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Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily, a beautiful destination that seems to be a world of its own. The town of Lipari is the capital of the island, with two beautiful harbors and a historic castle, with winding streets and cafes and restaurants. Read more

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Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily, a beautiful destination that seems to be a world of its own. The town of Lipari is the capital of the island, with two beautiful harbors and a historic castle, with winding streets and cafes and restaurants. Check out what else this hidden treasure of an island has in stock for you:

A holiday with historical attractions

A holiday in Lipari will reveal to you a rather long and quite unique history, they say the Aeolian Islands have been inhabited since 5000 BC. There are ruins of Bronze Age settlements that are displayed at Filicudi and Panarea. Given this is a volcanic island, and given its position, maritime trade has always been an important part of its activities: the black volcanic obsidian is a rare resource found on this island. The capital city of the island has the same name, Lipari, a town with a lively and joyful atmosphere and many attractions. The castello of Lipari, an almighty fortified headland, is where the heart of the town used to be. You can access it via stairs that lead to its walls or through a defensive gateway, and while here, you may wish to visit the museum as well. There is also an excavated area inside the citadel where you can see remains dating back to even the Neolithic era. Canneto is Lipari's second town, if you get the chance, stroll around its winding streets and go swimming and sunbathing from its pebbly beach, or maybe take a boat tour here.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Lipari Island

From a last minute holiday villa in Lipari, you will get to experience a new and interesting culture. The volcanic islands in this archipelago are peaceful and also entertaining, they combine life on an island with a… volcanic appearance. The capital city of Lipari is one that will show you culture in many interesting facets for a chance. Visit the cathedral here with the Norman cloister, and the town's important museum, the Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano "Luigi Bernabò Brea", or the Museo della Marineria e delle Tradizioni Eoliane. There are two ports, which you can reach from a holiday home in Lipari Island, one that is more "functional", the Marina Lunga, to the north, and a historical one, the Marina Corta, to the south. The latter one will present you with the island's overall atmosphere in a most sublime way, with colorful fishing boats and fishermen playing cards in the piazza, with joyful children playing around and a little church found on the dike. It's like you stepped into a "small town life". The patron saint of the island is the San Bartolomeo, there is a huge celebration honoring him each year in the month of August.

A holiday among nature in Lipari Island

The island's nature is overlooked by the charms of the sea, and if you take a walk to the Monte Rosa, the rounded headland north of Lipari town, you get wonderful views of the town and of Canneto as well. The beaches of the island such as Canneto, Papesca, Acquacalda and Porticello are great, so is the Spiaggia Bianca, with white sand and a turquoise sea. Going to Acquacalda from a park in Lipari Island, you will encounter Rocche Rosse with lava formations of various shapes and sizes. The Lipari Island is also a great base for exploring the Aeolian Islands, and the most popular excursion is to the island of Stromboli, also including a visit to the volcano, and seeing eruptions from the sea. Impressive Lipari Island!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Lipari Island

When it comes to a wellness weekend in Lipari Island, there are the perfect words that describe it: The Terme di San Calogero thermal springs. These springs have been used for thousands of years as thermal baths, and nowadays, alongside these springs there is a spa. The history of the place is quite impressive, and overall, you should definitely pay it a visit on a holiday in the Lipari Island.

Activities and sports

In the summer time, being that you are on an island, water sports are very popular. Go swimming, snorkeling and diving from your holiday home in Lipari Island. At the Faraglioni, there are crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming, and the beaches of the island are amazing as well. In winter and spring, trekking can be a wonderful option to see more of the island's beauties, and one option for this would actually be trekking from Quattropani to Acquacalda, you will be rewarded with some most amazing views. Sightseeing is always an option, so is just relaxing at the Marina Corta in Lipari for a chance, and watching the tranquil layout of "life on an island" go on.

Family holiday in Lipari Island

Spending a family holiday in Lipari Island is an amazing experience, from hanging out at the beach, enjoying water sports, to walking around or cycling, sailing to the neighboring islands and so on. Go sightseeing with your family in the Lipari Island, visit the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo with the Norman cloister, the Chiesa di San Bartolomeo, have dinner at a restaurant with a view. A great way of seeing the island is even by taxi, the drivers are very friendly and will double as a tour guide most of the times, the price is very affordable. Enjoy memorable times with loved ones on the Lipari Island and the Aeolian Islands.

Dining in Lipari Island - Buon Appetito!

There are quite a number of restaurants that will offer you local dishes here, made with ingredients of the area such as oregano, mint, basil and capers. You can even cook a meal for yourself at a holiday home on the Lipari Island. Seafood is a specialty of the island, and so is swordfish. For a great drink, you can head to the main street of Lipari town, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where terraces and bars offer various local and continental drinks. Sitting outside in the summer time, on a terrace of a grotto-like bar, is like being part of a movie scene from back in the days. Don't miss out on this experience, you'll be truly enchanted.

Holiday with a pet in Lipari Island

A holiday is not quite complete without a man's best friend coming along sometimes. With a pet-friendly holiday home in the Lipari Island, you are all set up for a great time together with Rover. Many of the local terraces allow dogs, and an evening stroll in the surroundings is always a relaxing way of “walking your food” after a nice traditional dinner.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Lipari Island:
  • the beaches of Lipari, the Canneto, Papesca, the Spiaggia Bianca white sandy beach and others;
  • the Museo Archeologico Eoliano, where objects from underwater excavations are displayed, dating back to Greek times here, in the 4th and 5th century BC;
  • the Chiesa and Cathedral of San Bartolomeo, with the Norman cloister and the history behind them;
  • the town of Lipari and its two beautiful harbors with amazing views and a unique atmosphere of “life as it is” on an island.

The hardest thing to do when on holiday in the Lipari Island is... leaving. The place inspires such a calm and serene atmosphere that going back to “life, reality” after spending some time here, is quite disturbing. But don't worry... the Lipari Island awaits for you to come back, that can be your little secret.

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