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Culture and nature, a holiday home in the Italian Alps

The Italian Alps are a paradise-land for everyone: for those looking for great skiing and winter sports in the cold season, for those searching for infinity in the mountain peaks through hiking, and reaching paths that seem to be a step away from heaven. Read more

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The Italian Alps are a paradise-land for everyone: for those looking for great skiing and winter sports in the cold season, for those searching for infinity in the mountain peaks through hiking, and reaching paths that seem to be a step away from heaven. In any season, a holiday in the Italian Alps is a divine experience.

A holiday with historical attractions

The Italian Alps are dotted with quaint villages and beautiful towns that portray history in a very “mountainous” way, a history of romance as you can experience it in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, a history of art and culture in Bergamo, with its Piazza Vecchia, the Venetian walls, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Accademia Carrara and so on. Or maybe you opt for a holiday home in the Italian Alps at Lake Como, where you get to see the town of Como and the Cathedral and Duomo here, the Basilica di Sant'Abbondino and so on. A holiday in the Italian Alps is most of all varied, and thus most people think of a white coat of snow and lots of winter sports fun when thinking of these mountains, there are plenty of things to see and do in any location you choose here: the Aosta Valley, the Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto or Trentino, Alto Adige or Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in the Italian Alps

This is a simply magnificent mountain range that spreads its greatness and majestic feel in all facets of a wonderful holiday in the Italian Alps. If you choose to “set camp” in Savona for a chance, you can see the Sistine Chapel of Savona, or the Cattedrale di Nostra Signora Assunta. If you choose the Bolzano resort, besides the winter sports you can get to see the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology.

From a last minute holiday villa in the Italian Alps you can also “land” in the chic resort of San Remo, where you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains, or in Bellagio, at Lake Como, where the gardens, parks, the shores of the lake itself will charm your every sense. Merano, Riva del Garda, Lecco, choose your favorite destination for a holiday in the Italian Alps and set yourself up for greatness in all that concerns fun times.

A holiday among nature in the Italian Alps

A holiday among nature in the Italian Alps is mostly focused on, well... the mountains. These mountains though have taken in some most spectacular other venues, such as beautiful lakes, and breathtaking valleys, national parks and a rich fauna and flora. From a holiday home in the Italian Alps for the summer holiday for a chance, you may wish to head over to Lake Como or Lake Garda or others, check out some beautiful resorts here such as the Bellagio or maybe choose a place by the sea that is guarded by the Italian Alps. As for a winter holiday in the Italian Alps, well, winter sports “rule” in this case. And you have here Andalo resort in Trentino, Arabba, Cortina in Veneto, Aosta, Courmayeur, Cervinia in the famous Aosta Valley, Sestriere in Piedmont and many others.

Wellness and spa on holiday in the Italian Alps

Wellness and spa in the mountains... after a day of skiing, or hiking, or walking around and taking in the fresh air... let's face it: you deserve some pampering. And you can try it out at the QC Terme San Pellegrino for a chance, or maybe at the Terme Merano, and so on. There are all sorts of wellness facilities and spa treatments that you can count on to show you the true face of relaxation, and the best part is maybe that you can opt for one that offers some most breathtaking views of the mountains at the same time. Nothing like laying in a pool of thermal water and watching the snowy mountain peaks of the Italian Alps, surrounded by a forested landscape... and the proof of it is the Bagni di Bormio Spa Resort in Bormio, also a ski resort. Just say “yes” and live happily in a world of pampering... at least for a while.

Activities and sports

When we're talking about activities and sports in the Italian Alps we must say “winter sports” as two words that so perfectly fit into a holiday of fun. For a ski holiday in the Italian Alps, Turing may be a perfect first stop. From here you have the Valles di Susa and its resorts, as well as the Valle del Chisone with the resort of Sestriere. Then more to the north, the Valle d'Aosta is unique in its character, partially defined at least by the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Monte Rosa and resorts such as Courmayeur where skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cross-country skiing and other winter sports are the “blue bloods” of the holiday fun. Nearby the Breuil-Cervinia resort, the spa town St Vincent create a new "domain" of activities. Hiking and cycling, horse back riding and even water sports at the great lakes such as Lake Garda, Lake Como, are also part of an ideal holiday in the Italian Alps.

Family holiday in the Italian Alps

A family holiday in the Italian Alps... it can be a winter sports holiday or a summer holiday by a lake, it can be a holiday of visiting cultural and historical attractions or a gastronomic holiday... but one thing that it not only Can be but it actually Is... a whole load of fun. The skiing in Aosta Valley, the historical Piedmont, the nature, tradition of Lombardy and its vineyards, the Veneto and its stunning natural areas and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, a family summer holiday in Trentino or other Alpine regions in Italy are amazing. Amusement and adventure parks complete the fun scene, such as the Jungle Raider Park in Civenna, the Parco Avventura Mont Blanc in Pre Saint Didier and others.

Dining in the Italian Alps - Buon Appetito!

You can only imagine what one can say about the cuisine of the Italian Alps... or rather, maybe you can't... can you? Well, either way, you'll never be more sure than if you actually try it. Starting with the much beloved Fontina cheese from the Valle d'Aosta, to the Montasio cheese which was first made by the monks in the mountains in the year 1200, all delicious. The Mocetta cured meat of the Valle d'Aosta – check; the Boudin blood sausage – check; the Prosciutto di San Daniele – check; the speck ham – check; Carbonate beef stew – check; Costolette veal cutlets – check. Ok, let's wrap it up with some Monteblanco dessert and it's “all uphill” from here... or up the mountain rather.

Holiday with a pet in the Italian Alps

A holiday with a pet in the mountains is just perfect, and a holiday with a pet in the Italian Alps is just so much more than ideal... the fresh air, the beautiful views, a walk in the Piedmont area or among Lombardy's vineyards from a pet-friendly holiday home in the Italian Alps, a hike in the Alps of the Aosta Valley, you choose your path and follow it as you please. It's like playing “fetch” with a whole lot of amazing senses that the nature here gives you. And you've got Rover by your side too.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in the Italian Alps:
  • the Gran Paradiso National Park, one of the wildest and best preserved nature areas on the Old Continent, with a varied flora and fauna;
  • Bergamo and the Citta d'Alta here, surrounded by 16th century walls, the Citta Bassa lower section of the city, that is more modern;
  • Verona and Juliet's house and balcony, the Roman ruins here, the palaces, etc.
  • the famous ski resorts such as Courmayeur, Cervinia, Sestriere, the more affordable ski area around Trentino;
  • Lake Garda and its beautiful resorts and towns, water sports fun, and incredible landscapes.

A holiday in the Italian Alps is the one that “goes” with every season... a constant fashion show of rainbow colored senses and landscapes that take your breath away.

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