During a holiday in Norway you will discover the very long Norwegian coastline, like 25.148 km long. The coast offers beautiful nature with fjords and inlets and attractions like beautiful beaches. Norway also has numerous glaciers... Read more

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During a holiday in Norway you will discover the very long Norwegian coastline, like 25.148 km long. The coast offers beautiful nature with fjords and inlets and attractions like beautiful beaches. Norway also has numerous glaciers as Josteddalsbreen, Nigardsbreen and Briksdalsbeen. Don't forget the Trollheimen, a magnificent mountain range in More-Romsdal . Walking in the beautiful surroundings, mountain biking and enjoying nature will be an impressive holiday experience that you will not soon forget.

Discover Norway

A visit to the capital Oslo is cozy and interesting. This city offers more than fifty museums and art galleries. A city tour is a fun way to explore the city. The sights on the Bygdoy Peninsula are a little further. The Akershus Fortress, built in 1299, that has stopped many invaders, is now a museum. The Town Hall has won a design competition in 1918, the interior is completely decorated by various Norwegian artists. The Karls Johans Gate is the main street in Oslo, an almost straight line connection between the station and the Royal palace. This connection consists of several older streets where you can go shopping. Slottet or the royal palace was built in the early 1900s and is opened to visitors. In the Vigeland Sculpture Park, you can freely walk around all year round in the beautiful park with stone and bronze sculptures. You will surely not be bored in Oslo. Nature lovers can take in the beauty of Telemark where many attractions can be found, like the Waterfall Rjukanfossen, Heddal stave church, Krossobanen and the Lake Møsvatn.

UNESCO in Norway

Lovers of history and culture will be sure to enjoy their holiday in Norway. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway. Visit Bergen and visit the Bryggen quay. It is a lively trade center. The two long rows of gabled houses along the waterfront form a pretty picture. They were warehouses and houses at the same time. The mining town of Roros is a wonderful example of well-preserved history, the mines closed in 1977. The diamond-shaped grid has been kept safe until this day. The petroglyphs of Alta is one of the most important collection of petroglyphs. Through the drawings here you will get a picture of how life was 6000 years ago, of how people lived and worked. The 3,000 petroglyphs are a prime example of a journey back in time in the beautiful country of Norway.

Expand your cultural horizons with a holiday home in Norway

Norway is a perfectly suited country for spending an active time here, for enjoying culture, nature or a family holiday. The country is versatile, thanks in part to the beautiful and varied natural landscape. Off the coast you'll find islands such as the Lofoten islands, while along the coast lie picturesque fjords like Nordfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Sogn and Fjordane you will find beautiful Fjords like, Sognefjord, Sunnfjord and Nordfjord. There are also countless glaciers in Norway, including the largest in Europe, the Briksdalsbreen. Other famous glaciers you'll want to visit from your self-catering holiday home in Norway include Svartisen and Golfgeonna. The nature here is very attractive, can be enjoyed by both sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Of course there are also beautiful cities that offer plenty of opportunity for a holiday in Norway. The main cultural destination in the country is Oslo, with wonderful sites like the famous Vigeland sculpture garden.

Expand your horizons

Discover something new this year with an affordable holiday home in Norway. The country may surprise you with its beautiful and varied natural landscapes, cultural attractions and array of recreational activities. The city of Bergen, in Hordaland, is the second largest city in Norway. Known as "the city between seven mountains", it's a perfect holiday destination whether you're into outdoor adventure or you're more of the museum-goer type. You can explore one of the famous Seven Mountains, such as Floyen, which is accessible by cable car year round. Or be a part of the annual Seven Mountains Hike and discover them all. Those looking for the chance to soak up a bit of culture will find themselves at home in Bergen as well. Visit historic places such as Troldhaugen during your holiday in Norway, the former home of Edvard Grieg, and Bryggen, the oldest district of the city whose Hanseatic buildings have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Advariet aquarium in Bergen is great also, especially for children. Looking for more options? The city of Bergen is the southern terminus of the Hurtigruten, a sea voyage along the Norwegian coast, a wonderful way to get acquainted with Norway's impressive coastal scenery (don't forget your camera!).

Stave off the mundane in Norway

Looking for the opportunity to enjoy some culture? If so, you should learn that in Norway culture comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, you can visit the beautiful medieval stave church in Urnes. In general, the stave churches were built from the 11th to 13th centuries and are the oldest wooden buildings in Norway. The style and beauty of the carvings is impressive and many of these stave churches are World Heritage sites. In Bergen, Norway's second largest city, you can visit St. Mary's church. Built in the 12th century, it's the city's oldest building. The rocky coast of Alta should also be included on your list of places to visit and enjoy in this fabulous country on the Old Continent. History comes to life here with the impressive petroglyphs which were first discovered in 1972. The oldest images are 6300 years old. Your imagination is the only limit that is set while enjoying this wonderful country.

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