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21-10-2019 Emily Williams
How your holiday contributes to a better future for people and nature

At BungalowNet Group we are good in offering you a carefree holiday. But we also believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the World and create a better and healthier environment. That is why we support Eden Reforestation Projects: an organization that restores forests and is able to help some people out of poverty. In this way your holiday contributes to a sustainable future.

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Explore Culture and Comfort: Top Museums to Visit Near Your Favorite Holiday Park or Holiday Home
27-02-2024 Emily Williams
Top Museums to Visit Near Your Favorite Holiday Park or Holiday Home

In the whirlwind of planning vacations and adventures, museums often get overshadowed by iconic landmarks, bustling markets, and picturesque landscapes. However, these cultural repositories are more than just buildings filled with artifacts and paintings; they are windows into the soul of a destination, offering invaluable insights into its history, art, and heritage.

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Top 6 Best European Christmas Markets - Exploring the Enchantment
23-11-2023 Emily Williams
Top 6 Best European Christmas Markets - Exploring the Enchantment

As the chilly winter winds blow through cobbled streets and the sweet scent of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts fills the air, there's no better time to immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas than by visiting Europe's enchanting Christmas markets.

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6 Movies Which Will Make You Want to Travel this Fall
13-09-2023 Emily Williams
6 Movies Which Will Make You Want to Travel this Fall

Some movies make you fall in love with the characters, even if just for a split second. Other movies go way beyond this and make you fall for the place where the plot takes place and this will make you want to do crazy things, like book a flight to Florence on a whim. But is that really that wild of a gesture? Let’s find out!

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Kid-friendly European holidays 2023
01-06-2023 Emily Williams
Top Kid-Friendly Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe

You want the best for your children, including helping them gather unforgettable memories and solid life experiences. Even from a very young age, one way of doing this is taking them on trips, showing them different countries and cultures, and generally making summertime the best part of the year.

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19-05-2023 Emily Williams
A sure-fire guide to having the perfect holiday in a vacation park while avoiding crowds

Everybody needs vacations, it is the one period during a year when you have the freedom of switching your brain off and going on an adventure. This year, different winds are blowing but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your trekking dreams and freedom, you just need to be smart about your arrangements.

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15-05-2023 Emily Williams
Halloween in Grottes de Han – stay at a holiday park, experience a magical week with your children!

The Caves of Han-Sur-Lesse are an important and large-scale tourist attraction in Belgium, located next to the village of the same name. The main draw is the cave system, but there are so much more to experience besides it, such as the rich wildlife park and the Han 1900 museum.

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15-05-2023 Emily Williams
Remote spots in the Netherlands #discoverfriesland

Friesland is a true hidden fairytale, with an incredible amount of nature and water, intertwined with culture and history. The perfect blend of an active lifestyle and a thirst for always discovering something new, it is the ideal place for a safe family vacation. Hidden away from crowds and hordes of tourists, this region offers what we are all looking for when searching our next Spring vacation spot: large amounts of space for us and our loved ones and every single day filled with something new to do.

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Summer Bucket List 2023 Bungalow
18-04-2023 Emily Williams
Your Ultimate European Summer Bucket List

Summer is the perfect time to explore the diversity and beauty of Europe. With so many countries, cultures, foods, and landscapes to discover, it can be difficult to decide where to go and what to do. That’s why we have put together the ultimate European Summer Bucket List, filled with exciting experiences and must-see destinations.

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Top 5 holiday parks in europe for spring
26-02-2023 Emily Williams
Top 5 European Holiday Parks for Springtime

Spring is the perfect time to take a break from the daily grind and escape to nature. If you're looking for a cozy and relaxing holiday in Europe, a holiday park might just be the perfect option for you.

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10 Belgian beers you've probably never heard of
24-05-2022 Emily Williams
10 Belgian beers you've probably never heard of

Belgium is a country where the friendly hospitality of villages and the Burgundian lifestyle are fully celebrated. An old, solid part of this is the custom of locally brewed beer created by masters and monks. Many of these beers are now world-famous. However, there are still a few foamy gems known only to the locals. Here are a few recommendations for the next time you are on holiday in this beautiful country.

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07-03-2022 Emily Williams
Parc Maasresidence Thorn - A springtime Wishlist

Parc Maasresidence Thorn, located in Limburg, The Netherlands is truly one of the most intelligently and thoughtfully designed holiday parks you will ever come across.

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13-05-2021 Emily Williams
Best locations for watersports in Holland

There are many different types of active holidays. You can choose a region which is famous for hiking, you might pack your bicycle and discover the undulating hills surrounding your holiday home, but nothing is as special as a vacation connected to watersports.

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05-05-2021 Emily Williams
Good habits to take home from a holiday!

Going on holiday is always a welcome change in scenery and the best part is the fact that you get to experience brand new things, or simply reconnect with your inner needs. While vacationing, you usually create a healthy balance between activities and time for yourself, and while some beneficial things are highly specific to certain locations (such as watersports or adrenaline filled activities), there are others which you can “take” with you and nurture in your everyday life.

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16-04-2021 Emily Williams
Travel bucket list for a European Summer

A great way of discovering new places is always having a bucket list for trips and new destinations. People usually create these in order to know what to aspire towards, while these lists truly can help you stick to your plans. Travel and vacation bucket lists can be done for 1 year, a few years ahead or even a lifetime if you are truly ambitious. To help out globetrotters in this endeavor, we have created a “Travel Bucket List for a European Summer”, so hop on the holiday train and let’s see what can and absolutely should be visited on this slice of the world. Warning: we have totally avoided cliches in this list, so if you were looking for such things as the “Eiffel Tower” or “The Tower of London”, you won’t be finding those here. Think outside the box and let’s get started!

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08-04-2021 Emily Williams
Travel this Spring with your Pet – Useful tips and top destinations

Travelling with your pet has many benefits, such as bonding and learning how to go trekking together, starting a healthier lifestyle this way. It can also help with your mental health, offering a kind of safety blanket in unforeseen situations while on vacation and it’s always a great thing when the entire family is present during a holiday, even the four-legged members! Before getting into the “where” and talking about some awesome places for you and your pet, it’s important to mention a few “hows”, as in how to prepare for such a vacation with the safety of your little buddy in mind.

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25-03-2021 Emily Williams
City Break from a Holiday Park!

This might sound like an oxymoron, but it truly isn't, you can and absolutely should turn your holiday park adventure into a city break and vice versa. It is actually the perfect cocktail: you relax in a vacation park then at the optimal moment you get in your car and visit a nearby city for a splash of culture. After spending a perfect day drinking in history, you can go back to nature and the calm surroundings your cozy bungalow has to offer.

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12-03-2021 Emily Williams
An active Easter Holiday – Stay at a park, go on a walk!

An Easter Holiday spent at home can sometimes turn into an endless stream of hours and days focusing on cooking and eating. This is nice and all, but most of the times families enjoy other types of quality time spent together and a short getaway during this time is the perfect setting for this. This day and age, you have an abundance of options, finding the best fit for your loved ones, and in this little peace of writing you can read about the benefits of an active type of vacation during Easter Holiday.

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03-03-2021 Emily Williams
Easter Weekend : how to have a great Easter Holiday?

Every year, as Easter rolls around, you find yourself planning the perfect getaway for you and your family. This year, the much-anticipated date falls between the 2nd and 5th of April, a perfect time for a nature based mini-vacation with historically kind weather conditions. Besides the favorable temperatures, the date also falls far after the last holiday in the calendar, which has been the 1st of January, so it is official: the time for a Spring vacation has come and it is more than welcome!

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26-02-2021 Emily Williams
Five types of people who you will meet in a holiday park

You have decided to spend your vacation in a vacation park, away from crowds, where you can basically settle in and enjoy the beauty of a holiday home. Great, but have you ever thought about the community a holiday park offers? During our travels and our free time, we not only get the chance to see new places and experience new things, but we also get to know like-minded people, who can even become lifelong friends.

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11-02-2021 Emily Williams
Travel trends in 2021 - Parks and Safety Measures

Travel trends are always changing, they don’t have solid rules and their fluidity is exactly what makes travelling so exciting. Most of the times these changes are positive and beneficial because they are basically a reaction to the state of the current world. Even when new travel trends seem to be restrictive, we have to keep in mind that these have a good reason for being how they are and having their current aspects and attributes. So how has traveling changed for the year 2021? Can we view the new ideas and tendencies as positive? How can we make the best out of our next holiday? These are all questions we would like to try and find the answers to, giving a helping hand to anyone who would like to vacation in peace and enjoy life to the max.

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04-02-2021 Emily Williams
How to travel in 2021: about flexible bookings, early bird offers and insurances.

Currently there are many questions going around regarding holidays, vacations and how to manage the situation correctly. Many families feel like they should be careful, which is true, but also know that they need a break from time to time from their jobs, day to day lives and other stress factors. We thought it would be helpful to answer some of the most important questions and offer helpful tips on how to navigate the upcoming months when it comes to travel. Keep in mind, these tips, tricks and helpful information are mostly European Union based, meaning that we have carefully analyzed the situation in this particular region. Let’s start with the most important questions people have in this period:

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27-01-2021 Emily Williams
Secret low seasons and how to avoid crowds during your vacation

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter if you are traveling with your entire family, as a pair or solo, if there is one thing everyone wants to avoid - it is crowds. Standing around entrances to cultural sites, Zoos or even restaurants isn’t ideal even in the best of times, and if there is one thing we have collectively learned from last year, it’s this: unknown people huddled together in larger groups isn’t just mind numbing, it’s also unhealthy. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacation like you used to, but a different approach will help you on so many levels.

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13-01-2021 Emily Williams
The benefits of a long holiday - 5 destinations worth the stay

When has it been the last time you truly have spent time away from your workplace or your day to day life? You might be in need of a long vacation, even if you have had smaller breaks speckled along the year. If you decide to truly let loose and stay for a few weeks in a healthy, natural environment, you will reap even greater benefits, and reset your entire body and soul.

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06-01-2021 Emily Williams
The ideal vacation: you, your family and a crackling fireplace – stay safe, stay inside

The prototype of the classical fireplace appeared as early as the ancient times, back when humankind was still learning how to use fire, taming it and willing this energy to work for their benefit. After a while, it got a special place inside the house, also called the “hearth”, getting the status of being the dominant element of the interior space of a home. Maybe watching an open flame and sitting near it is imprinted in our genetic memory, taking us back to simpler times and giving us a sense of protection and comfort.

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23-12-2020 Emily Williams
New Year’s Resolutions – Dream Vacations for the New Year

Why do we make New Year's Resolutions? Usually we enjoy looking back at the past year to see what we managed to achieve, where we stand with our lives and what goals are yet to be reached. But this is even better if we set ideas and goals right at the start of the new year, giving ourselves ample time (12 months to be exact) to make these dreams come true.

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17-12-2020 Emily Williams
Christmas Week – Tips on how to stop stressing and start enjoying the holidays

Buying gifts and taking care of groceries, making sure everything on the list is done by Christmas. This is what most winter holidays are but shouldn’t have to be.

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10-12-2020 Emily Williams
Creating A Christmas miracle: the importance of spending time with your family & feeling generous

Studies show that people’s stress and happiness levels can be analyzed and predicted by the strength and well-being of their social circles. This is a great indicator which offers insight into how important it actually is to spend time with your family or friends you consider close. Being in contact with your loved ones has the measurable effect and benefit of reducing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

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07-12-2020 Emily Williams
Saint Nicholas Traditions in Holiday Parks!

St. Nicholas Day is held on December the 5th or 6th and commemorates St. Nicholas, a 4th century bishop and patron saint of cities, children, sailors who has been widely known for is generous nature. The reformation has been a huge turn for Protestant Europe and St. Nicholas has almost been forgotten but fortunately, his memory and the traditions have been kept alive in The Netherlands, in the form of Sinterklaas.

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02-12-2020 Emily Williams
Ditch the gift with BungalowNet: a traditional Christmas in a holidaypark

What are the basic ideas of the holiday spirit? We might all agree on the following concepts: giving back, offering hope, good cheer, love, understanding and helping others.

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18-11-2020 Emily Williams
The best holiday with your pet - Choosing firework free vacations for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is that magical time of year, when the western part of the world walks into the fresh year with new hopes and dreams. Tradition has it, that we must this as loudly as possible, by lighting up the sky in brilliant colors and showers of light.

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12-11-2020 Emily Williams
Top 8 ideas for a family vacation – visit Belgium, enjoy the ride

Whether you are preparing for a vacation holiday or thinking about ideas on where to go for a relaxing autumn holiday, Belgium is a great idea either way. With its culture, nature parks and cuisine, it offers a variety of options for families, so everyone will find something fun to do.

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22-10-2020 Emily Williams
Your very own Oktoberfest in a holiday park

Oktoberfest has a rich history and has been around for much longer than people would originally think.

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09-10-2020 Emily Williams
Get to know the taste and history of Belgian Beer: the traditional brewers of The Ardennes

What would you think the third most popular drink in the world is? Number one is water obviously, followed by tea, but coffee isn’t in third place. This position is occupied by our old, trusty friend: beer.

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08-10-2020 Emily Williams
From the woods to the seaside – why The Ardennes is the best choice for a family vacation

There is one huge secret to vacationing, which not many people share and know: yes, you can have it all! It is possible to embark on a trip, enjoy the woods and live to the max while experiencing various activities.

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08-10-2020 Emily Williams
5 delicious desserts you can prepare in a vacation park!

Going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to give up on your small luxuries. We have already talked about cooking different dishes while staying at a vacation park, and with this list, we would like to introduce you to the world of easy desserts!

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08-10-2020 Emily Williams
Spa ONE: Experience what wellness truly means

Sometimes, you simply want to get away, forget about every mundane aspect of your life and enjoy a luxurious backdrop to a relaxing stay, somewhere… hidden away!

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07-10-2020 Emily Williams
Outdoor recipes (green and fresh)

Taking a vacation doesn’t have to mean giving up on your dietary habits. Actually, it can even represent a new start, like trying out easy vegetarian meals, which can give you a much-needed rush of energy for all those hikes and bike rides you will be taking!

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02-10-2020 Emily Williams
The perfect holiday if you are retired: 5 tips and tricks!

Being retired means that your job is in the rearview mirror and you are free to take vacations whenever you would like to, without having to stick to certain workplace standards.

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03-08-2020 Emily Williams
5 fast and easy outdoor recipes for meat lovers

Eating well during your holiday doesn’t have to mean always opting for restaurants and it most certainly doesn’t mean you have to spend grueling hour in the kitchen, chopping off precious time from your vacation. First of all, if you decide on a holiday park as your destination, you and your entire family/group will have total freedom with an equipped kitchen, outdoor and indoor seating areas and time management in general.

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21-07-2020 Emily Williams
Castles in the Sky: top castles to see on your trip to The Ardennes region

Luxembourg is well-known for its large density of castles, indeed for a relatively small territory, it offers more than 100 castles, not counting all the manors and large estates. The beauty of these monumental buildings isn’t purely architectural, there is something about the passing of time and history, which latches itself to the old rocks of the buildings and lures us in unwillingly.

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15-07-2020 Emily Williams
Top 6 nature and sightseeing spots to visit while in Grafschaft Bentheim

The Grafschaft Bentheim region has a long history, dating back to the Holy Roman Empire, flourishing ever since, through the middle ages and the early modern period to our days, always managing to somehow overcome history. The people from this region are independent, free-spirited and courageous. The entire place emanates mythos and stories, no wonder the Brothers Grimm got inspired by the eerie, dense forests and the marshlands, writing such fairytales as Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty. There is something about this area that simply switches our imaginations on and whispers about lights in the bogs you shouldn’t follow, castles older than time itself and forests so dense that they tell their own stories.

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09-07-2020 Emily Williams
Experience the top water related adventures in Zeeland!

Our bodies are 60% water, so maybe this is why we are so attracted to everything related to this element. The first 9 months of our lives is spent gently levitating in water, drifting through space and time, in calmness and warmth. This is what we are always aspiring towards during our lifetimes, trying to reconnect with the very thing that made life possible on planet earth.

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24-06-2020 Emily Williams
Top 8 outdoor activities in The Ardennes – Outdoor adventures at Vallée les Etoiles with Dinant Evasion

The Ardennes region is one of those places you can’t leave without taking a small part of it with you for the rest of your life. The majestic woodland has been inhabited since prehistoric and roman times, marking the air heavy not only with the beauty of nature but also the greatness of history, which must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Next to this escapade, or even to enhance it, you can try out a few things, maybe for the first time in your life.

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30-01-2018 Emily Williams
Top 10 romantic holiday homes for Valentine's Day

Love is something worth celebrating every day. It's no wonder thus that we've dedicated a special day to it as well, namely Valentine's Day. If you're tired of "the classic" flowers and chocolate Valentine's Day gift, why not choose a little something more special this year? We're talking about that heart-warming, joy-bringing, fun-filled thing called Travel.

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