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21-10-2019 Emily Williams
How your holiday contributes to a better future for people and nature

At BungalowNet Group we are good in offering you a carefree holiday. But we also believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the World and create a better and healthier environment. That is why we support Eden Reforestation Projects: an organization that restores forests and is able to help some people out of poverty. In this way your holiday contributes to a sustainable future.

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Eden Reforestation Project: Becoming Forest Partners 2022
03-11-2022 Emily Williams
Eden Reforestation Project: Becoming Forest Partners

Consistency and working together do have their rewards, especially when it comes to a eco-conscious lifestyle and caring for our planet! Bungalow.Net has been partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project for many years now, planting one tree per person for every overnight stay at our holiday spots.

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11-02-2021 Emily Williams
Plant Trees. Save Lives: The Eden Reforestation Projects & Bungalow.Net

Deforestation is a huge global problem, caused by many factors, ranging from large-scale extraction, burning practices, agriculture and many more.

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