - Buon Appetito!

What makes a meal at Lake Como so special is the ingredients that are used: from oregano to garlic, olive oil and fresh basil, home-made pasta and fresh fish, all of these can be combined into some mouthwatering traditional dishes. Besides the many types of pasta here, you should also taste the local polenta, and the malatoc, which is a sponge cake that was “born” in this area. The local gelato is a must, and you can enjoy it after a “risotto con pesce persico” dish. Local wine tasting is also something that you should not deny yourself.

Holiday with a pet at Lake Como

You and Fifi by the lakeside... maybe not the most romantic experience you can think of, but surely an experience that will fill your heart with a lot of joy and peace. What can be better than a walk on a lakeside promenade, or a family time with a picnic in the mountains where Rover can come along also and complete the fun. All you need is a pet-friendly holiday home at Lake Como and you're on for a treat of a time... you and Puffy alike.

Points of interest, a “must see” list at Lake Como:
  • the Cathedral of Como, a most beautiful architectural marvel, and the beautiful square around it;
  • the funicular railway Como-Brunate, revealing most stunning views, as well as a fun adventure for a day or so;
  • the Jungle Raider Park in Civenna, a most wonderful time on a family holiday at Lake Como, a lot of fun for both young and old, with various courses;
  • the many villas on the lake shores, such as the Villa del Balbianello in Tremezzina, or the Villa Carlotta here;
  • Bellagio and its many attractions, such as the Giardini di Villa Melzi, the La Punta Spartivento viewpoint and others;
  • the many water sports one can enjoy on a holiday at Lake Como.

A sense of magic, a sense of greatness, a sense of mystery... a holiday at Lake Como brings them all together and creates a most ideal venue for escaping the mundane and seeing Italy from a different angle.

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