A holiday home in Liguria, a little part of paradise just for you

A region found in the northwest part of the country, Liguria is made of mountains and hills, green Mediterranean turf that overlooks the Ligurian Sea. This a place where, contrary to old sayings, you Can have it all: nature, culture, history, gastronomy, night life and entertainment, sea and mountains. Read more

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A region found in the northwest part of the country, Liguria is made of mountains and hills, green Mediterranean turf that overlooks the Ligurian Sea. This a place where, contrary to old sayings, you Can have it all: nature, culture, history, gastronomy, night life and entertainment, sea and mountains.

A holiday with historical attractions

A holiday home in Genoa... a good idea? Definitely. A city that mixes the old with the modern, the sea atmosphere with a cosmopolitan feel, while you walk along its caruggi, the narrow streets in the old town. The Lanterno in Genoa is a lighthouse that became a symbol of the city. The Palazzi dei Rolli here dates back to the 16th century, but the Palazzo Spinola di Pellicceria, the Palazzo Lercari Parodi, are also worth a visit. The Cattedrale di San Lorenzo is of an exquisite beauty. Check out the Santuario di Nostra Signora del Monte, a beautiful former convent surrounded by gardens, and the Monastero di Santa Croce del Corvo perched on a rocky outcrop also has a secluded garden and offers some most spectacular views of the sea as well. A stop that you simply must make from a last minute holiday villa in Liguria is the Cinque Terre, these five villages on the coast of the Italian Riviera are simply breathtaking and loaded with tradition and history, offering some of the most stunning views you will get while on holiday in Liguria.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Liguria

In Genoa, the Palazzo Ducale hosts all sorts of cultural events and the architecture of the place itself is a most unique one. If you're in the mood for some opera, don't miss the Teatro Carlo Felice, with amazing performances. The L'Acquario di Genova is the largest one in Europe and it is totally a place worth seeing. Take about half a day from your holiday apartment in Liguria and get to Genoa to enjoy this attraction. The Museo del Mare is also worth checking out since you are here, and the Museo del Risorgimento. There is a Flower Festival in San Remo in January, the St. George Bonfire in Portofino in April is also interesting, a Historical Folk Festival in Ventimiglia in August and many others. Famous seaside resorts here such as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Sestri Levante, Rapallo, are packed with tourists coming to spend a summer holiday in Liguria, and vivid cities such as Sanremo that is known for its Casino and for its Italian Music Festival, Lerici with a great medieval castle, Alassio with its fine sandy beach, are sources of endless entertainment.

A holiday among nature in Liguria

The Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets, as well as the Gulf of Tigullio, Genoa and Paradise Gulf, also the Riviera delle Palme and the Riviera dei Fiori make up for the famous Ligurian coast, with beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches. The dense forests that are to be found on a holiday in Liguria are also a great choice for going “off the beaten path” for a while. Stunning views, a unique atmosphere portrayed in villages such as the ones of Cinque Terre, have made this region of Italy an emblem of the country in itself.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Liguria

A wellness holiday in Liguria is a beautiful way to relax, and there are numerous places in which you can do so. From massages to baths, from swimming pools to saunas, you can find plenty of these in Genoa, like for example I Delfini Aquacenter, or the Hammam-Bagno Turco. Of course, there are other ones you can choose from, in cities such as Sanremo, or Pigna and so on. Choose an Italian-style pampering for you holiday this year, you will surely not regret this.

Activities and sports

The sea alon offers many ways to spend a holiday in Liguria, from the beautiful beaches to the Cinque Terre, Portofino, the famous Sanctuary of Cetaceans, where you can go whale watching and observe many other species from the marine fauna. Scuba-diving is yet another great way to spend an afternoon from your holiday home in Liguria, and snorkeling is also popular here. If you're more of a “keep your feet on the ground” kind of person, you can choose to explore the mountains behind the riviera. Hiking here reveals some most stunning views of valleys and lakes sprinkled with the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation. The International Nautical Fair in Genoa is great fun, and the Festival of Italian Music in Sanremo as well, thus in matters of activities and entertainment, you're on board with a holiday in Liguria.

Family holiday in Liguria

A family holiday in Liguria is equivalent to a whole load of fun, and not only because of the beach and the riviera here. The water sports and the beautiful sites that dot the area of Liguria offer lots of entertainment. The Genoa Aquarium is a must, it is the biggest one in Europe and both you and your little ones will be enchanted to see and find out more about the world under the waves. Then there is the famed area of the Cinque Terre, where lessons are to be learned: about how nature can create such stunningly beautiful elements, and of how humans can find a way to make them even more beautiful here. The five villages are like taken out of a postcard, and the atmosphere of serenity they portray is filled with so much color of joy. Snorkeling and diving, trekking and hiking, the many festivals and the art scenes in the cities, the seaside resorts... you're up for a memorable family time in Liguria.

Dining in Liguria - Buon Appetito!

Having dinner at an Italian restaurant... in Italy... you be the judge of that one. On a holiday in Liguria the local specialties are in fact the judge and the jury of all deliciousness. The trenette and pesto sauce, the ravioli with borage leaves, fish soups like buridda and ciuppin, or the seafood and the stuffed fried sardines pay tribute to this. The cima genovese which is cold stuffed veal, and the fugassa, the thick focaccia, are simply unforgettable. Dessert? Coming up: pandolce genovese, cubeli and amaretti, just as a hint of what sweetness really is.

Holiday with a pet in Liguria

A holiday with a pet in Liguria is a holiday of great times and memorable actions: from the Genova Vesima beach to the Santa Margherita Ligure, the L'Oasi near the marina of Chiavari and others, these beaches welcome voth you and your Chow to relax by the sea. Then you can also rent a pet-friendly holiday villa in Genoa or in other parts of Liguria and explore from here the mountains that guard the coast, go hiking or simply chill out on a terrace by the sea while your Fluff gratefully relaxes by your side.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Liguria:
  • the Cinque Terre and their medieval and yet colorful atmosphere, the stunning views you get from here, and the hiking possibilities that reveal a breathtaking landscape;
  • Genoa, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and the most important port of the country, with numerous attractions;
  • Portovenere, a most romantic village on the Ligurian Coast;
  • Cervo, a simply most beautiful town in this part of the country;
  • Portofino, Moneglia, beautiful resorts on the Riviera here;
  • the Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante.

Liguria is a very well-known area of Italy, a beautiful representative of the many attractions that have set this country on the map of “most visited countries in the world”. You must witness this yourself, and do it in the Italian “dolce vita” style, with a holiday home in Liguria.

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