Creating A Christmas miracle: the importance of spending time with your family & feeling generous

Studies show that people’s stress and happiness levels can be analyzed and predicted by the strength and well-being of their social circles. This is a great indicator which offers insight into how important it actually is to spend time with your family or friends you consider close. Being in contact with your loved ones has the measurable effect and benefit of reducing depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

Face to face communication and spending time together is more effective than doing it digitally and all of this becomes even more apparent during the Christmas Holidays. 

On the other hand, generosity and giving back to the community or even planet Earth makes people happier and more well-adjusted, the whole process doesn’t simply benefit the ones you are helping, it also brings a very specific kind of long-lasting joy. 

This year, let’s combine these two ideas. 

So why go on holiday during Christmas

  1. Holidays during Christmas are usually easier to do, because most workplaces offer free days for their workers anyway, and as it is the end of the year, people are probably a bit more tired and deserve a break. 
  2. Schools are still off during this period, children have the chance to connect with their parents and getting away to a place with fresh air and ample place to be outdoors and have fun at will benefit the entire family. 
  3. During long, cold winter days, is there anything better to do then cozy up in a cute house in front of the fireplace and spend time together? 
  4. Many Christmas traditions focus on friends and family: decorating the house and the tree, baking, cooking a Christmas feast, caroling, gift giving – taking part in this while on holiday will connect you in a special bond. 
  5. Intentionally not being part of the hustle and bustle before Christmas, not stressing out about food and activities and instead hiding away with your loved ones will save you from a lot of stress and open up an entirely new world of relaxation and fun. 
  6. If you choose a holiday park as your destination, such as Vallée les Etoiles or Bergvliet Villa’s, you won’t have to take care of Christmas dinner yourself, because many parks offer the option of ordering a grand festive meal, spearing you of going shopping and cooking all day long. This way you will have time for the important things, such as focusing on your family and children, and a guaranteed tasty meal. 
  7. Vallée Les Etoiles, Domaine La Sapinière, Hof van Zeeland and Bergvliet Villa’s are magical vacation parks, and all of them have comfortable houses, with ample space for a family. Here, everyone can have their own area for reading, relaxing, playing, so every single family member can have the best time, without having to give up the luxury of space and a plush environment. Besides the spacious, cozy bungalows, these accommodation types also all have a private terrace, so anyone may enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature in peace, quiet and tranquility. 

Creating a Christmas Miracle 

Giving back: this time of the year is one of the busiest in terms of giving back to the less fortunate and thinking about the state of the world we live in. Generosity is a beautiful trait and the holidays (but surely other days as well) are ideal to contemplate where you can try and fix just a tiny part of the world. 

Plant Trees. Save Lives: The Eden Reforestation Projects & Bungalow.Net create the perfect Christmas Miracle with ease and a warm heart. Basically, whenever you book a holiday with Bungalow.Net, for each overnight stay 1 tree gets planted per person per night.  

This means that by getting away for Christmas with your family and cozying up in front of the fireplace, every single booked night will generate a new life and give back to planet earth.

How does your Christmas Holiday contribute to this wonderful project more precisely? 

Deforestation is a huge global problem, caused by many factors, ranging from large-scale extraction, burning practices, agriculture and many more. 

As it so often goes, the most affected areas are those inhabited by poverty-stricken communities, making it almost impossible for them to survive, and being driven to find short-term fixes such as destroying the local environment basically to be able to live. Deforestation causes dramatic changes not only on a global scale, but also locally, with severe flooding, erosion and desertification as proven outcomes.  

Bungalow.Net has been searching in the past for a way to contribute to the environment in a major way and is still to this day glad to have found The Eden Reforestation Projects. The initiative understands the key elements of a successful reforestation, acknowledging that it’s not enough to replant trees, the local communities should also be helped out, this way breaking at least one of the cycles which leads to the disappearance of our forests and natural habitats.  

The Eden Reforestation Projects uses the “Employ to Plant” method, offering steady employment for impoverished villagers. This way, a new cycle is born, in which locals plant trees, get payed through this steady employment and begin to afford daily necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and medicine.  

Besides offering carefree holidays and unforgettable vacations, behind the scenes, the company is steadily contributing to the reforestation project, with a simple but highly effective formula: planting one tree per person per night, for each and every overnight stay at any of the available holiday locations. This ambitious overtaking has real life results, for the people living in these areas but also in the natural habitat which is getting rebuilt thanks to this wonderful project. 

Where can we spend our Christmas Holiday while giving back to Mother Earth? 

Here are just a few out of hundreds of possibilities, where a true Winter Wonderland and a safe, calm environment awaits families to spend their time together in peace: 

Vallée Les Etoiles

Located in Blaimont, Belgium, this enchanting park awaits calmly with a true Winter Wonderland. Quaint Norwegian style houses, fireplaces and privacy – all in the middle of the magical Ardennes region. 

Domaine La Sapinière

Domaine de la Sapinière, is the ideal destination for a winter holiday in Luxembourg.  The holiday park is located at an altitude of 500m at the foothills of the Ardennes, close to the picturesque towns of Clervaux and Vianden. Experience the wonderful nature that Luxembourg has to offer, combined with the many beautiful castles and bustling little villages. 

Hof van Zeeland

The area surrounding the Hof van Zeeland holiday park is known for its unique character. Characterized by the many regional products, special attractions and beautiful sights, the park has everything a family may need during a holiday, such as playgrounds, a wonderful restaurant, a bakery and fresh air! 

Bergvliet Villa’s

Set in Oosterhout, this park shines with an array of relaxing option and an unforgettable, modern but warm design. The houses are absolutely dreamy, with large windows which let in natural light and offer you a glimpse of the stars during the night. Set in a forest environment, you really will be transported from the mundane to Winter Wonderland. 

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