5 fun holiday places and activities the whole family can enjoy

A family holiday no longer means shoving your kids into the car and heading towards the nearest beach. It takes planning and careful consideration of the place you're going to and of the activities that you will be able to enjoy together as a family.

There are many great locations you can choose from and many ways to have tons of fun with your loved ones. When it comes to a family holiday in Europe for a chance, a few suggestions will most likely be very much appreciated, so here they go:

5 family-oriented destinations can be classified as follows:

  • For a cultural and historical holiday: Italy, France
  • For a holiday at the beach: Greece, Croatia
  • For outdoor activities: Germany and Switzerland
  • For great food and relaxation: Spain
  • For exploring the land on bike tours: Netherlands

5 car games to play on the way

  • The Animal Name Game: One person names an animal, then each of the other persons in order has to name another animal that has to start with the last letter of the previous one named.
  • 20 questions: One of the persons in the car has to think of an animal, mineral, or vegetable, but not say it out loud. Then the other players get to ask in order yes-or-no questions, like "Can it swim?" or "Does it live in the forest?", etc. 20 questions are allowed and then each player gets a chance to make a guess at what it was that the first player thought about.
  • The Alphabet Game: there can be two teams, one choosing the right side of the road and the other the left one. Each team will look for letters of the alphabet that appear on its side of the road, whether they are on signs or license plates. The first team to spot all the letters of the alphabet will win the game.
  • Find the secret place: if you have a map on you, then one player will look at it and choose the name of a town, river, village, etc. and say it out loud. The second player has to find the place on the map in one minute.
  • 50 Count or the Words Game: for the first one, a player chooses an item or a color and the rest of them have to find 50 objects in that category. For the second one, players need to scan outside for words, such as billboards or shops, etc. They make a list of those words and then they have to use them to write up a story.

5 activities the whole family will enjoy on vacation:

  • Beach activities in Croatia: this country is very much family-friendly; you will find here numerous sandy beaches and beach activities to enjoy with the whole family. Water parks and swimming under waterfalls are great ways to relax and have fun at the same time. A family holiday in Croatia will be worth its while.
  • Cycling tours and exploring nature in the Netherlands: this country is extremely welcoming to children and not only. From the fantastic Efteling magical theme park in the middle of the country to canal tours, zoos, pancake houses, windmills, outdoor play places, stunning gardens like Keukenhof and the beaches of Zeeland, this country will not seize to amaze you.
  • Outdoor fun in Germany, Belgium: a family holiday in Germany will always be to your taste. This is a country that is great especially for families that have not traveled much of Europe. It's really easy and cheap to get around here, and you can find fantastic places for hiking, cycling, winter sports in the Black Forest for example. There are even places by the sea that will give you the chance to enjoy some water fun with your family.
  • As for Belgium, the land of Tintin, the Smurfs, waffles and chocolate pralines is surely a place for a family vacation. All of these go hand in hand with the beautiful Belgian Coast and its well-equipped resorts. Just look into it, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Culture and history in Italy: Everyone knows that Italy is like a History Book. Take your kids to see the famous Colosseum and the marvels in Rome; or take a family holiday in Tuscany and enjoy its amazing nature, relax among the vast greenery and visit cities such as Florence and Pisa, take a bike ride in Lucca, enjoy the local cuisine and a gelato. A much favorite for families is also Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, where hiking combines perfectly with swimming.
  • Relaxation and cultural trips in Spain: from famous and stunningly beautiful Barcelona to exploring castles with their knights in shining armor, ancient fortresses and hidden gardens, this country is a fantastic place for a family vacation. There are amazing parks and plazas to enjoy, as well as beautiful beaches for sunbathing, water fun and relaxation. Stop in at a tapas bar and enjoy the local snacks, visit a bullfighting museum, enjoy a flamenco show... teach your kids all about the beauty of the culture and history here, and don't forget to also try out... the famous siesta.

A family holiday is a great way of bonding with your loved ones and of creating great new memories together. While they say that it's more about the journey than the destination, choosing a place that has something for everyone to enjoy can be crucial to a successful family trip. What's your take on this?

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