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21-10-2019 Emily Williams
How your holiday contributes to a better future for people and nature

At BungalowNet Group we are good in offering you a carefree holiday. But we also believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the World and create a better and healthier environment. That is why we support Eden Reforestation Projects: an organization that restores forests and is able to help some people out of poverty. In this way your holiday contributes to a sustainable future.

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18-08-2020 Emily Williams
Travelling with your pet: discovering Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands

Did you know that dogs are as intelligent as 2 year old children in average? They are capable of understanding more than 250 hand gestures and words, depending on the style of training they have received. They can even count up to 5 and do understand the words spoken to them, not just the tone of your voice.

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07-05-2018 Emily Williams
Top 10 family beaches to visit in France this summer

When you think of France... French beaches... summer, sea, sand, relaxation... there is nothing more "wow" than this! You probably wish you could just close your eyes and “land” on one of the postcard-like beaches of this country. Still somehow, when you consider a family holiday at the beach in France, with your children, you soon realize it kind of pays off to have a few hints on what the right places to go would be.

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23-01-2018 Emily Williams
5 fun holiday places and activities the whole family can enjoy

A family holiday no longer means shoving your kids into the car and heading towards the nearest beach. It takes planning and careful consideration of the place you're going to and of the activities that you will be able to enjoy together as a family.

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family vacation
15-01-2018 Emily Williams
4 lessons I learned while traveling with my family

Traveling with your family is a great way of exploring the world together. There are so many places you can choose from, and so many fun activities to enjoy in each and every one of them, that you will never run out of options.

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Family Holiday
11-12-2017 Emily Williams
Benefits of family traveling

If someone would ask you "what is a family?" what would you respond? There are so many ways in which one can define this concept, and the most fascinating thing is that each way is unique to each person.

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21-11-2017 Emily Williams
What to do when you fall sick in a foreign land

Being sick is pretty bad... what's even worse though it's getting sick while on a holiday abroad. Now though you may feel like you've been cursed by the "vacation Gods" in a case like that, it doesn't always have to be that bad.

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Family holiday with a swimming pool
13-11-2017 Emily Williams
Essential tips for a family holiday with a swimming pool

Taking your kids on a holiday can be quite challenging at times. Taking your kids on a family holiday at a vacation home where there is also a swimming pool can be even more challenging... pretty much at all times.

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Family Holiday
06-11-2017 Emily Williams
Enjoyable travels with your toddler: how to make that happen

Traveling with children can be a daunting "task", and traveling with toddlers even more so. There are many things to think of in order to not end up with a screaming kid on your hands while carrying what seems to be all the luggage in the world and being in a hurry at the same time.

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30-10-2017 Emily Williams
Top things to pack for a trip abroad and a few extra tips

Packing right for a trip abroad can make all the difference. Of course, packing your bags may depend a lot on the legth of your trip, on its location and so on. Overall, there are a few "common sense" rules to follow when it comes to your luggage and its content. This will ensure you not ending up with a bag the size of Jupiter on your back, and with not having to have your own caravan to transport it.

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Petfriendly Houses
23-10-2017 Emily Williams
Tips on how to travel with a pet

Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun. It's surely better than constantly thinking of the sad little eyes of the "left at home" Fluffy. Yet in order to not completely turn gray during a holiday with your dog, you must plan ahead and be very well informed regarding many aspects. Here's a few tips on that:

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happy family breakfast on bungalow terrace
20-04-2017 Lotte Van Dijk
10 things you need to know before you rent a holiday home

If you're looking to rent a vacation home and don't quite know where to start, one thing's for sure: you're not the only one.

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